How the Right are trying to privatise NZ universal human rights & how the Left want to use the State to smash individuals


One of the great philosophical wins by neoliberals was the destruction of universal provision of social services.

It’s the theology that underpins the right wing welfare experiment of Oranga Tamariki. Remove universal provision of welfare to just the worst cases and examples as a means to save the State money.

What the NZ Right did to welfare they are now attempting with human rights.

The drive by ACT and National to remove legal rights to gang members so that the State can punish and harass them more should be seen for what it is, the privatization of civil rights.

A liberal progressive democracy provides universal human rights, you don’t lose them because you are an arsehole, that’s why stopping prisoners from voting was so galling.

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The Right are using the State to privatize human rights so they can be removed from groups they dislike while the Left are drooling with anticipation at gaining Hate Speech powers so that they can embark upon a woke purge of anyone who disagrees with them by calling in the Police to determine hate!

The Right want to privatize human rights so the State can crush beneficiaries while the Left want the State to gain Hate Speech powers to smash individuals!

Both sides are trying to utilize the power of the State to fuck over individuals! Both claim noble ends to this power.

The individual must always have protections from the State because the State has all the power!

We should use the power of that State NOT to fuck over individuals, it should be used to fuck over Corporations!

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueler to Corporations!


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  1. Just remember, what you think of as “rights” are just “privileges” and the State always reserves the right to remove those “privileges” at will, regardless of whether they are Right, Left or Centrist. You will only retain the rights you can defend, so be careful when you dismiss the rights of other as privileges, as that undermines the rights of all. There are no inalienable rights, only those protected by strength.

    • I agree with you . I get tired of those that say they have rights to do what they feel like . This excuse was used in the past by husbands to rape and beat their wives. A right is a hard won and has to have the bulk of society behind it.

      • I agree and this is why I believe Ardern and the government have done the hard yards on Covid and have the right to dismiss the constant negativity on roll out, border misdemeanors etc.
        Again Trevor, whilst we can disagree at times, at least you come with examples to back your opinion, as with the rape analogy, not narcissistic or droll comments.

  2. We live in an Anarcho-Tyranny state. Someone could shoot your family pet, in front of you and the authorities likely wouldn’t care. NZ is a horrifying place, compounded by dangerous, growing levels of mental illness.

    “Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is argued to be more interested in controlling citizens so that they do not oppose the managerial class (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are argued to be enforced only selectively, depending on what is perceived to be beneficial for the ruling elite.”

  3. I do believe it was a mistake, to target a private event like The America’s cup with public utilities funding. No one was eating out , entertainment fell. The whole thing lost money. It’s not like there wasn’t enough money they just got the distribution kind of ideologically fucked.

  4. I would argue there are inalienable rights which come from our humanity. That people or a state does not recognise those rights does not mean we do not have them.

    • They are just not much use if you are being loaded into cattle cars by your fellow citizens to be transported to an extermination camp run by your lawful Government.

      That’s why we have to be careful to protect our rights, least they become privileges & then disappear all together.

      • “being loaded into cattle cars by your fellow citizens to be transported to an extermination camp run by your lawful Government.”

        My god, really? Like Murray M’Cully’s saudi sheep deal, I must lock my doors

      • I doubt the Jewish community in N.Z. would find your comment amusing.
        I wonder how you felt about the waitress whose hair was pulled by Key. Where were her rights, or was it, as Key said just a bit of fun? Remember that government?

        • It wasn’t meant to be funny, there is nothing funny about the Holocaust, I find it sicken you would find it amusing.

            • Because that is the price you pay when you trade your rights for security.

              Of course, you being the dick you are had to make a joke comparing the Key government to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Absolutely disgusting & completely inappropriate.

              Oh, just for your information, I spent much of Keys time in power actively campaigning against his government & cronies, and protesting against the TPPA, and what was one of the first things Labour did when they got in? Did a complete about face & signed us up to the rebranded TPPA. So maybe you need to take off your rose (red) tinted glasses & take a good look at the useless bunch of clowns you are supporting & maybe you’ll see them for what they are, neoliberal scum, National with red ties, instead of blue.

  5. Gangs dealing drugs are a corporation just like Fonterra or TVNZ. It follows that we should be more cruel to gangs like the Blacks or the Mob not give them $2m for fucks sake.

  6. The universal declaration of human rights is built in to our legal system on all levels.

    This is unequivocal, As New Zealand signed the universal declaration of human rights in 1948.

    When one looks at the laws in New Zealand, one can make the connection where The district court rules apply, it will state that the senior court rules apply, which intern states that the evidence act applies, which then leads to and states that the Bill of Rights act applies; on the very first page of the Bill of Rights act it states –

    “ in act (b) to affirm New Zealand’s commitment to the International covenant on civil and political rights”.

    The International covenant on civil and political rights then very clearly states-

    “ recognising that, in accordance with the universal declaration of human rights“

    This means when one brings up the universal declaration of human rights and looks at article 30, it clearly states-

    “ nothing in this declaration may be interpreted as applying for any state, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms sit fourth herein.”

    This means that if New Zealand were to attempt to move away and remove such rights that are afforded to us as human beings would be a breach of International law. Such actions would mean that New Zealand would no longer be eligible to be a member of the World Stage, in such things as United Nations, or the Commonwealth.

    The issue that we have as citizens of New Zealand is that we give up too easily on defending our rights, human rights are only rights if we are prepared to defend and argue for them.


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