Political Caption Competition


This is what Peace between the gangs looks like


  1. Those were the days weren’t they. Now we are hugging the gangs again could we bring back Barta Bullets and the Trekka. Perhaps the Blairite can ask MBIE to come up with an electric Trekka?

    • Try and find a HMX 500 or a Healing Skylark. You’ll be able to use it on the upcoming cycle bridge and burn the calories off from the Leed lemonade 🙂

  2. There is no depression in New Zealand;
    there are no sheep on our farms,
    There is no depression in New Zealand;
    we can all keep perfectly calm,

  3. Muldoon understood what no one here seems to… Or is a continuation of the marginalising these people the way we should keep things? For all of his shortcomings, Muldoon at least understood that being inclusive rather than exclusive was how human beings function properly.. Too bad that social conscience dried up not long after he retired from the party…. And what’s going on now isn’t “hugging the gangs” btw, and people need to grow up a bit if that’s the level they are operating at… What’s happening now could , and is more likely to lead to better outcomes for the worst affected by the meth problem than just hounding them… Or have NZers reverted back to the good old days when victim bashing was the norm rather than the exception?

    • @ stefan “For all of his shortcomings, ” Ba ha! That? Funny.
      Why is it that many tiny little men are such arse holes. Is it a dick thing?
      donald rumsfeld, for example, was 5 foot 8. It’s said he wore special shoes to give him a view over parking meters. I invented the parking meters thing.
      muldoon is an obscenity. And what’s bewilderingly sickening is he’s still weaving his spells over the terminally stupid.

  4. “This is what Peace between the gangs looks like”
    One, is a gang that has honour, solidarity and a level of integrity and the other is a mafia politic comprised of liars, greedy swindlers, psychopaths and pig muldoon.


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