I wish the Government spent less time telling me they are doing a great job and more time just putting a needle in my arm!


So I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sick of having the State demand my attention all the time so the more I can mute them the happier I am.

I knew the vaccination process for Group 4 was being booked by the end of this month so I went to check when I can finally get a fucking vaccination in my arm.

July 28th they cried, July 28th.

I was expecting to book a time on July the fucking 28th.

Surprise fucking surprise- like everything with this Government there is fine print lies.

The fine print lies are now a bullshit ‘age band’ fuckwittery that’s right – I still can’t get fucking vaccinated until some time in fucking September.

I knew I was being lied to when the Government said July 28th so I should have expected a bullshit fine print lie that pushes it far past July the fucking 28th, so I only have myself to blame.

Im guessing that there will be more changes and more stretching the truth to suite the latest version of the narrative.

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I wish the Government spent less time telling me they are doing a great job and more time just putting a fucking needle in my arm!


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  1. Sadly that is this Government’s answer for everything, Jam (or in your case Jab) tomorrow.

    Child Poverty – They don’t understand when they haven’t implemented the most important parts of the review, why its rising instead of falling. It will get better soon

    Immigration – Families don’t mind having visas extended last moment. People should be grateful they are here. Besides it was Covid which caused the backlog, not staffing cuts.
    (Never mind all Work to Residence visa holders and Repeat Skilled Worker Visas could be converted to a Residence Visa with a sweep of the pen. That would cut the backlog and create certainty in one go.)

    Worker shortages – (See immigration) / Increasing gang violence (see Poverty) / Increasing demand for mental health services (See Poverty) / Increase demand for food packages (See Poverty)

  2. 3716

    The amount of new houses built by Labour in almost 4 years!!! In a white hot housing crisis, 3716 state houses built is all these morons could muster. I’m betting that is simply business as usual. A total disgrace.

    No wonder sightings of Meagan Woods is now rarer than Elvis. How does she want her pay cheque?

    If they just did the fucking job they were voted in for the bullshit pantomime theatrics and let’s be blunt, LYING, would not be required.

    • So they are building just enough houses to supply the refugees.
      What about our people living in cars and sheds?

  3. Just lie or turn up at a vaccination center 10 minutes before closing Bomber like everyone else that has got a jab.

  4. This government is so bad in so many areas it defies believe. I was unhappy when they came to power through Winston but was prepared to see where we went as there were problems not being answered by National .It sticks in my throat to say for 3 years he brought some checks and balances to the table . The Greens have contributed nothing in four years of having the governments ear and now the country is going backwards at a rapid rate.

  5. It seems to me that the process of vaccination varies throughout the country in spite of the government’s intentions. That means that incompetence is variable about the country.

  6. I like how everybody just expects that as soon as a vaccine is available the whole country should be fully vaccinated in a month or we’ve failed. I’m sure they mentally picture all the health workers whistling the smurf song as they merrily jab queues of smiling kiwis moving through vaccination centres like a production line. People need to be realistic. It’s a huge task and it takes time. Chill out and be happy in the knowledge we’re all pretty much going to be vaccinated by the end of the year.

  7. Never a truer word spoken Trevor.
    The country is in reverse gear at full throttle.
    We need change urgently.

  8. Yes Meagan Woods sharing pizza with Elvis and Salman Rushdie more likely than Labour honouring any of their election promises.Were they lying?

  9. Man who wasn’t paying attention is surprised the vaccine rollout doesn’t work the way he thought.

  10. Hate to be a kill joy but there is scientific data out of Israel that shows way better efficacy when you wait at lest two months between shots as they have been doing in the UK. So a lot more break through covid 19 infections happening after three weeks between shots. Here’s Dr John Campbell who has had a facts based purely data driven educational blog sight in the UK.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNbs4LCgrcY

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