What the Left must not miss sight of in National’s dog whistling over Gangs


Judith isn’t taking the surge in Gang violence seriously – taking it seriously would require an actual understanding of why this gang violence is escalating – she doesn’t understand that hence her solution is nothing more than ‘enough is enough’.

The real problem with National’s tough on gang bullshit is that they have spent decades crying wolf over the domestic gangs so that when an actual wolf in the form of the 501 syndicates turn up National’s message is meaningless.

Let me be as clear as I can for my fellow New Zealanders. I know you think you know crime, I’m certain you think you know the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Head Hunters etc etc are bad. You’ve had dick head politicians pretending that our domestic gangs were some major danger to society.

Which is bullshit.

The domestic gangs have come about through alienation, poverty and cultural resentment. To conflate them to serious organised crime misdiagnoses the problem.

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What is happening now is an unprecedented moment in the NZ crime landscape.

501s bringing a level of violence from the Australian underworld into NZ has created a vast power struggle between the domestic gangs and the 501 syndicates. The syndicates have Mexican cartel contacts and this is what has sparked a meth price and turf war.

Allowing the South American Cartels ANYWHERE near us is extremely dangerous.

NZ is the sleepy Shire, the South American Cartels are the Nazgul. Allowing the Nazgul to set up a local store in the weekend organic Hobbit Farmers Market doesn’t bode well for the Hobbits.

What the Left must not miss sight of in National’s dog whistling over Gangs is that while they live in nice suburbs, many working class and beneficiaries do not and their fear of the gangs are legitimate.

Sure, National are manipulating that fear, but it’s a real fear.

There must be a multi pronged response to get the Cartels out of here. They bring with them an uber violence and sophistication of corruption outside the scope of our experience.

We stop this now or we will become irreparably corrupted.

There needs to be a sit down with the Police hierarchy and domestic gangs to work together to remove the 501 syndicates.

The Police form a heavily armed and protected unit who hunt those syndicates.

Special prison wings created for the 501s with long term rehabilitation programs alongside long sentences.

Curtail demand by legalizing Cannabis & MDMA while making LSD, mushrooms and Ketamine prescription micro dosing.

Deal with the current meth epidemic by spending a billion each year on 14 month rehabilitation programs for those addicted to meth.

We have to heal the addicted, ruthlessly punish the syndicates and curtail demand by legalizing other drugs.

We must do everything to keep the Cartels out, watering down demand, eliminating market share and locking up franchisees are our best bet.

National will hold up any innocent prison killed in the cross fire of warring gang factions and have the country demanding paramilitary police squads.

This will start becoming a major political problem if some new thinking isn’t urgently brought in.

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  1. The Police form a heavily armed and protected unit who hunt those syndicates.?????
    Didn’t you almost have a fit over Bridges suggestion to do this?…. Don’t get me wrong. i have no desire to see groups of armed police in balaclavas roaming the streets i’m just wondering why the change of heart?

  2. The problem seems similar to Covid 19 in that it is set to expand exponentially. If they treat it with the same seriousness NOW, that they did with Covid, then they have a chance of getting a grip on it (as they did with Covid). If they don’t, if they delay and procrastinate, then it will explode up ahead, in similar way that Covid has done everywhere else.

  3. We need specialist armed forces to sort these new gangs out, these guys play for keeps, drugs, extortion, prostitution, kidnappings, guns you name it. Your local coppers will be no match for these guys, you need disciplined armed police/military to deal with the situation. They are not your friendly motorcycle gangs with weekend league games and BBQ’s, these guys play for keeps and make the Mongrel Mob and Black Power look like pussycats.

  4. Well we have two options sort it out and harden up our approach, or do nothing and let them go hammer and tongs, or wring our hands and do nothing.

    By doing nothing we are going to have more shootings/stabbings/serious assaults like some other countries, I prefer option one do something about it b4 it escalates further, I do not want to be caught in the cross fire of some silly gang incident.

  5. When did a National government especially the one between 2008 through to 2017 condemn the Triad gangs that now have a foot-hold in NZ???!!!!
    Did National condemn even the Roast Busters gang or kept quiet because Max Key had links to the Roast Busters???!!!
    I think National are ‘selective’ as to which gangs they are having a go at. If those Instant Kiwis that the previous National government in the past gave citizenship to in return for donations into the NZ National Party coffers then would National have been fully aware some of those Instant Kiwis had Triad links?
    Is all this attention placed by National on the gangs to draw attention away as to what a mess the NZ National Party truly is in???!!! Or is Collins using diversionary and division tactics in attempt to draw attention away from the fact she has made a mess of National since becoming its leader???!!!
    Whilst we had a National government I am sure nothing was done about the gang problems. National just swept the matter under the carpet i.e out of sight, out of mind.
    Now they are firmly in Opposition – long may they remain there if they still exist – they are trying to gain some feeble form of Upmanship for a problem they ignored whilst in government.


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