Another mental health failure and why Mike King is right again


The Mike King vs Wellington bureaucrats battle will not end until the bureaucrats are forced to fund Gumboot day or Mike King is dead.

Tribal left Labour are dragging on Mike for the temerity of embarrassing Jacinda  over her pitiful delivery capabilities in mental health while the woke left (many of whom are Wellington based and in the public service) see any criticism of their beloved bureaucrats as on par with pissing in holy water.

What Mike’s fight is highlighting is the lack of stern political leadership over the Ministry of Health by Labour (Jacinda & Grant are petrified of displeasing the PSA where as Andrew Little lives for it) while also exposing the grotesque lack of performance by the Ministry.

Mike is providing 15000 hours of counseling within days of asking for help for a tiny fraction of the 20000 hours the Ministry provided.

From the blunt perspective of the Ministry, half of suicide victims don’t ever bother to reach out before committing suicide so why bother putting money into something that has so many variables.

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And it’s mostly men who kill themselves and make mortality rates don’t matter much politically unless they are killing others.

Mike is exposing the callous indifference of the Wellington bureaucrats while embarrassing them by providing a far more cost effective counseling service while highlighting Labour’s lack of leadership.

No wonder the Left are shitting on Mike King as hard as they can.

If this isn’t healed by the election time it will become septic and politically damaging to Labour.

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  1. You’ve got to love Mike King.

    Here was Labour, warm in their mahi toward mental health. The PM on adored in the warmth of her humanity from the BIG announcement that they had allocated 1.8 billion to solving it’s issues. Job done. And it would have been but for Mike King.

    As per all things Labour, after their 5 minute attention span musings, they left it to hapless nameless faceless bureaucrats to work out how to sort mental health, the silly little things like details, planning, recruiting, analysis of the issues and how to fix it, whist they got on with other 5 minute attention span things like Facebook followers.

    And low and behold absolutely nothing had been done in two years to improve mental health. Funny that.

    Damn Mike King, damn his eyes. Now Labour have to come up with excuses, focus group those excuses, invent more excuses. Because God forbid, they actually get their hands dirty and tell the bureaucrats exactly what they want and when they want it.

    Taking the Michael out of Labour is now easier than shooting fish in a barrel with a gun borrowed from your local gang member!

  2. Hopefully this causes a split in the (not really a) Labour party and we get a REAL left wing who we can vote for, that has a chance of winning seats at the election. Because this Labour (LINO) are just TraitorKey lite IMHO, and only JUST better than the other rotten lot in Parliament.


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