Jesus wept – Toa the baby orca who had the temerity of dying cost $10 000???


Jesus wept – Toa the baby orca who had the temerity of dying cost $10 000???

At that price Toa could get a Spinoff podcast paid by NZ n Air to waste.

4000 hungry children living in motels will be so happy to see money spent on a dead baby whale that was always going to die.

Surely Toa is the most expensive virtue signaling this year, and as such must be eligible for NZ on Air funding?

You can’t champion $10000 for a dead whale when we have 4000 kids living in motels.

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Come on.

Can the hungry children eat the dead whale?

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    • Yep. If, eg, the Department of Social Welfare had kept its name and not rebranded into the pretentious-sounding Ministry of Social Development, that might have helped it focus on its job.

  1. Cultural sensitivity rules in the capital city. After all, it is the Wellington City Council who named its work units after the eight brains of a mythical octopus fished from the sea by Maui- the same sea which separated this orca from it’s pod, an event which may have greater significance than any philosopher or anthropologist could ever dream of, but which some being from Tawa or Aro Valley, may soon be lecturing the long suffering rate payers about as they stand wet-dripping in a so-called bus pod, dreaming of hot fish’n’chips to come- unlike the bus.

    Kudos to the young guys who tried to save Toa though – nice.

  2. You obviously don’t understand the system, Martyn.

    The system is NEVER concerned with doing things efficiently and effectively or achieving beneficial outcomes, but is ALWAYS concerned with doing things inefficiently and ineffectively because those strategies create employment and squander fossil fuels and provide opportunities for RORTS. And that’s all the government wants; people being kept busy, fossil fuels being squandered and opportunities for rorts.

    That is why everything that matters gets made ‘progressively’ worse.

    • Ok, cancel the fish’ n’ chips. Bugger. If you heard what my mother-in-law had to say about council swimming pools then you’d never venture into one of them again either.

      And yet, the night soil of Asia still provides good crop feed, and who knows, we may be eating that too, and returning it whence it came in an elegant Buddhist cycle.

  3. 450,000 tonnes of seafood is taken from New Zealand waters every year:

    NIWA estimates 1 in 5 target species fishing results in bycatch waste:

    If we recognize every bycatch fish caught as being a sentient being, that means 90,000 tonnes of sentient being fish are discarded every year. If every bycatch fish weighs say 18 kilogram then a bycatch ceremony for each fish would amount to 5 million ceremonies per year.

    The bigger question has to be how we have people living in this country with not enough to eat when we export half of the total seafood catch overseas. These captains of industry and political mouthpieces rave about a darling industry raking the oceans which results in a fifth of catch as collateral damage waste, can say nothing about the people going hungry in a country surrounded by ocean and abundance? Utter bullshit.

  4. $10,000 wouldn’t solve much against the tide of people who have children when they shouldn’t. I’d much rather my tax money went towards the whale – or better yet give me back my tax money so I can spend it where I like and not on people who think having the country pay them to breed is a right.


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