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  1. I just had a quick look at the Maritime Act section 4 the one our government is saying requires them to be obligated to help foreign vessels that may have an emergency like a virus the virus is only and emergency when they come into our waters now this in my view is another example of being taken advantage of. The Viking boat comes from the Panama and its Spanish owned but we the NZ tax payer are footing the bill we are liable as we allowed them to come into our waters another loophole that needs to be closed. I normally don’t agree with Professor Gorman as he tends to be negative about our covid responses to date but I do agree with him on this our government has put many Wellingtonians and NZers at risk I can only hope they have made the right decision.

  2. I see NZ Police are saying Mob rehab money will line the pockets of gangs members all the more reason why we need Maori for Maori services many of the police programs haven’t and will never work too much discrimination, stereotyping and racism. Change will not happen if we carry on with the same old stuff but our NZ Police seem to think they know best this is the sick attitude that exist in our force they seem to think they are the only ones that know who can and should deliver social services.

  3. The point I am trying to make about the mobs meth programme, is it is better and more effective to have people working with them that can relate to them and sometimes this means having people who have been there and done that.


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