Judith’s comments on returning Muslim extremist are beneath a Political Leader


Judith Collins slates Suhayra Aden’s return from ‘death cult’, says media will try to turn her into a martyr

National leader Judith Collins has unleashed on suspected terrorist Suhayra Aden, claiming she’s a bad mother and part of a “death cult”.


Here she goes again.

Look Judith can hold the mean spirited perspective she has over returning Muslim extremist Suhayra Aden but Judith is the leader of a political party which demands more than simply extending civil rights to people we like!

Aden is a NZ citizen and while Australia was spiteful enough to revoke duel citizenship, we can’t.

That means Aden is our obligation, refusing to acknowledge that is beneath a Leader of a Political Party.

There are vast swathes of Muslims living in Western Democracies who feel alienated and excluded, that they are susceptible to online Muslim extremism to go be a Jihadist or Jihadist bride should be no surprise whatsoever.

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What do we do when the Islamist Disneyland sold to them via online propaganda implodes once these Western recruits get there and realise it’s an enormous violent scam?

We take them back and attempt to heal them with deradicalization programs.

That’s what we are doing with Aden because that’s what we are supposed to do. Going on TV and shitting all over her choices as a mother is beneath the role of Leader of the Opposition even if we might in fact agree that taking your kids through a terrorist war zone is pretty dumb.

Aden needs healing, her children need healing – having the second most powerful political leader in the country cancel your motherhood on national TV helps sate the angry scream of the mob but nothing else.


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  1. Nothing is beneath Judeath because you cannot go any lower than her, she has shown she will sink to the lowest level of diplomacy to try and get all the nasties in our country on board. She is too divisive to ever be our Prime Minister and as far as race relations and foreign diplomacy are concerned we need to go forward not backwards. And if we have learnt anything from this dreaded Covid it’s the fact we need to work together for the greater good.

  2. Is it really mean spirited?
    I’ve read what she said and did not interpret it as mean spirited but rather stating it as it is.
    If anything she is blaming Australia.

  3. Obviously we won’t get past the bluster and ignorance of the Leader of the Opposition but let’s be realistic. Suhayra Aden is hardly a terrorist threat! As a teenager, she was seduced into believing in a Caliphate, a politico-religious movement that believed it had the right to steal land by force to achieve its goal.

    It doesn’t take too much head scratching to realise that radical Islam was only following in the footsteps of another movement that believed it had the right to steal land by force to achieve its aspirations – Zionism. In effect one failed while the other has now passed law to cement its goal.(https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Read-the-full-Jewish-Nation-State-Law-562923)

    It so happens that as a teenager, someone in NZ followed in the same tracks as Aden. A principle difference was that she had an armchair ride to Israel on a programme that appears to have been designed to further her indoctrination. As part and parcel, is seems she was encouraged to socialize with testosterone fuelled fighters (IDF conscripts) in much the same way as was the ‘terrorist’.

    A significant difference is that one purports to be a spokesperson for all NZ Jews (not just Zionists) and was not backward and coming forward in attempting to derail what was in social terms, one of the most important conferences to be held in NZ this year (https://dpmc.govt.nz/our-programmes/national-security/royal-commission-inquiry-terrorist-attack-christchurch-masjidain/he). Given a pulpit, she presented exaggerations, misinformation and followed an agenda that was in total conflict with the objectives of the conference.

    Which of these two women should be under the scrutiny of the state, the one who, without harassment is likely to be nurtured by the moderate influences of the Muslin community to become a good citizen and mother, or her Zionist counterpart?

    • I would say the one who believed their culture and faith allowed the colonisation of others’ (Syria, southern Spain, northern Africa, Judea and Samaria to name the first of many) lands and the one whose holy texts endorse the enslavement and rape of people outside of the faith – the vile manifestations of which were perpetrated on the Yazidi people whose sufferings it would appear you, our prime minister, the Muslim community and many other jaundiced New Zealanders would blindly turn away from.
      But that’s just me. Obviously the anti-semites amongst us have a different rationale.

      • Predictably Anne- you have not engaged with the comment but tried to deflect. Just who is the greater danger to the country of the two women and why or why not?

        Taking up your attempted derailment, could you please provide evidence to back up your contentions about Islam believing their culture and faith allowed the colonisation of others, particularly if it confirms that what you say is an act of faith still underlining conflicts at the present time?

        Putting it in context, should the mayhem of other colonists and invaders (up to the present time) be excused because there is no religious doctrine to support it? For example, how do you view the deadly use of US sanctions, or perhaps what is being called the ‘slow genocide’ of Palestinians?

        These matters are only raised as it is recalled you have previously made disingenuous comments on this site.

        • The slow genocide of the Palestinians??? It’s slow all right. Their numbers have increased 9-fold since 1948. The Arabs (from Arabia) are the colonisers of Palestine; the Jews are the indigenous people. Anyone who states the truth, like Anne, is ‘disingenuous’ on your twisted planet.

        • Oh dear aom, have I purloined another commenters name? How remiss of me but you see, as my reply was the first ever comment I have made on this site you may have to forgive my negligence in failing to pursue pseudonyms and names of all other commenters.
          I do not generally provide evidence that people who are well able to research for themselves request. Particularly those who purport, as you do, to be well-versed in matters Middle Eastern. But just for you I would suggest reading Sword and Scimitar by Raymond Ibrahim, In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire by Tom Holland or The History of Jihad by Robert Spencer. Of course, just as some of the most profound works exposing the sins of “Christian” white supremacy, colonial misrule and otherising vulnerable minorities have been written by atheists so too some of the most enlightening material you could read on Islamic supremacy and imperialism has been written by ex-Muslims. Just give me a bell if you would like some of those links.
          Please refine the questions in your penultimate paragraph. Are you asking my opinion on US sanctions as applied solely to countries in the Middle East. Or can I opine on those also applied to… oh I don’t know, lets says Serbia for example. Maybe China? And the “slow genocide” of Palestinians. Can I comment on Hamas’ proclivity to store and fire weapons from amongst their own civilian population? Such activity leading to the death of their own children?
          But thank you for raising the matters. I hope my replies suffice.

          • It is noted that you still haven’t responded to the original comment in any shape or form. Are you still mulling it over?

            Regarding the remainder of your comment, none of the references support your earlier contention that, ‘….holy texts endorse the enslavement and rape of people outside of the faith.” So in fact, Muslim colonisation is no different to that of any other religion, nationality or country. A point that I would endorse!

            It is a pity you finished your comment by going off the reservation (https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2018/6/18/the-fallacy-of-israels-human-shields-claims-in-gaza). Please note that this is an un-unique opinion of qualified academics. It not the usual fodder from Israeli sources that are in many cases fuelled by the IDF ‘information’ unit. It also overlooks the fact that it has been established that the IDF has been guilty of using Palestinian children as human shields (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-palestinian-israel-children-idUSBRE95J0FR20130620).

            As it shouldn’t be possible to have a duplicated combination of a pseudonym and email address on this site, I apologise if my comment, “These matters are only raised as it is recalled you have previously made disingenuous comments on this site.” was in error.

            • Well here we go, I’m now Anne with an E, although if that’s not to your liking, I could change to Green Gables. Feel free to advise.

              …It is noted…. By whom? I replied to your question in the last para of your comment in the first para of my opening comment. Clearly a woman who is under investigation by Turkey and who has married two (or I believe reading a Herald article it could even have been three) jihadists and lived in a community which perpetrated the most vile atrocities on Yazidi Christians, Druze, Zoroastrians and Shia Muslims is a much more dangerous woman than one who has lived peaceably in New Zealand.
              Golly, did you read the 3 books I referred you to, including the whole 1000 pages of Holland in less than 3 hours? What a speed-read champ you are. You will have at your disposal then all the verbatim source quotes from Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari, other relevant Hadith, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Khaldun and of course the more current, but now deceased, austere scholar Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (PhD in Islamic Studies,) head of the group to which Ms Aden travelled to Syria and married into – Ms Aden being 19 at the time of travel so please stop inferring she was a naive little 13 year old devoid of any agency. It is quite possible she swore allegiance to the group and recruited for them. Or owned slaves. Germany recently prosecuted a returning jihadi bride for the death of a five year old slave. We wouldn’t want our Ms Adem to have been so inclined would we.
              I am surprised though that you appear to have missed all the references to enslavement and rape iendorsement n the books. Perhaps go back and read more slowly.

              I regard Al Jazeera links as factually accurate as I do IDF links so when you have something more substantial feel free to throw it my way. And do look up statements by ex-Hamas soldiers on the maltreatment of children in Gaza for propaganda purposes. Or the torture of adults who are so disagreeable as to sell land to Jews. Perhaps even look up why the Christian population in Gaza and Bethlehem is diminshing so rapidly. Where do you think those people are fleeing to?

              Sadly, there is such a vast minefield of human rights abuse occurring throughout the world. Do you comment on areas outside of the Levant at all?

  4. So if National was government and considering Judith Collins’ recent vindictive statement re Suhayra Aden, I take it she and her party would leave this woman and in particular her two children as stateless people to rot!

    At least Jacinda Ardern and the Labour government has demonstrated some compassion in allowing Suhayra and her two little ones to return to her place of birth to hopefully, begin a new clean life. To do otherwise would be cruel, considering children of a NZ born citizen are involved, regardless of their mother’s past life.

  5. Yeah yeah…come on in y’all. We love criminals of all kinds. All welcome. And if the cops harass you, let us know and we’ll rap them over the knuckles.

  6. Mary a
    She didn’t say that.
    Anyway with small children involved the issue is always going to be very emotional.
    I agree we should take them back.

  7. Perspectives. Some would have it as not beneath a Political leader. We have many ignorant, inhuman, racist, cretins. Collins is simply playing to that audience.

    I noted a difference in Collins’ stance today compared to yesterday. The should-be-retiring Gerry Brownlee thoroughly queered the pitch early yesterday and obviously a lot was said during the day.

    • Unfortunately Judith Collins is Ao/NZ’s ‘Trumpette’. She is extremely devisive always appealing to some extremely toxic elements of our society. I can only wonder what her supporters hope for if she was to become PM.

  8. “We got done over by the Australians….” No Judith Suhayra Aden’s children got done over by the Australians; they have denied the children the right to be connected with their family all for Scott Morrison’s political image. No one should be defending the stand Australia has taken, nor diminishing the bravery displayed by our goverment.
    It borders on obscene that the leader of an opposition party should twist this to try and score political points against the PM.

  9. “ ‘It borders on obscene that the leader of an opposition party should twist this to try and score political points against the PM.” Absolutely.

    This is gutter talk and a disgraceful way to behave towards a vulnerable woman and her children. If Collins had any sense she would have embraced them – and what a difference that could have made.

    • Thanks Snow White for your support.
      All Collins’ needed to say was the government has done their best for the children against very difficult odds, but she obviously can’t get herself out of the gutter.
      I can only hope that, enfolded in the love and care of our Muslim community, that Suhayra and her children will seize the huge opportunity they have been given to turn their lives around.

      • Australia is the ogre in all this Peter, but Collins has chosen to ignore this fact, which is totally unhelpful. This could come back and bite her on her bottom were she ever to be PM, but she knows that she never will be, hence her grubby shot.

        The Isis bride made the sort of mistake which thousands of New Zealand women make by falling in love with unsuitable men who abuse batter and kill us on a daily basis, but at least she is still alive, and she is young enough to try and restart her life. I, for one, think that this is wonderful, and I very much hope that things come right for her.

        Collins, as a mother, should be ashamed of herself for criticising another mother. By and large, we do what we think is the right thing, even if it happens to be the wrong thing. If Judith consorted more wth mothers, then she would know this, but she speaks from a position of privilege and social isolation so far removed from the circumstances of this troubled young family, that she is not qualified to pass any sort of judgment at all.

        Collins,as a mother, should want what’s best for the kids too, but again, New Zealanders don’t have the best track record in cherishing our most precious taonga either, and that is something which I cannot begin to understand, but she’s the best that the Nats have come up with to lead them on their downward slide.

        Next time Jude goes churching – hopefully before the next election – she might reflect on the words, “ Suffer little children to come unto me”, and ask her god what he meant by that.

  10. NZ should have revoked their citizenship too but we are such a soft touch

    That lady made her islamic bed and now she should lie in it.

    As an aside why is Christchurch getting “anti terror attack” bollards put in in the central city? Is this happening in any other NZ city? I haven’t heard of any.

    Do the Government have some intel about a possible attack on chch that they haven’t let on about?

    • John, Q. Is ISIS considered to be a Left or Right Wing group? Up till now I would have considered them to be extreme Right Wing and very racist, but I stand to be corrected.

    • Thanks John but I’m far from qualified to make a definitive call on that! I agree in this situation L or R isn’t (and shouldn’t) be the issue here, there are far more potentially destructive forces at play in regards to ISIS. Cheers.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall that ISIS in the complicated Syrian civil war, was fighting against the Assad regime, who was using chemical weapons on his own people. So in Syria they were technically on the same side as our allies the Americans, who were wanting to topple Assad. Assad is still there, when he’s known to have committed war crimes. What wrongdoing is Aden known to have done?

  12. Has NZ every had a terrorists attack from ISIS. Is this racists? or is she also calling for a ban on relatives of the Christchurch terrorists as well. There has been one major terrorist attack here and that was from a white male and where was the call from her to protect New Zealand from potential terrorists aka white males from OZ, maybe ban them too.

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