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  1. I’m not sure “I can’t discuss individual cases” or “it’s an operational matter” is going to cut it this time – at least not for me:
    I seem to remember we were promised transparency and accountability.

    although the Foi didn’t make a complete fool of himself as in the past, he said SFA:
    (you need to watch the response as well with J-MC)

  2. For the first time in a while, I decided to watch QT. On the opposition side there appeared to be a piece of work missing and I wondered where was she. I became really concerned because the Wonderboy Simeon appeared to have disappeared into his shell and seemed really depressed.
    However none of it was that impressive. Smug Labour politicians trying their best to display their cleverness, ACT embarrassing themselves by their hypocrisy, and Menedez-March probably doing the best of the lot.

    Fark! QT has just finished and the Foi is up with a prepared speech. I’ll watch as I lay down with a cuppa.
    I notice he has a dash of lemon in his water.
    I suspect the guy is just that not that good at multitasking and JA has put too too much on his plate – given that her reasons for confidence in him in the first place were a bit overblown.

    • As one looks closely at the political doings, one realises that they are basically amateurs operating in hope of
      coming up with something that will keep things going and them winning the next election. They must be dependent on those wascally civil servants modelling themselves on Sir Humphrey. The pollies swoop down on their high horses like Superman, but he had kryptonite. The good pollies get blocked and the others disporting themselves theatrically appear to be strong on hypocrite.

    • Thanks for sharing. Um, excuse my ignorance, is QT a question time thing… on radio? Genuine question. Cheers

      • Yes Question Time.
        I’m just astonished how JA sees Faafoi as one of her golden boys given his performance in every portfolio he has.
        Some business commentator (Phil O’Reilly I think, not that he’s any sort of sage) reckons its because he handled the recall of airbags in cars so well. Really?! That was down to car manufacturers themselves ffs and done through their agents.

        And as for watching QT, I thought it about time I watched them obfuscate and bullshit to each other again rather than to just the plebian public through the MSM.

      • sinic – It’s not very clear what some people knowledgable about politics are talking about when they use acronyms often. QT is Question Time. Here is Radionz link on how to hear it, which was useful for me as I ought to listen, like taking medicine that one hopes will alleviate a painful problem!
        Live Stream and Question Time info.

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