Political Caption Competition


Fish n chips AND communism? This farmer knows how to tease!


  1. Communism means cheap fish and chips with fish harvested from sustainable fisheries by state-employed fishers who receive proper wages and safe working conditions. Fish will not be caught by destructive bottom trawling or gill-netting.
    Chips made from potatoes grown without excessive use of pesticides or phosphates and harvested on state-owned land by well paid farm workers using non-polluting farm machinery. These healthy potatoes will be processed into chips in clean, safe factories manned by well paid and unionised workers who receive generous sick leave, maternity leave and holidays.
    As state enterprises these concerns will only have to cover their costs so they will not have to make large profits to satisfy share-holders or corprate owners. Managers of these organisations can therefore concentrate on the health and happiness of employees, customers and the general public.
    The alternative to this is to continue with dirty, unsafe food processing factories run by corporations who intimidate their workers, dump fish to keep prices high, employ slave labour on their fishing vessels, wreck marine ecosystems, pollute oceans and fresh water with their agricultural practices and sell their products to the New Zealand public at exorbitant prices to make huge profits that they can send to off-shore banks to avoid paying even the minimal amount of tax they have to pay here.
    Viva la Revolution! Death to capitalism!

  2. It would be a Ford Ranger of course.
    The ute of choice for the embittered National Party supporter.
    Reminds me of the old joke.
    How do you know how many National Supporters are in a pub?
    A:Count the number of Ford Rangers parked outside.


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