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  1. Judith refuses to debate Corin about demanding a debate. Free speech campaigners demand movie be canceled. National supporters claim Govt has done nothing and done too much. The Bish claims vaccine rollout worse than Australia although NZ has over 10% fully vaccinated and OZ has just over 9%. The Bish also claimed that NZers might be getting short doses as part of some plot by the medical fraternity, while also saying the current strategy has been a success. National now the champion of those with ‘unpopular views’ while taking part in a popularity contest called politics. You just can’t make this stuff up. Hilarious.

  2. Just what are these ‘unpopular views’ that the Nats are championing? Bridges was asked and he said ‘he didn’t want to go there’. Judith was asked and she didn’t want to comment on anything specific accept for Don Brash vs Massey (2018) which resulted in a right wing campaign to defund Massey while demanding a commitment from free speech supporters to refuse to employ Massey graduates (water under the bridge now I presume as Brash himself says he holds no malice) and the continuing saga of SUFW which resulted in a court case to determine if they were indeed a ‘hate group’ (apparently they aren’t, just have unpopular views). Last I saw of Don Brash (before he was dragged into Judith’s demand the debate debacle), he was alive and well and working with a Motorcycle Gang to help bring about some positive outcomes. SUFW is holding a conference in Wgtn this week in a venue that will have a rainbow on it courtesy of the WCC. Can we have some more examples of speech that is so unpopular that the Nats are so hot about but won’t talk about accept in a general wink wink nudge nudge manner? Specifics relating to NZ would be good. Or are we just talking about the misinformed and the downright racist not being allowed to speak without consequence? Should free speech mean no right of reply? Not talking about cancellation, just reply.

  3. How can the mariners with the Delta variant in Wellington MIQ be a low risks saying this is utter bullshit. We have just dodged a bullet with the Sydney man now our so called health experts calling the shots better be right or there will be hell to pay if this variant gets lose in our Wellington community. And if it does can we sue those responsible for being incompetent.


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