Te Pae Herenga O Tamaki Launches Ngā Tini Whetū Programme – Whanau Ora


More than 350 whānau attended the launch of a programme which will help them set their own goals and pathways in life.

Te Pae Herenga o Tamaki – the Whānau Ora Auckland collective – launched its Ngā Tini Whetū programme to a whānau-filled Vodafone Events Centre on Saturday evening, July 17 2021.

The 13-strong Te Pae Herenga o Tamaki collectives are rolling out the Ngā Tini Whetū programme right across Tamaki.

Whānau Ora CEO John Tamihere told the crowd – many who will participate in the programme – that Māori whānau are the solutions to Māori issues.

“Every whānau has mana, every whānau has the right to determine their own destiny,” Tamihere said. “If we build the capability and resilience of whānau they can take control of their lives and make the changes they need to.”

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Presenters included:

  • Stacey Morrison, a Ngā Tini Whetū Pou that provided her Te Reo Māori expertise over the first pilot programme.
  • Leisa Nathan, another Ngā Tini Whetū Pou and a mokopuna of one of the Waipareira founders – the late Uncle Tuck Nathan
  • Natasha Kendall, a lead in Waipareira Data & Performance Team, and a graduate of Ngā Tini Whetū.
  • Ngā Tini Whetū o Tamaki Chair Jacqui Harema, who oversaw the 1st Ngā Tini Whetu programme.

For the hundreds of whānau who attended the event, this was an opportunity to celebrate the beginnings of their own journeys in leadership goals and aspirations for their whānau.

Ngā Tini Whetu, is a collaboration between government departments and the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency.


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