Political Caption Competition


JOE: Hey there you. You have a friend in me, come on guy, you know I care, we can overcome. I love Australia, I really do. I got into a boxing fight with a Kangaroo and I taught him not to speak smack about unions. What say you guy?

JACINDA: no worries Joe, I’m smoking a very well rolled joint of some medical grade cannabis to keep up with your phone call.


  1. Sleepy: Come join my coalition of woke
    The Blairite: Kamila already called me. Of course i’m in

  2. Well that’s very flattering Joe, but no I won’t let you sniff me if you come to Aotearoa.

  3. “Sure, Joe, the Neutron’s ready for blast off; Whakaari’s cleared of tourists; locals shrug off any quakes and shakes; and no-one’s mentioning the cargo.”

  4. Joe: Hello Melinda?
    Jacinda: Hi President Biden, it’s JACINDA.
    Joe: Hi Consuela, look they’re killing people, Facebook, the unvaccinated. They need to play the radio.
    Jacinda: They are us Joe.
    Joe: I, I used to sit in the sun and let the kids play with the hair, on my legs.
    Jacinda: President this, is New Zealand’s, nuclear, free, moment.
    Joe: I like you fat, my kinda leader, nuke first, ask questions later. If I was 50 years younger Jillian, we might have made some noise. Gotta go, see you at APEC. Phone a friend. [Click]
    Jacinda: Joe? President we need to talk about your country’s hacking and spy program, your economic terrorism and manipulation, your American imperialist death cult, your mass incarceration, your use of media cucks for political and ideological gain, your pharmaceutical pimps, your out-of-touch ultra rich and their grotesque rocket flights, your domestic terror, your global human rights abuse, your propaganda, your perversions, your hypocrisy, your preaching, your destruction, your legacy. Joe, President, get back to me.

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