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I always thought everyone knew Spin off was nothing more than a social engineering Government propaganda platform for middle class millennials masquerading as ‘journalism’, but the amount of Government money poured into the SpinOff has surprised us all.

The SpinOff is Wellington’s megaphone in Auckland and its ‘journalism’ consisted of framing a Labour Party Staffer for rape from someone who doctored evidence.

This grotesque wound of ‘journalism’ didn’t stop SpinOff drowning in taxpayer dollars because the way NZ on Air works means a select few elite opinion platforms get all the cash to ensure their elite opinion circle jerk shuts out all else.

This woke cavalcade of poorly viewed taxpayer funded content created with all the same intellectual rigor of your average suburban Wellington mommy blogger trigger thresholds has produced an editorial team who are in a daily struggle session to prove who hates heteronormative white cis males the most.

$6million dollars so white people can feel guilty and virtue signaling their therapy learnings just seems so fucking Wellington, am I right?

Apparently Stuff could take $300k for a ‘cultural competency course’ which obviously didn’t cover goading Martin Devlin into a suicide.

Watch for how both new organizations pump Jacinda propaganda for the Hate Speech laws.

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  1. With a bit more luck. The almighty will shake the capital to it’s knees and then we can watch the rats abandoned the cest pit known as Wokesville Wellystown.

  2. The government’s $55 million media bribe is so audacious (and outrageous) I can scarcely believe it. However, media chiefs — and NZ on Air — are very defensive about it and at least realise that allegations of being bought are dangerous if they take hold.
    Karl du Fresne has decided the title “Public Interest Journalism Fund” is too cumbersome and has renamed it the “Pravda Project”.
    Elsewhere, the media has been dubbed the “team of 55 million”.

  3. Scary isn’t it. That’s team left for you. The harder you look the worse it gets.

    The Sheeple have no idea though and are still in their covid, housing inflation stupor.

    There is going to be one hell of a hangover.

  4. Core argument pretty much bang-on … but geographical assumptions wildly misguided.

    Yeah, Wellington has indeed been infiltrated by walking-talking Woke horror stories … but a disproportionate number grew up within sight of Rangitoto island & attended single-sex boarding-schools in leafy Remmers … before heading south in search of power & status, the Beehive attracting them like highly-demanding Honey Bees suffering severely narcissistic personality disorders.

    Hence, the newly-emergent Woke establishment – with its toxic mix of control-freak authoritarianism & ostentatious virtue-signaling – is very much Dandified Auckland’s megaphone in previously common-sense, Wellington. It’s like marauding Geordies invading & corrupting London and then having the audacity to blame their Thames-side victims.

    • 🙂
      And another significant number come from the Empire or having had experience operating round the Empire and are keen to show how caring and sharing they are without doing anything meaningful in dealing with our crises in health, education, housing et al.
      Late stage neo-liberalism: when minimal gummint, operating everything as a business with corporate style managerialism and theory. What else is there to do for bureaucrats, politicians and jonolists other than identity politics, ticket clipping and trying to manage and spin the message in order to justify your existence and celeries

      If it wasn’t so sad it’d be amusing. It’s pissing a significant number of the electorate off judging by those I interact with.

  5. “That’s team left for you”.. Seriously? Left? I’m a lifelong unionist with deep socialist sympathies, and leanings, and these so called Lefties” are nothing of the sort.. They’re nothing more than self absorbed children with overblown ideas of entitlement.. In which universe is that being “left”… Give me a break, and stop this proud display of utter ignorance of what it actually means to be left wing… I can tell you right now it’s got fuck all to do with peoples obsession with their feelings… This is just getting absurd…
    Wake the fuck up NZ and realise that all your ridiculous self entitlement is nothing but a successful brain washing campaign on behalf of those that are as far from being “left” as it’s possible to get.. And wasn’t it so easy to suck you all in… How utterly pathetic… Good people sacrificed their lives for the sake of a system that works for human beings.. Right now, that sacrifice is being shat on from a great height, and you’re all so pleased with yourselves… That defines utter fuckwittery..

    • Lefties? Righties? I”m not sure this binary view of politics holds up now. Wayne Hope’s contribution to TDB a few moons ago offers a more nuanced view.

      Rather than the binary view of left/ right he suggested that we look at two axis: the economic and the social. On the economic axis there is the socialism / neoliberal continuum, views on the allocation and distribution of resources. On the other, views related to moral issues and social rights, eg, in relation to race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, alcohol/drug use and freedom of speech and so on. That continuum stretches from radical social liberalism to extreme moral conservatism. Where people sit is far more complex than left or right.

      • To be fair, that double-axis ideological spectrum – economic & moral-cultural – is a relatively long-standing convention in international political science … by no means a ground-breaking Wayne Hope innovation.

        And it probably needs some tweaking … not least given the overt authoritarianism & highly selective (demographic-specific) altruism of those (Woke) at the Radical “Liberal” end of the moral spectrum.

  6. So what National controlled the media so its the same old shit just a change of the guards. Didn’t national put all their right wing tory cronies on TV and they took people like Tova on trips and got rid of Campbell.


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