When will we admit Humans won’t stop global warming? Why middle class woke block economic revolution


The middle class identity politics woke are very vocal on you not being depressed by the latest IPCC report.

They will tell you things can still be done to turn the planet around. For them we just need to do our recycling, put the pollution costs into price so the market can save us and then they can go back to their EVs and expensive woke aesthetic lifestyles.

For the middle class woke, revolution is for social justice, they will never consider economic justice because that would cost them.

The truth is there is no stopping global warming. The flawed nature of human beings hardwired for immediate dopamine rewards for sugar, salt, fat and sex combined with the venal greed of capitalism makes for very poor long term planning.

The tipping points are all in play for catastrophic climate change, now is not the time to wring our hands and pretend we can change climate change any more than we can change human nature.

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Rather than spend the next 20years trying to pretend we can change, we must adapt.

Fortress Aotearoa is an inevitability.

Look how deeply divided NZ already is between those who want the border locked forever over Covid compared to those who want the border open.

The roots for radical isolationism are already here.

Globalization is dead and no one noticed.

Economic self sufficiency and a fierce determination to protect the realm of NZ will create an Ark mentality Nationalism that will sweep all other ideologies before it.

We are forgetting that Covid is but the first symptom of global warming, cheek to joule living with animals and over population allow for these kind of pandemics.

The sudden deterioration of the climate will drive a fear never seen before.

The political landscape is tinder dry and ripe for explosion.

Fortress Aotearoa is the only future.

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  1. Listener devoted many pages to this subject including the front cover virtually signaling the end of the world in 2009. We were all gonna be under water by now.

    • Excuse me for not getting depressed.
      After thirty years of failed predictions of doom and yet another “ten years to save the planet” the climate’s just fine, better if anything.

      • As a 70 plus person I have had doom and gloom since the 60s when we were all going to perish in a Nuclear War then we were heading for an ice age then peak oil now it’s warming and sea level rise.
        I am not a scientist so will not say they are wrong and I know there is bad weather now but if you look back floods and storms have changed history over the centuries well be the industrial revolution

        • “As a 70 plus person I have had doom and gloom since the 60s when we were all going to perish in a Nuclear War then we were heading for an ice age then peak oil now it’s warming and sea level rise.”

          Trevor, you should learn to get your scientific predictions from science and scientific agencies, not from the popular press and political analyses.
          There has never been even a hint of a scientific consensus supporting your first two claims above. Here’s a look at part of the issues you raised:


          I urge you to explore the content of science writer Peter Hadfield’s YouTube channel [potholer54] as an excellent guide and tutor on how to approach scientific sources and claims.

  2. Lol. The same woke wombles that preach from the altar of zero carbon are the last people that will give up their privilege for the good of all. Look at the irony of (little) Aotearoa bringing in coal from Indonesia to ensure that there is sufficient electricity to charge all the Nissan Leafs.

    Will these same wombles catch the bus into their local or central government job. Hell no – that is for the plebs

  3. Because we can drive a EV and feel all smug and happy about our ‘good economic and environmentally friendly (LOL)’ consumer choice. Thus sayeth Labour supported by their greenwashing handmaidens.

  4. What does annoy me is the bike lobby and anti car brigade using climate change as a Trojan horse to push their bike agendas.

    It’s Transparently obvious.

  5. The unfolding tragedy (catastrophe) was predicted back in 1972 by the ‘Limits to Growth’ group. The warning went unheeded -in fact bitterly opposed- because bankers, economists, industrialists and politicians wanted infinite growth on a finite planet.

    What is so bizarre is that, even as everything either melts or burns or gets washed away in unprecedented floods, these saboteurs of the future -the bankers, the economists, the industrialists and the politicians- STILL insist on promoting policies that makes matters worse and don’t even comply with NZ statutes.

    The Looters-and-Polluters Club will have their way, and the Earth WILL be rendered largely or completely uninhabitable in a matter of decades.

    Permaculture, the ONLY sane response to this diabolical mess, remains ignored or vilified.

    Note that the UNIPCC is notorious for understating the severity of the predicament, and for presenting ‘don’t-scare-the-horses’ reports that suggest we can turn this monster round and still keep polluting!

  6. Finally! You’re singing my favourite tune?!

    It’s the ‘Woke’ Middle Classes Fault!

    Their ‘do as I say’ and not as I do doctrine is kinda wearing thin on many of us real lefties.

    The mantra of the coming decade should be something like, “Adapt or Die!”.
    This is the new normal.

    Unhitch the Waka a nui a Kiwa, and abandone false profits and Capitalism, MMT, Wokeism and the rampant need of asset wealthism.

    Head to the beach this summer and chill, read a book, preferably a history book with pages made of paper and wait out the plague for awhile because its here for good.

    And make plans on how to immetarialise policy writers and bureaucrats!

  7. What really grinds my gears is that we have enough harvestable trees in NZ to build half a million house’s yet we can’t supply even a underutilized building industry with framing timber let alone a upscaled one. We grow enough food to feed 40 million and can’t supply food to the populous for anywhere near a reasonable price and we have some of the best land available for housing but get all caught up in the debate about if we use up land we will starve crap (see point 2) Fortress NZ??.. bring it on.

  8. The global mass migrations have already started. Wonder why USA and China are arming themselves to the teeth? Probaly not to fight each other but to defend their territory and supply lines from an increasingly desperate, thirsty & starving world after crop failures, famines and droiughts

    • Spot on but your ‘probably not’, only applies in the first instance. All bets are off in the second.

      They have too little arable land and must import to feed their people so good luck with them sitting quietly behind their borders. Spratley Islands, PNG, Pacific Islands etc They will not be able to sit behind their borders when push comes to shove and I dont think for a minute they intend to. I believe this is why XI turned his back on reforms that were working well. The Chinese have a very long history of playing the long game, they are long term thinkers.

    • Borders are going to get a lot “harder” in the not too distant future and if your country relies on fossil (ancient & non recharging) water aquifers or rivers that are sourced in someone else’s country, the future is looking pretty bleak.

      • Remember that NZs defense force is very small and badly equipped, and the NZ population have no military training and no access to weapons of war. Other countries might develop ‘hard’ borders but ours is as soft as you can get. ‘Inviting’ or even ‘welcoming’ might better describe the way we will be seen by any army sent from a future hungry, thirsty nation. But no doubt the Green Party wokes will welcome the invaders with open arms.

        Basically if the global warming models play out as the worst case scenario suggests I very much doubt that climate change itself will be our worst problem. Our few survivors being put on a raft and sent off into the great blue yonder by whoever takes over this geographically fortunate country is far more likely.

        • Hence “God Defend New Zealand”.
          The Sky Wizard is our only hope!

          Agree with other comments; basically enjoy it while it lasts.
          War is inevitable. After all, it’s what us primates do best 🙂

        • Mostly the worry is several million unarmed, destitute & starving refugees trying to walk across land borders. We have a massive moat & live at the Earth’s End. Europe & the US will certainly have issues at their borders. Realistically no one is going to invade New Zealand, it is too far away from anywhere, the population is too heavily armed & for the people that really matter, they can buy nice land & citizenship packages then just fly in anytime with their private jet, to enjoy a lovely getaway whilst the rest of the world burns in chaos.

  9. The current political game is centred on keeping the masses uninformed/misinformed, keeping the masses distracted, and keeping them consuming their own futures.

    All the political parties are playing the same game.

  10. Who knew there was something called ‘machinery’ to harvest.

    I know NZ wants to go back to the peasant days with slave labour but there is something called ‘technology’ that other countries and industry uses for agriculture. Many examples you can just google in 2 seconds. https://galaxygroup.co.nz/tecnofruit-harvesters/

    Productivity is low in NZ, because we have allowed cheap/cash/illegal labour and scams instead of value add and innovation across many industries. Then our industry start to die with more and more Ponzi schemes from labour exploitation to buying up vineyards and other NZ land such as Waiwera for ‘investment’ that become overgrown with weeds, abandoned by foreign buyers and used to destroy NZ industry while creating profits for foreign land banking.

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