Be Kind Vigil at Jacinda’s on the eve of Government announcement


On the eve of the Government’s long awaited announcement on immigration, join the migrant movement for a Be Kind candlelight rally outside Jacinda Ardern’s electoral office in 658 New North Road.
#letthemstay #bringthemback #pathwaystoresidency#migrantlivesmatter #rememberdavender

6pm Wednesday 11th

658 New North Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland 1022, New Zealand


    • Which is exactly what the organisers of this event would be advocating for as well @SaveNZ.
      You’re a bit of a worry at times eh? The fixation you have means you’ve lost the ability to differentiate between hearing and listening.

      • Oh i think he/she is right, the government is not nice to homeless, unhouses, transients, kids in poverty, adults in poverty, but it for sure is kind to people who may help them along, when next they are either in opposition or retired. Be kind, to dear Jacinda and her dull knights. Everyone else, tighten that belt, pull up your bootstraps on yer gumboots and shut up. OH and vote. OF course.

      • Your a bit of a worry OnceWasTim, because of all your worry about other people’s posts. Maybe concentrate on your own posts as I think I state my case crystal clearly.

        There seems to be more kindness to those who have huge resources and getting more residents into NZ than helping NZ citizens in NZ with less and less. (Now NZ residents don’t even get power, on the coldest nights anymore, because our government likes to be kind to the coal and power generation industry in NZ).

        Keep being kind to exploiters in NZ and the constant concerns for their interests, everyone, after all, that is where the easy money is!


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