Waatea News Column: Why you should (and shouldn’t) be angry over Mongrel Mob Meth Rehabilitation


Fresh from trying to claim $200 Koha to the Mongrel Mob was evidence that Labour had gone soft on crime comes the story that the Mongrel Mob were given $2.75million over 4 years via a community group for meth rehabilitation.

Naturally National, ACT and almost every single right-wing talkback host has lost their collective minds in screaming that Jacinda is actually funding the Mob with taxpayer money to commit more crimes.

What a load of garbage.

Now I do think on one level we should be angry and I will get to that point in a moment, but in terms of framing this as the gangs getting taxpayer money from a soft Government, that’s a lie that does far more damage than good.

Let’s be clear, meth is a terrible drug and the only way we are going to halt its progress in our communities is if we pour hundreds of millions into meth rehabilitation to get our Whānau off it.

Doing the get tough on crime nonsense doesn’t work, we’ve had over 50 years experience of the war on drugs to tell us this, you want to successfully stop meth, kill the demand.

No where is that demand more challenging than in the world of gangs.

This program reaches out to gang members addicted to meth via a peer group that they respect so there is more chance of it succeeding but the best part of the entire thing is that we fund this completely taxpayer free.

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That’s right, this entire program wasn’t paid for with taxpayer money!

It was paid via the proceeds of crimes fund, money and assets seized by Police from the gangs is what we spent here to help gang members kick meth addiction.

We used money taken from the gangs to help rehabilitate gang members without having to use taxpayer funds.

Pretty clever trick.

So attempting to frame this, as National, ACT and every right-wing journalist has, as taxpayers funding the gangs is outrageously false and an attempt to gain headlines rather than ‘debate’.

Where we can feel anger however is spending $2.75m using clever funding tactics to fund meth rehab for gang members, yet giving nothing whatsoever to Mike King’s incredibly successful Gumboot Day.

Why can we be so clever in using gang money for gang rehab but we can’t do the same for Mike?

Mike has been a tireless and fearless critic of the broken bureaucracy of mental health. He goes to suicide funeral after suicide funeral, meets grieving family after grieving family at the rawest point of our tragic suicide rates.

He has managed 15000 hours of counselling in a year compared to 20000 by the Wellington bureaucracy. He is helping vulnerable people gain access to the help they need in a way the Wellington bureaucracy can’t and for that, he has made enemies of those he is upstaging.

I don’t begrudge rehab for gang members, I begrudge that the same effort can’t be found to fund Mike King as well.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. I begrudge 2.75 million no matter where it came from being prioritised over more deserving issues.
    Children in poverty
    Mental health
    I think to say it funds itself is ridiculous.

    • @ john. You begrudge because, from what I can tell, you’re a linear thinker at best.
      Generations of unnecessary hardship on a wealthy country with only five million people is necessary if millionaires and billionaires are to make ‘good coin’ from corrupt policy. And they make ‘good coin’ because they’ve bent our tax rules to best suit themselves and they did that by schmoozing fat arsed politicians. The only thing that trickles, in what were working class neighbourhood’s who bore the Gangs are tears going down and money going up.
      I’m disappointed that, that shitty little 2.75 million wasn’t in fact 27.5 Billion. And sure! For Gods sake give Mike King serious funding. We could give millions to fucking warner bros after the televised pete and jonky show, the wee string puppets to sleazy fucking warners, so why can’t we, as a country in an already perilous position stump up a few more bucks for Mike Kings good intentions? The guy’s intentions are worth the money much less what he does with it. It surely can’t be worse than watching flowery jonky prance about in his money shoes? Or seeing pete jackson flying about in his Gulf Stream propelled by a $600 million dollar NET worth as people in the film industry constantly worry about where their next meal’s coming from.
      Ze right ving have our country by the purse strings, that’s why farmers, for example, must never be allowed to show us just how much money farmers make for our country. Farmers themselves don’t know so how could you? Farmers must never become aware of just how wealthy we could be, even if most people simply lived worthwhile lives, rearing good kids and being creative and happy while being paid a basic income instead of becoming soulless gangsters who, ironically, are the very embodiment of the rich useless bastards who put them in that position at that opposite end of the pendulum swing.
      Back in the day, Freezing workers and shearers etc were ( And still are) both the victims, for the want of a better word, of seasonal employment. That’s why, after a season of fucking hard work they went on the dole. Awesome! It worked really well until the Right Ving Stasi got involved and fucked it up for everyone.
      Today, to the riche, competition is spelled e.x.p.l.o.i.t.a.t.i.o.n.
      In another Post @MB wrote :
      ”Labour shouldn’t panic, these Utes & Tractors don’t vote for us, but if this anger spreads to the suburbs via Hate Speech backlash – we are fucked!”
      Why the fuck would you write that @ MB? You must surely know that’s simply incorrect. Or, and this is where I get a panic attack, you’re one of Them? Can you explain? Who, exactly are to be the “ – we who are fucked! “ ??? That’s a serious question Martyn?
      Farmers and Country People are NOT enemies in the literal sense. It’s certainly correct to say the fascist natzo’s and their beloved thatcher-lite Kiwi-As neoliberalism is fomenting antagonism between farmers and city people but common sense surely shines light on that logical fallacy? If we’re ever going to pull up out of the nose dive we’ve been in since the late 1930’s farmers and city people MUST see that both parties are being exploited then unite against your abusers.
      Let’s start with the banks and move up since the banks are the lowest thing known to the working poor, except perhaps those politicians who argue that the working poor are necessary to build the super rich to make them ever richer so that wealth can trickle back back down again.
      Fuck, if you believe that then I have a duck to sell you. It lays golden eggs. Amazing really.

  2. No sale.
    It’s just shown the voting public there is definitely some gang/Labour thing going on.

    It didn’t make logical sense allowing gangs to “guard” the chch mosque, man checkpoints in lockdown, have official speaking arrangements, and give them koha and now trying to further legitimize them by paying them millions to rehabilitate some of the harm the murdering raping drug peddlers cause by importing and selling meth.

    Also note as this government legitimizes gangs, the explosion in violence as gang numbers are up 50 percent and climbing, and gun crime especially with banned semi automatics that Nash was confident he had all of, is happening every day.

    These are problems directly caused by stupid government policy and belong directly to this government.

    The public of New Zealand who don’t live in leafy Wellington suburbs see this and will not buy more spin when they see people getting shot the day after Ardern signs off on millions to the gangs.

    This government must go, they are arming and empowering gangs while fracturing society.

    • @ K etc.
      “It’s just shown the voting public there is definitely some gang/Labour thing going on.”
      Nope. Sorry.
      Labour and National are the same thing. Just with a different paint job.
      And the deep state propping up national and labour are they some thing since about 1934.
      Bagging labour does one thing only. It segregates labour ie a working class facade party, and the natzo’s. The right ving fascists who suck on farmer ( Export primary industry.) money. The left ving go “Oh! Deary me? How could they? What would MJ Savage or Norman Kirk say? Well, they’re both dead so my guess would be nothing much.
      The only thing gangs could be useful for would be to shut people like me up.
      Aye Boys?

  3. The ‘debate’ about this meth rehabilitation programme shows that there are lot more people fucked in the head than the numbers suffering from meth and causing danger to our society.

    It is impossible to have reasoned debate about anything. Politics gets in the way. The ‘harmless’ one, the ‘mousy’ one, the ‘nerdy’ one, David Seymour is of the lowest order.

    “a politician is an arse upon
    which everyone has sat except a man”

    • “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one.” – Billy Connolly

  4. The thing is this scheme is uncomfortably close to Mob leadership whom appear to directly benefit from this financially.

    And the bigger unknown is what happens indirectly.

    Sadly gangs have been there done that in the “drug rehab” space, the very drug they distribute and sell and low and behold, it was all a front to launder their ill gotten gains. They’re criminals at heart after all. And it is big kudos to have scammed money, especially Proceeds of Crime money. And expect the race card to be played if things get questioned!

    Well meaning do gooders whom only want to see the best are behind this or others who have no expertise or experience in this area and that does not give me confidence.

    As many have said, the optics of this scheme are horrendous!

    • I live in the CHB area and know of the leadership you are talking. Your first paragraph is spot on. I could elaborate but won’t. I just agree with you.

  5. Pilot programs (in general) have AWESOME success rates, it’s a commonly known fact.

    Why? Because those launching pilot programs are highly involved and motivated to see them succeed – secure funding.

    When pilots are extended, power is seeded and failure/corruption lurks at the door. Just something to think about.

  6. The Labour gang have purchased their patches at the expense of;
    Children in poverty
    The homeless
    Mental health

  7. I’d accept this if there was a reputable partner such as the sallies or St John. There isn’t. The chapter boss’ wife is a facilitator; they are planting gardens, mowing lawns at their chapter bosses digs and pumping iron.

    I know those on the left like to think the best of people but please take your brains out of neutral and place a critical mind on this. This is a stitch up. This is the same as McDonalds and KFC piloting a childhood obesity program. Why would turkeys vote for Christmas. Gangs make multiples on meth as opposed to pot. Do you see McDonalds removing the Big Mac from their menu……

  8. Funny how the same names crop up that the government is desperate to fund, no matter if they are mobsters, convicted for domestic violence etc.

    “Māori justice campaigner Paora Moyle has broken her silence, saying two women, including a state abuse survivor, approached the Commission in recent months to express fears over Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam’s behaviour.

    One of the women also approached police. RNZ has agreed not to release any more details.

    She told RNZ the situation had brought the Commission’s work into disrepute and reflected an inability of commissioners to offer a safe environment for abuse survivors coming forward.

    This morning the Commission released a statement saying it had started an independent investigation into the allegations.

    Paora Moyle, 56, claimed the inquiry commissioners did little to mitigate the dangers posed to both vulnerable survivors and to the integrity of the inquiry process, after Mr Tam was given a key position within the Commission.

    One of those with safety concerns was Mr Tam’s former long-term partner Charlotte Mildon, who recently separated from the former government advisor.

    The Hawke’s Bay woman emailed the secretariat’s executive director Mervin Singham, alerting him to Mr Tam making her feel unsafe by entering her bedroom at night, behaviour she regarded as “an example of Mongrel Mob stand-over tactics”. She took to social media last month to highlight her claim.

    Mr Tam had been previously issued with a Police Safety Order to stay away from Ms Mildon for four days after a domestic incident reported to police in July 2017.

    He was also convicted in 1994 of assaulting his wife and was sentenced to three months’ periodic detention and six months’ supervision.

    Mr Tam was appointed to the key position of director of policy and research at the beginning of the year, providing leadership and management support within the inquiry’s secretariat team.

    He was subsequently given another pivotal job of further shaping the Commission’s make-up and direction, when Mr Tam was made facilitator of the inquiry’s Survivors Advisory Group and given authority to weigh up applications to choose its 20 members. The role of the group is to help direct the Commission’s work.

    Paora Moyle said Mr Tam’s key portfolios within the Commission had allowed him access to survivors’ personal information and believed giving him broad-ranging input into the inquiry process was “irresponsible and untenable”.

    The survivor advocate said the commissioners should be held to account for the “contradictory nature” of allowing Mr Tam such scope. “I think it’s completely thwarted the work that needs to be done,” she said.

    Paora Moyle, a survivor of state abuse herself, said she also believed Mr Tam selected the advisory group “to best suit his positioning, rather than the positioning of all the different groups that are represented in survivorship”.

    One of those appointed was Rangi Wickliffe, convicted in 2015 for falsely claiming he shot dead Douglas Witere in April 2014 in the hope he would receive $100,000 from the real culprit, Troy McHugh. Another choice was former Papamoa community patrol volunteer, Gregory Molony, who in 2013 was convicted for impersonating a police officer while trying to find a female escort.

    She believed the situation reflected a shocking dysfunctionality of the Commission and highlighted its lack of knowledge about trauma and how to put clinically-informed processes in place to ensure survivor safety.

    Paora Moyle, who represents the interests of a large network female ex-wards of state, said she told the inquiry’s executive director Mervin Singham, of her concerns, but she said nothing had been done to address it.”


  9. Do I remember John Key paying a Finance gang from South Canterbury nearly $1.8b to help its members to fix their greed addictions.

  10. Canterbury uni cancels a Charlie Chaplin show because he had loose morals and because they are virtuous woke lefties.

    Jacinda Ardern signs over 2.7 million dollars to a gang member and convicted wife beater, the left applaud.

    What a crazy mixed up world.

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