Will the Woke stop ruining Labour?


Labour lost 18% of their support in 1 month – if you can’t comprehend how shocking that is you probably shouldn’t be commenting on politics.

I predicted this hate speech fiasco would damage the left and empower ACT – the political collateral damage the woke are willing to spend to enforce their dogma is fanatical and cult like.

We have a radioactive wasteland where civic debate should exist.

After the bike bridge gets canceled, after the Hate Speech get canceled & after imprisoning parents for 5 years for not giving their children puberty blockers gets cancelled – can the Left get back to 190 000 kids in poverty, 4000 kids in motels, 22512 on emregency housing wait lists  & generations locked out of homeownership?

The political left have been terrified of the woke lynch mob but Labour (not the Greens – they yearn for a Woke caliphate) have realised with this huge poll drop how alienating and counter productive the Woke now are.

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There has been an internal purge of woke strategists who are leaving Parliament to set up their own ‘Maori consultancy’. It’s called ‘Dave Cormacking’, when you push someone out to being a consultant.

The Woke are like the Tea Party but with less guns. Labour are now questioning the woke outside their party as an alienating distraction and the woke strategists inside their party who have allowed woke virtue signals to overshadow actual policy.

Labour have to dump the bike bridge, dump the imprisoning of parents who won’t give their children puberty blockers and dump the hideous hate speech nonsense so it can get back to housing, poverty and inequality.

Economic justice, not the nightmare grim world of social justice where a cacophony of intersectionist wounds scream for social hierarchy is the way for Labour to keep power.

If dropping 9.7% in one month doesn’t smack Labour back to reality, nothing will.

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  1. I can only conclude that the Woke Cult do not actually care who is sitting to the right of the Speaker. They are above that and have the higher aim of stamping out all thought crime. They brand discussion and reasoned argument as Hate Speech. They have decided which views are double plus good and will not tolerate any deviation from their Party line. They are the truest example of fascism at work in our society today.

  2. The consultants jumping ship are just troughing- after pushing for the unmandated co governance of NZ they now climb all over each other to become consultants and shake the money tree they have grown.
    No purge just demonstration of all that is wrong in our political system.

  3. There’s discussion and debate, but some stuff we’ve moved on from, no longer requires discussion.
    Hate speech has become quite powerful because of social media, it could probably be tolerated if it weren’t for that, as there is always someone in the group will say “hey that’s a bit rich, isn’t it?” and a bit of reflection might occur, now, emboldened by SM and most likely anonimity people just double down.
    Take THAT comment from Rachel Stewart that might have come across lighter over a bar leaner but on social media it is just plain incendiary.

    • The logical extension of hate speech laws is an algorithm that monitors behavior online because it’s not possible for humans to check every post from everyone and technology is already there.
      Good luck explaining dry humour or sarcasm to a bot.
      The woke are craving a humorless, scared, quieted population where they choose right and wrong and they can punch down on the rugby jocks that wedgied them at school and laughed at their purple hair.

      • The very last thing you want is for algorithms to begin mymicing human behaviour. Bad bad bad.

        It’s human nature to want to destroy as in the end organised human existence and the processing speeds you, the ever so intelligent and wonderfully brilliant Mr Keepcalm would send human nature up to a whole other level of destruction. Or you can do your usual and agree to disagree.

        • Trouble is the woke are now bullying everyone else.
          Those people we felt sorry for as being a bit awkward at school or no mates humanities students with poor social skills at uni, are now running the show and they are tyrants.

        • Trouble is the woke are now bullying everyone else.
          Those people we felt sorry for as being a bit awkward at school or no mates humanities students with poor social skills at uni, are now running the show and they are tyrants.

  4. You forgot the 2.65m to Harry Tam. That would be like a massive punch in the face to many that have been victims of Meth and crime. There are other drug rehabilitation places like Odyssey house that have been going for years, that are not ex mobster driven (hopefully) that could do with more funding.

    If Labeen get rid of all bombers list, stop removing rental supply by endless new rules, keep Covid out by not being bullied to opening up the borders (for someone’s cafe, or the 2020 industry redundancy purge) and flood more people into NZ putting more pressure on housing, health and infrastructure, Labeen might get back.

    Oh, there was something called the environment that is being destroyed as we speak, but the woke need to concentrate on their own appalling actions to the environment first as they are the worst examples of polluting , aka government and council land and their appalling RMA process that allows polluters everywhere in NZ.

    Three waters is a no go. Maybe it is a good idea who knows, but nobody trusts the government with anything big, so a grab for water will be political suicide. Government can protect water with rules aka councils can’t sell their water off or do PPP’s, but thinking that another big committee structure, centralised in Wellington, with a huge advertising budget to try and force it through, sounds wonderful, is not going to fly! Seen it all before with housing, poly techs etc. Nobody is buying that Kool Aid.

    If Labeen continue their woke ways, more taxes to worker, with more gifts to industry and woke causes like Harry Ham types, police overstepping with power, Marie Antoinette approaches (give $25 dollars to beneficiaries take 1/2 back in abatement rules and complexity paying it back), tell nurses and workers that $60k is a fortune and they should be frozen (also while the 2.75m goes to Harry) then they will be out, and Natz and ACT laughing all the way to their shrine to Milton Friedmann.

    I hate to say it, but this government is so encapsulated by industry and woke, that if they do nothing (but just stop their fucking stupid woke ideas) then the middle class can relax and cautiously vote Labour next election as the middle class doesn’t wants the Natz back, (when you sell $100k list MP seats you reap what you sow as NZ First also discovered when they sold out). Not ruling out a come back by NZF getting rid of Shane Jones and going back to their core ‘NZ First’ discourses, could scrape 5%+.

    • NZ First need to get back to their 10 Core Principles, rather than trying to play smart arse politics with Winston and Shane Jones smart arsed “One Liners” have been and are some very good people in NZ First.

  5. Is this true Martyn.? Has whoever is influencing Labour into these catastrophic policies been given the bums rush? Please let it be true”………..
    Hate speech, conversion therapy and gender self ID must be dumped now!

    • We DO need to work out how to deal with this, as social media is stirring up so much.
      Hate speech – we all know there is a line that we should not stray over, and we do need to somehow deal with the worst of it, especially online.
      Conversion therapy – as with all such things, should only be done by a fully qualified person, who has passed suitable examinations that pertain to this. There is no such thing for very good reasons.
      Gender self ID – only the self can do this, not someone who is repelled by the notion that another might not be in the body they truly feel they should be.

  6. If you take ‘woke’ to mean ‘alert to sociai injustice, especially racism’ – which is the meaning supplied by online dictionary search, then there shouldn’t be a problem with woke activism … so long as the activism lessens the injustice and racism.

    • John Ward – That dictionary reference for ‘woke’ is an interesting historical record. The fevered passionate expand their diatribe exponentially, a bit like the evolving Covid19 virus. Woke activism, in the original sense, has been ongoing in New Zealand for decades, it is insulting to all that have been active for so long to overlook this.

  7. …’can the Left get back to 190 000 kids in poverty, 4000 kids in motels, 22512 on emregency housing wait lists & generations locked out of homeownership?’…


    Yes, its ridiculous, ever since time began going right back to the Sumerians , the issues have been the same. And they will never change.

    These Identity politics types only exist because of the hard won freedoms and bloodshed of past century’s. They are like the welching brats of hard working parents who sought to make things better for their children and once having done that, those same children turned upon their parents and shat all over them.

  8. The anti-woke faction in Labours caucus should grow a spine and declare itself before this electoral avalanche overwhelms the party

    Wokeisim is a widely hated concept – and can only become more despised. . It’s toxicity will fatally affect any political agency which harbours it

  9. They want to win the next election at any cost so their principles will now be sacrificed.
    No hate speech,no bridge, no imprisoning of parents etc etc.
    However if they cannot deliver on their election promises which after 4 years they haven’t then they aren’t worthy of being our government.
    Spending hundreds of millions on spin is disgraceful while children go hungry the number of homeless grows and mental health issues are ignored.

  10. can the Left get back to 190 000 kids in poverty

    I posted this elsewhere but it belongs here.

    December 2020: https://www.rnz.co.nz/programmes/the-detail/story/2018776009/tolerating-child-poverty-as-part-of-an-economic-strategy

    February 2021: https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/early-edition/audio/paul-barber-food-insecurity-on-the-rise-in-new-zealand/

    May 2021: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/442476/new-figures-show-one-in-five-children-in-households-where-food-can-run-out

    June 2021: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2021/06/more-kiwis-will-need-support-to-feed-their-families-this-winter.html

    July 2021: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/calls-to-feed-the-5-million-first-before-exporting-new-zealand-food/RYQ5ETC276D4RWDMUWTIKRJMYU/
    From that link:
    “People are going hungry even though New Zealand produces enough food to feed 40 million – and it’s spurring calls for the country to “feed the five million first”.

    Almost 40 per cent of adults and 19 per cent of children in New Zealand don’t have enough food.”
    (From that link.)

  11. If it’s the 3 wannabe consultancy millennials heading up a Maori Consultancy with the recently dethroned Mathew Tukaki from the Maori Council. No great loss there then.

    It’s the 3 in the Prime Ministers Cabinet Office I’m worried about. They’re into eugenics and a bit of social engineering. Hayden Glass, Julies Fry and Peter Wilson. All nobody’s but have an influence on policy for Immigration, Economics and BS Entrepreneurial BS that has an 80% failure rate in the first Two years. Sounds like a pozi scheme to me.

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