Waatea News Column: Another month and more Oranga Tamariki damage revealed


More public reports released this week showing abuse still occurring by Oranga Tamariki staff towards vulnerable children is just another damming indictment of a pākehā based welfare system with hollow values that are obscenely counterproductive.

Pākehā neoliberal welfare is designed to be as cheap as possible with the only justification for welfare being that early intervention saves the State downstream costs.

Poorly monitored low wage staff run amok in these shadowed places for the vulnerable. This is the moral worth of a valueless state welfare system, damaged children being hurt by cheap economic policy as social policy.

Late-stage capitalism never looked so broken.

Māori Tikanga would not tolerate or create the environment in which that abuse occurs. Vulnerable Pākehā, Pacifica, Asian, migrant children would ALL benefit from an Oranga Tamariki foundationed on Māori values rather than corrupted neoliberal Pākehā ones.

I am an enormous believer in Pākehā culture learning from Māori culture and our vulnerable children deserve to be served by the system that actually puts the child’s needs and welfare before the brutality of right-wing cost analytics.

The tragedy again is that these latest reports of abuse of children in Oranga Tamariki occur in the shadow of the Royal Inquiry of historic abuse in State care.

It’s like we are learning nothing.

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These children demand we radically change the conditions they are enduring.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Time someone calls a stop to our neoliberal system that thinks that our kids and elderly, disabled and vulnerable should be ‘helped’ by the cheapest and most woke pair of hands the neoliberal system can advocate for. (which also seems to have an upside of more consumerism and destroying the welfare system by overloading it aka using foreign workers to run and manage our rest homes and support care etc).

    NZ and the west has taken the Kool aid on thinking that many in their countries are a burden, use trickle down to divert money to big business on behalf of them or encourage more depravation, using social type bonds and other questionable funding decisions (Harry Tam 2.7 million when there are plenty of other rehab schemes that get little government funding).

    It’s the woke leading the woke, when you have quasi charities springing up for kids promising them raincoats and bedding while safety and love and 100% care remain elusive and unmentioned goals. It’s actually disgusting when you see business capitalising on vunerable people while government agencies are clueless and incompetent, with care so appalling and piece meal, that their young charges are scared of them from an early age.

    Staff at Waikato DHB ‘extremely distressed’ by Oranga Tamariki’s treatment of child

    Wake up NZ, while our government is increasingly concerned about bringing more overseas Covid carriers into NZ via ships and planes, and no stone unturned for visitors kids in NZ aka trips to Thailand for Oranga Tamariki for drug smuggler children, but are grossly negligent on their own whanau and have been for decades!

    Likewise our legal professionals who don’t seem to give a damn or support our local child torture victims judging by 20 million being spent on NZ legal defence at the UN where NZ was found guilty!

    Starts with a lack of experts and professionals in NZ where qualifications and expertise are pushed out of any meaningful management roles in areas they are qualified in, and those at the top don’t have a clue and often made up of a toxic mix of woke and big business committee members!

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