MEDIAWATCH: Q&A review – Hate Speech madness


Kris Faafoi is too much of a coward to appear on Q&A to debate hate speech so the first lawyer to defend criminalizing free speech, Steven Price, is on and it’s clear that even he has now backed down and admits the whole fiasco is an enormous fuck up.

He now admits it will be counter productive, he now admits it will be an overreach, he now admits that it will be used against the very minorities who the woke think it will protect.

It’s good seeing how far he has had to u-turn, I await his immediate cancellation by woke Twitter for daring to disagree with them.

If this stupid hate speech law passes, ACT will hit 20%.

Next on is my argument that the State should step into the grocery market.

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This would lower prices to many kiwis who have food insecurity, raise staffing conditions and pay suppliers more.

The duopoly pull half a billion in profits each year- screw them!

Labour have failed appallingly on almost every deliverable measure, establishing  a 3rd player to bring down the cost of living would do more for the poor in one move than their combined 4 years in power.

Kiwibank broke up the banking oligarchy, Kiwishop could do it to our supermarket duopoly.

Unfortunately Labour think throwing parents who stop their kids taking puberty blockers into prison for 5years and criminalizing speech is more important than breaking up a greedy capitalist plutocracy who are stealing food out of the poor.

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  1. Hate speech laws, like the jailing of parents for declining puberty blockers, were developed by the government and the Human Rights Commission
    : “protecting” human rights for some by removing them from others.

    Do the insane know they are or is it only obvious to everyone else?

    • “Do the insane know they are or is it only obvious to everyone else?”
      That’s an interesting question @ KCCO
      My answer would be no. No, the insane have no idea they’re insane. That’s what makes them so dangerously convincing. The insane national party infected labour by convincing labour supporters to drink from the toxic fountain of neoliberalism which is in and of itself a madness.
      The cranked up crazies who run our show are bedeviled by the smell of money. To them, money is an intoxicant and because of that, we have underfunded health and education from which only dysfunction rises.
      ‘Puberty Blockers’? What the fuck is that? Am I reading this ? Is this a swerve towards a The Hand Maids Tale scenario? Compulsory circumcision next? Female genital mutilation?
      The only comfort I can take from this is that we have TDB through which to express our opinions and concerns. Imagine if we didn’t ? The Loopy’s have the MSM. The Listener, RNZ, TVNZ and virtually all the print media. The pro cruelty, loony binners are out there roaming about in conservative hoards trying to hide their vile madness behind beige exteriors in gated communities. They tinker with our financial resources by fiddling with the banksters and they have us hating on those who produce our foods and export revenues and each other!
      That, @ Keepcalmcarryon is a madness born of the insane and most of us are still bewitched by their deadly actions.

      • A great bit of prose CB but of course it was Labour who brought in neoliberalism.
        Either way yeah we are all being farmed by the banks.

      • @ CB. Consistently finding I agree with 99 % of what you say. The only point I may mildly disagree with is Peters and Muldoon. Maybe that’s nostalgia, or maybe because at least in Muldoon’s case, he was the last of the social democratic Keynesionists, who were set up by Douglas and his treasonous, underhanded, shoddy little cabal to fail.

        And I find that extremely offensive.

        Apart from that, I’ve always reckoned you’ve been bang on the mark.

    • These laws have been developed overseas – beginning in the neoliberal US (at state level, trying to fly under the radar). Followed quickly by some powerful players in Ireland, Canada, England, Scotland, and then Australia.

      NZ Labour and Greens have just jumped on the bandwagon and don’t seem to have minds of their own.

  2. I’m guessing he is being ‘advised’, instructed by his PM and her Cabinet Advisors Hayden Glass and Julie Fry, Peter Wilson to do this. A couple of social engineers who’ve captured the PM’s Cabinet and decision-makers.
    They’re using a few well-learned tactics of misdirection, deception and skullfuckery to kill time for a while before they gear up for campaign mode.
    They’re doing absolutely fuck all meaningful right now.

    • I’d welcome the immigration review as long as those conducting it actually get down and dirty by talking to a few immigrants and hearing their experiences AND as long as it isn’t used as an excuse by politicians to do nothing in the meantime. Otherwise it’s just theorising from a few comfy folk who’re distanced and aloof from reality. They’d also do well to talk to a few immigrants’ advocates who deal with the shit that is our current policy on a daily basis.
      As ‘policy wonks’ they don’t seem that unusual to me although a couple of them do seem to be into self-promotion a wee bit – I’ll leave you to decide which ones.

  3. Kiwibank was an Alliance policy. That’s why it has worked. This government is too thick to pass effective legislation they don’t even understand the real issues of poverty induced by their economic policies. They don’t give a fuck.

    • Did it work ? It has hardly changed the face of banking and it is so porrly run that the Government could not use it instead of Westpac. I do not know your age but little that the government ran was done so with any skill except for the Ministry of Works which for some reason was great at the job they did building dams and other major roads etc.

  4. I think it’s safe to say that folk who care about pronouns don’t give a f**k about you, your job or the fact you can’t afford to buy groceries to feed your family. How long before people wake up to how insanely destructive the Woke left has become?

  5. Ribbit ribbit giggle giggle ribbit ribbit
    The emphasis on spin and bullshit is all becoming a bit tedious. It’s probably not such a bad idea if a few more went into hiding. It might mean some of their underlings could get on and do stuff – even IF it meant they’d need to be paid a higher duties allowance.
    I think it’s probably now too late for Labour to redeem itself before the next election. It sure as hell is for me.
    Christ! I’ll probably even vote Green/MP/TOP if it means Labour is dependent on a coalition.
    What a fucking waste of such a mandate. Labour had better hope this vaccine rollout goes to plan – despite the bullshit thus far.
    Whoar – wooden wanna be in their shoes!

    • I suspect that the only way Labour will be able to form a Government after the next election is with ACT – & that’s a good thing.

      Disclosure: I voted for Labour.

  6. Yes Aletheia you would think we should be getting on and improving the lives of New Zealanders rather than absurd woke silliness.

    • That Price interview was OK – not too shabby in fact. Like you I’m thinking but I reckon it’ll hinge on whether or not there is an intention to incite. How you legally determine that I’ll never know. I await the giggling Faafoi to tell me when he comes out of hiding after he’s been suitably schooled by his officials.

  7. How dare Jacinda even look at poor kiwi kids faces from now on. She is the root cause of their destroyed lives. This is intergenerational destruction. These kids’ future kids lives are predetermined and are no longer even worth beginning. What an appalling time to be alive. 2017 had so much to offer. 2021 is when all hope died, incredibly depressing, not because of COVID, but of how this trecherous Judas leader and her cronies at the RBNZ manipulated the economy in favour of the rich using COVID as an excuse. Monarchies became defunct, now parliaments are defunct. We need something new… or at least complete anarchy for a while to bring the greedy bastards on top down a peg or two!!!!

    • aaaaaaand, we have …SUPERTROLL!!!

      She is the root cause of their destroyed lives.
      … Troll comment of the year award!! (And it is only August!)

      • She is rapidly becoming the female equivalent of John Key.

        Also, without her, there would have been no Labour victory in 2017, so she takes a lot of responsibility for the Government she leads, especially now Labour rules alone.

        Currently she is a best a hypocrite, at worst…

        • Do you feel or think that our children’s lives have been “destroyed”?
          That their lives are “no longer even worth beginning”?

          • No outcome is truly certain, however a significant number of children today, will suffer lives of misery & poverty, and will likely only know security & the certainty of keeping a roof over their head when serving time in a prison cell, and that is without factoring the effects climate change will have on society. Many who live lives of abject poverty wish they were never born, though where there is life, there is hope.

              • “Oh look there’s a motel on fire full of little children!”

                “Quick Jacinda, better pass more hate speech & anti GCT laws (but no CGT legislation, housing reform or effective climate change policy).”

                • Questions:
                  Who is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand?
                  Who currently leads the party with the largest parliamentary majority we have seen under the MMP system?
                  Who has been the leader of the New Zealand’s Government since 2017?
                  Who is the Minister for Child Poverty Reduction?
                  Who could do something meaningful about the major issues that New Zealand currently faces?
                  Who chooses not to?

                  • If all you want to do is demonize Jacinda then you can do that endlessly, join the troll army. But what will that achieve?

                    If you want change, then help come up with those changes – Yes, highlight the problems, so that more are aware of them. Then bring out alternatives.

                    Do you honestly think that everything or indeed ANYTHING would change if Jacinda suddenly wasn’t there? …and we got (groan) Robbo instead?

                    (She is home sick at the moment btw)

                    • I don’t want to demonise anyone, Jacinda is currently in a position to make some significant changes that would possibly improve many lives, if she thinks she is doing a great job, if those closest to her fawningly tell her she’s awesome, then she will carry on doing what she is currently doing and things will carry on getting worse & an opportunity will have been wasted. Sometimes people have to be shown their true reflection so they may understand how they are truly viewed.

                      Of course, this assumes she actually wants to be an agent of change, rather than seeing this as a steppingstone to a high ranking role in the UN.

  8. criminalizing of sorts is already happening on social media like Facebook.
    Say certain everyday phrases can land you with warnings and bans.
    One article I read on there about the govts lack of action over medicinal cannabis for that 7 year old boy with epilepsy, I suggested lining all these politicians up and shooting them. Just like that, I got a 7 day ban for a comment they never published.
    Free speech. what a fucking joke.

    • Not surprising you copped a ban for that comment, the correct term is “they’ll be first against the wall”. Any hint of violence only exists in the mind of the reader, not on the page.

  9. Criminalise the bourgeois and lead NZ’s #100% Kiwiculturalrevolution2021

    “Launching the movement in May 1966 with the help of the Cultural Revolution Group, Mao soon called on young people to “bombard the headquarters”, and proclaimed that “to rebel is justified”. In order to eliminate his rivals within the CCP and in schools, factories, and government institutions, Mao charged that bourgeois elements had infiltrated the government and society with the aim of restoring capitalism. He insisted that revisionists be removed through violent class struggle, to which China’s youth, as well as urban workers, responded by forming Red Guards and “rebel groups” around the country. They would begin to hold struggle sessions regularly, and grab power from local governments and CCP branches, eventually establishing the revolutionary committees in 1967. The groups often split into rival factions, however, becoming involved in ‘violent struggles’ (simplified Chinese: 武斗; traditional Chinese: 武鬥; pinyin: wǔdòu), to which the People’s Liberation Army had to be sent to restore order.”

    The Cultural Revolution damaged China’s economy and traditional culture, with an estimated death toll ranging from hundreds of thousands to 20 million.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Beginning with the Red August of Beijing, massacres took place across mainland China, including the Guangxi Massacre, in which massive cannibalism also occurred;[7][8] the Inner Mongolia incident; the Guangdong Massacre; the Yunnan Massacres; and the Hunan Massacres. Red Guards destroyed historical relics and artifacts, as well as ransacking cultural and religious sites. The 1975 Banqiao Dam failure, one of the world’s greatest technological catastrophes, also occurred during the Cultural Revolution. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people were persecuted: senior officials, most notably Chinese president Liu Shaoqi, along with Deng Xiaoping, Peng Dehuai, and He Long, were purged or exiled; millions were accused of being members of the Five Black Categories, suffering public humiliation, imprisonment, torture, hard labor, seizure of property, and sometimes execution or harassment into suicide; intellectuals were considered the “Stinking Old Ninth” and were widely persecuted—notable scholars and scientists such as Lao She, Fu Lei, Yao Tongbin, and Zhao Jiuzhang were killed or committed suicide. Schools and universities were closed with the college entrance exams cancelled. Over 10 million urban intellectual youths were sent to the countryside in the Down to the Countryside Movement.

    Ok so we have already the criminal bourgeois class in sight…

    Farmers, landlords, property owners (apart from migrant property owners), boomers, Religious groups such as christians or muslims that are transphobic or anti PRC, “transgender-exclusionary radical feminists,” “TERFs,” comedians that do not respect hate speech boundaries, doctors, nurses and teachers who ask ‘for more’, non Te reo speakers, anybody controversial like Don Brash speaking in public spaces like universities. Pakeha men, men who might be rapists, in particular pakeha men.

    Ok we can lock up about 85% of people living in NZ based on the above criteria, let the Kiwiculturalrevolution begin!

    • Over 10 million urban intellectual youths were sent to the countryside in the Down to the Countryside Movement…. finally the NZ neoliberals and woke solve the agriculture labour shortage during Covid and for zero wages!

  10. Woke takes over language and media.

    “Things sure can get silly. The parameters of the word “racist” seem to have grown much wider lately.

    The latest target is the humble Afghan which one biscuit company has already renamed Chocolate Rough and a Christchurch café has now started calling a “1908”. 1908 was the year Edmonds Cookery Book was published but I consider that a pretty tenuous link.”

    Nobody is safe from cancel culture gone mad. Is it my imagination but is it more likely that popular woman writers are more likely to be cancelled and criticised by the cancel culture such as J K Rowling.

    An article on English Heritage’s website about the late Famous Five author noted that her work “has been criticised during her lifetime and after for its racism, xenophobia and lack of literary merit”.

    English Heritage also claimed Blyton was rejected by the Royal Mint for commemoration on the 50p coin because she was “a racist, sexist, homophobe and not a very well-regarded writer”.

    Ok so post humous bullying is ok then…..

    • The Afghan bikkie re-named?
      And the rest…
      They are absolutely bonkers!!!
      Thing is, they have cancelled sanity itself.


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