MEDIAWATCH: Is Stuff just bad social engineering propaganda for NZ on Air?

Weekly Editorial Meeting at Stuff 

The huge amount of cash shoveled down the throat of The Spin-off to regurgitate woke mantra is only par with what Stuff has been getting.

I laughed so hard at the following list because you can’t actually write satire this funny.

I swear to Christ this is real money handed out to by NZ on Air to Stuff for real content…

  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $301,000
    Project: A “cultural competency course” for Stuff journalists “to fundamentally shift representation in NZ media”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $143,000
    Project: A documentary on the production of an opera about the “unruly British tourists”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $97,000
    Project: A podcast series named “Crying At Work” that shows “what the real-life consequences are for the women who find themselves in the brutal news cycle”
  • Recipient: Stuff
    Amount: $120,000
    Project: Four podcast episodes about “the anarchic radical feminists who put their feet on the accelerator of social change”

Apparently Stuff could take $300k for a ‘cultural competency course’ which didn’t cover goading Martin Devlin into a suicide.

When you consider the threats the Australian owned Fairfax was making to the Government at the time, promising to slash the public interest journalism if regulators didn’t allow them to create a media monopoly, it’s hilarious how Stuff NZ has taken just a year to morph into the woke virtue signal of choice for grim middle class identity politics devotees.

The symbiotic relationship between Stuff’s journalists & woke lynch mobs creates an unholy conclave of word crime denouncements and cancellations while denying cancel culture is even a thing.

The woke middle class identity politics dogma Editorial position and the cacophony of intersectionist grievances fighting for hierarchy is as much fun as dental surgery using keyhole entry through your anus.

We get it, every man is awful, all white people are racist, ‘To kill a Mockingbird‘ is hate fiction, I promise to burn all my Harry Potter books, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, etc etc etc.

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Sure the earth is melting and a handful of oligarchs own more than the rest of the planet, but let’s focus on why middle class women deserve more.

Alison Mau’s 10 billionth column on why men are shit should be celebrated with a live streamed castration.

It’s good that Stuff is now NZ owned and its journalism matters but it’s simply become another seat at the dinner party echo chamber of NZ on Air funded elite opinion that stretches from the Spin-off to RNZ. The same content, same voices, same questions, same agreed social narrative.

Same. Same. Same.

Stuff NZ adds to the growing political polarization, not diminish it.


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  1. wow that’s a lot of money being given too stuffed. I’m shocked, seriously

    I note too that the money seems to be being spent on projects that could easily be described a “woke social engineering”.

    Now imagine the outrage if just s slither of that money had been given to a right wing type org…

  2. Over 200 grand on “Crying at work” and …” anarchic radical feminists doing things to their accelerator pedals….”‽?? What the fucking fuck?

    None of which really promotes females in a positive way now does it?

    Still, I read 90k was wasted by Waka Kotahi and Auckland Council painting Great North Road blue in Henderson plus blocking roads off to residents to stage Marcel Marceau slams and whatever the fuck else the urban activists/Grey Lynn Pt Chev liberals/Greater Auckland say we must have and need to reach nirvana. Sure pissed the locals off though. Twits!

    Plenty of money for trendy causes, but mental health causes for Mike King, get the fuck out of here!

    • There is one school of ” radical feminism” that will not be covered by a government funded documentary. That is the view that men cannot be women just because they say they are. A doco on feminism would be fin.
      , But this nselective ideology 0 utilising the money of working people.

  3. Quotr from Treason & Masculinity byE. Amanda Mcvitty. ( Lecturer inHistory at Massey university)
    About Political Dissent.: How people position themselves in opposition to the political authority embodied in individuals or in institutions; the language they use to articulate their demands sand justify their resistance; and the stratrgies they deploy when protest “within the system” fails to achieve change…. combatants on all sides terming each other traiters.

    My own thoughts.
    Hey! united we stand – Divided we fall. The old army sayinf of divide & conquer. The fall of the Roman Empire was an example of what might hsppen to us all as we bicker over trivia nad fail to be true whistle blowers as we are slowly becoming a bullied into silenced population afraid to make public what is going wrong with misappropriated funds in departments, bullying of the aged in the workfore and creating a huge divide between the young and the old. The elders in our society being labelled , The Grey Tsunami. Labels seem to stick & we need to be aware that, LABELS are pure propaganda & Social Programming. We elders want our young families to own a home. To have a free education and healthy affordability access to good food. Stalin, Hitler and all dictators are mere bullies and professional propaganda artists. Labels that divide our World Communism, Terrorism, Socialism etc. Under Mcathyism labelled any social adverse commentators as communists. BEWARE OF LABELS that the corporate world use to manipulate and divide us. Remember – United we stand.

  4. Mind you, Stuff has a few good articles such as this :

    Is the housing crisis a human rights issue? | › business › opinion-analysis › is-t…

  5. I found stuffs deeply biased commentary on trans issues, including how maternity services need to change their name to be more inclusive, cause ya know not only women give birth….

    Stuff failed to report on the 3 female weightlifters whom won gold, silver and bronze in the section Hubbard competed in…..when asked by a BBC commentator about The historic moment, blah, blah, blah, first trans gender blah, blah, blah….”. There was a very, very, very long silence. Then one of the women having taking a sip of water said “no thank you”

    Women weight lifters have been told to be silent. This moment deserved publicity

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