Most Hated Group Opposes Hate Speech Rules


Direct Action Everywhere New Zealand are part of the animal rights movement that has been gaining traction in New Zealand. As a result, we are hated. In fact research has shown vegans are among the most hated groups on the planet.

Nevertheless, we oppose the proposed hate speech regulations. Our submission opposing the rules is linked here
“Non-human animals rely on human allies to speak on their behalf. Most New Zealanders participate in eating farmed animals. Therefore it is a fair assumption that animal allies run the risk of offending others,” says Anna DxE spokesperson Anna Rippon.

“Others may feel hated by hearing opinions that are in opposition if their religious values or traditional practices involve the oppression of or cruelty to animals. As a democratic country, we must value our freedom to express opinions first and foremost. To further limit this freedom, which will likely lead to a decline of public debate, on the actions of one person is absurd.”

Fellow spokesperson Dr Michael Morris agrees. “Calling Judith Collins ‘Karen’ may be acceptable, but drawing attention to the ‘Animal holocaust’ could quite easily lead to our freedom of speech being criminalised.”

The DxE submission is linked here. It includes incidences of hate speech towards vegans made by media spokespeople such as Ryan Bridge from Newshub and other commentators.

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The proposed regulations are well intentioned, but have unintended consequences. Better enforcement of existing laws around criminal incitement and defamation would be a far more effective way of protecting vulnerable populations.


  1. I became vegetarian about two years ago, mainly for ethical reasons.
    One thing I have found is that a lot of people don’t know the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan.
    In case anyone reading this is unsure – a vegan won’t eat ANY product that derives from an animal – including milk and honey, whilst a vegetarian usually just doesn’t eat animal flesh. (There are different grades of both types)
    If they think you are a vegan there is a kind of doubtful look that crosses their face: the kind of look that wonders if you are a placard waving, supermarket disturbance crank and if they should run away quickly before you start admonishing them for consuming animal flesh and threatening them if they don’t stop.
    But if you explain that you simply don’t eat animal flesh they breath a sigh of relief and start treating you like a normal person again.
    I don’t make being vegetarian a political thing – the rest of my family still eat meat – nor do I actively urge them or others to do the same. It is a personal choice and if anyone is interested I will tell them why I do it.
    But if anyone makes fun of me for it I will defend my beliefs – as is my right.
    What surprises me is how threatened some people are by vegetarians/vegans.
    While they don’t make a noise they are considered relatively harmless but as soon as they become politically active then (invariably) they become communists, greenies, grass munchers with all the well-worn associated jokes.

  2. The Farm System Reform Act
    Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren are co-sponsors.

    Senator Booker, a known vegan, may be able to align animal rights interests with the interests of small farmers across America to end factory farming in the United States. In large part, his Bill aims to break up the monopolistic power of multinational meatpackers and corporate integrators

  3. Self suppression, unless you are a mobster with “Sieg Heil” – then you get a coveted place on government enquiries and 2.75 million for your rehab business.

    Good to know that our government is determined to help anybody but Kiwis who work hard and do the right thing, by criminalising Kiwis speech, emails and thoughts too. Soon it will be a crime to complain.

    Meanwhile in another universe, Ok no, its NZ, this alleged ISIS terror mom is coming back to NZ, while OZ and nobody else seems to want her.

    NZ has lots of spare houses, schools and health care for anybody in need from around the world, just spend 2 minutes in NZ and you seem to be a NZ citizen and our government will chaperone you from your disastrous decisions overseas whether joining a terror cell, being a dual Indian/chinese NZ citizen with Covid or holidaying in OZ and getting Covid or a multinational business in need of corporate hand outs! There is plenty of government money to help you…. just not enough money for the Kiwis who are born in NZ, lead a normal life in NZ and pay taxes in NZ, nurses in NZ, or mental health in NZ….


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