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    An example of NZ civil servants in Immigration illustrating why discrimination is important. Not because it keeps out foreign people we might have a gut feeling of antipathy about; but because we need to acknowledge those who are of benefit to the country’s purposes, and particularly those who are valued by those who know and deal with them. This man should be able to get citizenship and bring a wife from his own culture with him.
    In comparison, a German man living in Auckland has added to his NZ investments, the little green gem of Pepin Island off Nelson. The Google guy can get in without too much angst. Let’s value people who work at an individual level building and strengthening our human economy. Not just puppet masters who dangle us from their fingers.

    Small rant – I think we need an efficiency drive, where civilians who have NZ higher education and experience with grassroots and physical work, not financiers, car dealers, speculators and realtors, put their names forward and put in two years running the country, being replaced consecutively from a list kept current. They would be assisted by fewer politicians and have the right to hire and fire public servants, who would be drawn from academia and micro business. I am sick of the cost of the whole shebang we have now, including Treasury, and their expensive (in money and submitters’ time), hypocritical and meaningless consultations with the peeps. The cliche’ comes to mind ‘We called our latest rocket Civil Servant – as like them it didn’t work and we couldn’t fire it’.

    • Or maybe hold fire on adding more NZ citizens until we can house those who are struggling to find a house and kids now growing up in motels, the infrastructure of public transport actually works and our health care waiting list is at at 0.

      Nobody forces people to come to NZ, and people need to go home when there time in NZ is up just like Kiwis do when they have their OE in Europe. If you overstay then they deport you, that is how the world’s immigration works.

      • One size doesn’t fit all savenz. That is what I am arguing for – discriminating between the limited term people and those who are working towards citizenship and are valued in their work and location.

        • Sorry greywarbler I agree with savenz so we need to fix our housing issues and fix our ageing infrastructure and then we can look at letting more people come here.

          • I think we should try and retain shreds of our supposed integrity in thinking about such matters. Your approaches (savenz and covidispa) could be reached by an algorithm; I contend that human thought and standards should be used at all times, as able to reach a better balance between total pragmatism and feelgood wimpiness!

  2. I get stuff and the Press but I am not getting much in the way of international news – USA and Covid seem to spark most of it.
    I hadn’t heard details about the wildfires in Greece and Turkey.
    Here is a sad story of a devastated region of Turkey that specialised in unique pine honey – wiped out.
    But in NZ the government goes on with its role of selling us bit by bit to international finance, enforced by draconian private business legal controls. No wonder Maori are worried. But normal business must resume.
    Sept.1/1939 W H Auden
    I sit in one of the dives
    On Fifty-second Street
    Uncertain and afraid
    As the clever hopes expire
    Of a low dishonest decade:
    Waves of anger and fear
    Circulate over the bright
    And darkened lands of the earth,
    Obsessing our private lives;
    The unmentionable odour of death
    Offends the September night….

    And no one exists alone;
    Hunger allows no choice
    To the citizen or the police;
    We must love one another or die…

    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:…
    May I…Show an affirming flame.

  3. James Shaw stays. I hope he can add human gravitas to the Green Party that is wandering away from what’s important to ordinary people, as well as the planet. When it didn’t stand up for Metiria Turei as an example of young NZ wanting to get upskilled and work hard to be self-supporting which many of us know the government only pays lip service to, then I lost respect for the Greens. James Shaw will bring some practicality and pragmatism and if others can support him in his efforts with business the Greens will continue to move slow NZ towards being CC-wise and ready to change.

  4. Radionz – reliable info, active journalism….Do you care??? Take note – it has a different approach and agenda from television, which is looser and more concerned with looks, naturally! Radionz has good journalists and set up Local Reporting I think. It needs to be governed by people who aren’t looking for ratings, which it has to do now, see Tom Frewen’s piece below and note this is one in a series that explains almost all there is! Think – we have to the 13th August to make submissions – see below.

    Say something, squeak something, don’t watch from the sidelines as ‘they’? whoever, carry the coffin away. We have a reasonable entity now which won’t be improved by an incestuous coupling with tv. Remember the old saying ‘It’s not the cough that carries you off, it’s the coffin they carry you off in’. We’re not dead yet, have a cough, make a submission, give us a chance for longer life.

    Submissions to the Economic Development, Science and Innovation committee close on Friday 13 August.

    Tom Frewen on Scoop re NZ public service radio and media

    • All of Frewen’s contributions are worth a read re RNZ. He’s followed it all from the time it began to go t*ts up. Most of the staff deserve much better from the board, management and Munster.
      I doubt they (board, mgmnt and Munster) actually understand the whole concept of PSB – they’d happily commercialise the whole thing if they could.

  5. I’m a great admirer of firefighting volunteers, also Search and Rescue. Firefighters are as important as the police, and can face injury just as much. I have the feeling that the people behind the PTB would like to get everything done serving the country on pp wages or none, while they maintain a front of a good, advanced country. So BS to being fair to all volunteers so no go to the firefighters. Just let them get assessed like the paid ones, and do it now please. Get a grip Sepuloni, be a fighter for all people, not just the considered deserving.
    …Firefighters, including volunteers, are campaigning for easier access to compensation if they get cancer. Cherie Flintoff, whose husband Brett How died of cancer in 2018, has told the government this is only fair, and it must include volunteer firefighters…
    However, Sepuloni replied that this would not be fair on other occupations or volunteers.
    She said she was committed to keeping ACC fair and financially sustainable.
    “Providing cover for one group of volunteers and not for the remaining volunteer population would be misaligned with the scheme’s purpose to provide fair cover.”
    ACC introduced a new three-step test last year to assess if a professional firefighter’s illness is work-related, but not for volunteers.
    Flintoff said this did not go far enough, and it should be presumed – given the toxins they are exposed to – if a firefighter gets cancer, it is work related, so they don’t have to jump through hoops to get compensation.

  6. Good on The Salvation Army giving backing to the get-off-meth program that a gang with guts is trying to make headway with. They are going to succeed with only a percentage, but it will create a model, a door that will open to others who try it, and to those who try and fail and rise again for another go.’
    The Salvation Army says it fully supports a Tairāwhiti meth rehab programme based on one designed by the Mongrel Mob.

  7. I see another ship ridden with Covid infected mariners has arrived here. So not only are we paying higher prices for our container loads of cargo to come here we are paying for the workers on these cargo ships to have Covid treatment. It seems the owners of these ships have no duty of care and are taking advantage of maritime policy and the goodwill of our government. I wonder how long this will continue cause it us the tax payer that is bearing the brunt, firstly in increased prices for our imported goods and secondly for the huge MIQ costs and other associated costs with keeping Covid at bay. This needs to be nipped in the butt now.

      • Informed academic says that just one Delta variant in the community will have to result in lockdown.

        All the above commenters’ concerns are caused mostly because the cost-cutters cheap, money-efficient-is-better methods have dropped our own shipping resource in favour of almost total reliance on the visiting shipping bringing in the machinery we need, also the toys, cars, seasonal clothing and shoes (that last only one season), tirimasu from Italy – stuff we can’t live without! And we deserve the best from the world and can afford it because we are so wealthy. And now we haven’t got reliable and affordable shipping for our exporters on whom we base our real economy!! What fools we are, but worse we keep doing foolish things over again, because – neolib economy and so on. And so it goes said Kurt Vonnegut in a poignant term of resigned despair.

        Now government is standing back from co-operating with the oil refinery. We can’t live yet at a zero carbon people, it will take a considerable time for us to scale down. However we have to jump right in and expose our selves to the vagaries of the world as Labour did in 1984, because that’s the Kiwi way innit. The government could not possibly put forward some practical ideas and take part in a meaningful discussion with the private business of our only oil refinery. Because that would be bad economics eh! And economics rules the world with their ideas that they dream about, and wake with a jerk and write down on an electronic pad they keep by their bed – ‘Must construct graph showing advantages of such and such – (people externality).’

        And the government and people refuse those who want to have a reliable, caring euthanasia system. Why should people have the right to choose not to go through all the difficult, tortuous problems of the future, watching as the Official Dealers of the NZ Country Casino grow wealthy while the rest thrash around trying to cope and…suffer.
        And getting more so at each end of the wealth scale, as the system is squeezed to ensure that people who work get less, and people who plan and scheme get more.

  8. John key has a bloody cheek moaning about MIQ and our vaccine rollout when he wasted twenty five million on a flag referendum, allowed a tax haven to go unimpeded under his watch and he said there was no housing crisis and then he gutlessly quit This man destroyed our country, he made many of us tenants in our our country despite saying otherwise yet he has the audacity to moan about the current government.

  9. I’m concerned about the lack of wide world news in stuff. Today in Nelson Mail for World in the double tabloid page the score is: Covid19 3, USA 4, UN Climate Change, Thailand riots, Britain re Princess Diana. Under covid we had China, Fiji, Australia. USA – large meth bust, Apple possible backdoor for IPhones, and info on some 50-year old mystery. What happened to the rest of the world, how, what is it doing; any positive, relevant information that we should know? In this global interconnected world I expect more, we are signed up to trade agreements, bound hand and foot, who by and what do we know about them?

    One of the items is the US warning Asian nations of China’s nuclear ambitions – deep concern. That is what I felt when I read an item re nuclear explosions by US back in WW2 time.
    David Swanson in this article writes: …that activists struggled in vain to get the U.S. and UK and other governments to take any interest in saving millions of quite savable lives; the fact that the United States engaged in an arms race and provocations with Japan for years and sought to generate a war and was not surprised by it; …
    The nukes did not save lives. They took lives, possibly 200,000 of them. They were not intended to save lives or to end the war. And they didn’t end the war. The Russian invasion did that. But the war was going to end anyway, without either of those things. The United States Strategic Bombing Survey concluded that, “… certainly prior to 31 December, 1945, and in all probability prior to 1 November, 1945, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated.

    (David Swanson (born 1969) is an American anti-war activist, blogger and author. )

  10. RE ACC again.
    Yet jumping up in the air on bicycles doing twists, seems a regular sport, which must be hard on services. How can we afford to help these daredevils? What abart the workers, can they afford to be waiting for treatment that restores function?

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