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  1. So I was getting my second jab over the weekend, and some bright spark thought doing it in cars was a great idea. Ignoring the fact that some disabled people like myself can’t actually drive, and don’t own a car.

    So after dutifully being dropped off by a taxi, I was made to strip on the side of the road where they were doing the jabs – and got my jab. That was not a biggie as I did have a singlet on and the nurses were wonderful.

    What was the kicker, the real head killer, and why I’ve been in bed for the last two days. I had to then sit outside in the wind whilst my joints ceased up and central nerves system when into lock down. I tried to slowly walk it off after the 20 minute wait time, but after 5 blocks my body decided that pain and no movement was all I had left. So a couple of days in bed for me, because I don’t drive a car.

    It’s so fun being disabled in this country.

  2. Breaking: Parliament give themselves a week long holiday

    It is too risky for a hundred MPs to go to work in Wellington but quite ok for service workers country wide? Or for thousands of people to descend on vaccination centres every day? Get back to the war room and work you hypocrites and justify your existence and your decisions as our servants.

    • Apparently Bloomfield waved his wand and the government disappeared leaving this unelected ring master to run the country. The world is laughing at us and Bloomfield is performing circus tricks.

    • Ethan Woke – Agree 100%. This is the worst of times to be seen to be self-protective; chances are they’re ducking for cover over something else.

      (You know when the “colonialist” King and Queen of England stayed on in Buckingham Palace throughout the bombings of London, the Queen said that she wanted to be able to look the East End in the eye. Good for her.)

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