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  1. Nothing symbolises the Meerkat Economy better than a Bezos taking off in an Uber-powered penis, where upon the circumsizer’s knife chops off the entire knob in order for the Master of the Universe to survive the experience (in that “space”, going forward)

  2. Universities NZ, last week complained that increasing research funding to maori academics, could stifle other research. But I remember the days when university’s actively discouraged male students applying for favoured courses, by saying those courses suddenly had a “big social component”, being code for they preferred females. I don’t recall who decided on the policy, that was never publicised, but that’s how it was. It seems hypocritical intellectual nimbyism, that Universities NZ doesn’t like being on the receiving end of affirmative action, that it happily dealt out previously, and should now pull its head in, and remove the foot from its mouth.

  3. Judith demands Police Minister obey the Leader of the Oppositions orders or resign (or be sacked). Those orders? Reinstate the Armed Responders Team (ARTs). Last trialed in NZ as a knee jerk reaction to The Christchurch massacre. Enjoy googling the disaster it turned into. Nash ‘promoted’ to tourism as a result. Judith just getting crazier by the day. Red meat for ZB and magic though.

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