Groan – in defence of ‘They are U.S.’, creative freedom & artistic license


Jesus wept, at this stage I feel like the last person standing in front of the library trying to talk down everyone wanting to burn books.

Are we really allowing Paddy Gower and Linda Clark to be our censors? Gower describing Linda as the most important political commentator in NZ is as inaccurate as it is defamatory!

Are we really telling artists what to do? This is a movie, not a documentary! The Crown isn’t historically correct either, Christ most of the movies you consume aren’t factually correct either!

How is this a surprise?

Poor old David Seymour has been written out altogether and we all wish Winston had dropped a cool Proverb in Maori and had reflected on his own history of political race baiting!

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Simon Bridges has every reason to be pissed off because he was actually decent in the wake of the attack. Instead of putting false words into the mouth of Simon Bridges they should have just focused on how National  was ramping up criticism of the UN declaration on Refugees just before this massacre happened, but I would imagine that wouldn’t look much better.

Look, This is an American movie for an American audience using the cultural currents in America, it’s a story about America, not NZ.

This isn’t ‘They are us’ this is ‘They are U.S’

Before we lynch the artist, consider the impact of this movie in America. The script alone would get an Academy Award nomination. What if this movie speaks to Americans in a way argument and debate can’t?

What if this movie about a young white female Prime Minister is the catalyst for Americans to propel some culture change on guns?

What if it does? What if this art inspires something momentous in America?

Am I really having to defend the philosophical and intellectual arguments for creative freedom? No one else sees some enormous issues over censoring art?

You know what we should do?

Allow this piece of art to do what it’s going to do and then with taxpayer money make our own movie, call it ‘They Are Us: The Real Story’.

Make it victim centred, with all the necessary sign off and agreement of the community and get a diverse inclusive crew to make it and get Taika Waititi to direct it.

I do agree that we need to tell this story in our own voice with our own people but I disagree with stopping others from using it to resonate with the cultural currents that flow in their own country.

Are we really going to stomp and scream because the dramatization isn’t completely right?

Really? We now tell artists what to make led by censors who tell us what to think and regardless of the positive impact this story could create in the real world, we hate it anyway?

When the fuck did we become this book burning art hating censor state?

Be honest, we all wish Winston had said that.


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    • Jesus! Do you sleep, with your eyes propped open just to be the first to make a brain-fart comment?
      It was National who fucked everything. Labour’s still reeling from Natzo’s mayhem.
      Labour’s still wondering how to get natzo’s parasitic neoliberalism out from under its skin.
      The Natzo’s have caused such enduring and on-going damage to AO/NZ that Labour must simply be overwhelmed at what to try to fix first.
      National have thrown our primary industry under a bus, repeatedly, after generations of manipulative abuse.
      National have stifled attempts at our AO/NZ becoming more than an embarrassment culturally, societally and financially while lining their pockets with our taxes as they scream bloody murder at anyone talking socialist democracy.
      But perhaps the worst thing of all is that you and creatures like you have such thick skin inherited, no doubt from your ancient genes, that you’ll likely read this and it won’t bother you in the slightest. So long as, at the end of the day, you get to hoard other peoples money, enabled by the natzo’s and their corrupt tax laws.

      • What have Labour fixed in four years. How long do they have to blame the other party for the health the housing the gangs the lack of sorting out desperately needed staff the prisons.. There were problems in all these but there always has been and at least National tried to fix things after the GFC left the pot empty.

        • “at least National tried to fix things after the GFC left the pot empty.”.. proof that delusions can survive anything as long as there is enough motivation to pretend… To a hell of a lot of people that bought into the insanity that underpinned economic/social policy post 2008, reality is truly the nightmare that they won”t wake up from.. The bottom of the cliff awaits.. Pity them, for they have been left on the razors edge by the man they loved and trusted so much…

      • Lol. Really? Cmon take off those rose tinted glasses. Yes there were A LOT of problems the way Key ran the country but for fucks sake sans covid what has your mob fixed or improved? Mental Health – no; pover(d)y – no; housing – lol; Law and order – hohoho.

        I’ll take it on the chin when our side is shit house – how about you do the same and face up to some inconvenient truths around the performance of this government.

  1. NONSENSE! This bloody movie is about getting in first to monetize the tragedy in question.
    And if you are defending “free speech” then please also defend ours to make as much negative noise about this thing as we want!!
    Of course, if these people decide to proceed with this abomination, we cant do anything about it, but we should not allow them to film any of it here, or give them any tax breaks for doing it.
    Just a couple of things, there is 17 minutes of script devoted to the actual event, so they can just about do that in real time, yet it is supposed to be about the following week and Ardern’s response. I call absolute BS on that, we can see now how it will just be a salacious piece of crap.

  2. Does the end justify the means ? Is appropriating the Muslin tragedy without the knowledge and consent of the persons most damaged by it, and regurgitating it in its raw bloody horror, in the expectation of changing the culture of a massively bigger and more complex society a realistic expectation ?

    • It probably won’t be a copy past event unless someone is practising and learning from the maggot of the earths own texts, his manifesto which under the law is a prohibited text with penalties ranging in years of jail.

      I believe that it is extremely unlikely that your theory. That a movie could inspire copycats. Clones maybe, synthetic ones with half the skill and resources of the true vilan. That is not something to be afraid of. That is something to be pittied.

  3. It is a pity the PM can’t copyright the phrase ‘They are us’ to prevent the producers capitalising on it’s profound understanding of the situation.
    From what has been revealed so far the Producers have no intention of treating the event with any sensitivity and so I can’t see how the film in total will be anything but the normal Holywood trash – so I won’t go and sre it; but currently the media are ‘milking’ the footage of the slaying of Constable Mathew Hunt for sensationalised reporting – What’s the difference?

  4. “What if this movie about a young white female Prime Minister is the catalyst for Americans to propel some culture change on guns?”

    Pretty unlikely, Americans have spent a lot of time, money & lives slaughtering Muslims (both real & fictional) for one little movie to shift their attitudes much. The thing that will change America’s gun culture is when AFKTT’s predicted economic collapse kicks off & things really start to spiral out of control in the US, we’ll be very glad we live on an island at earth’s end at that point.

  5. Show the movie but also include Jacinda’s total disregard of the Muslim Uighurs. Show that PR and money is her ONLY priority.

  6. The movie will be money making BS just as FoldArt describes. The call to justifiy it as free speech is what it is. Supporting free speech. We shouldn’t read any more into that and we shouldn’t stop free speech. We don’t need to justify or condemn the movie except we know the subject of it happened here so we are affected by it. We also know the film is not being made to provide closure to those involved or to help with empathy or healing. It’s being made to make money. Those from NZ that might feel the need to watch it might justify their actions as curiosity. You don’t have to try and ban the movie. Just don’t pay to watch it. Just let it die it’s own death in NZ. Elsewhere they might have their own motives for watching it. We will never fathom that. Who knows it might change some thinking in the US of A. But they can’t work out quite simple stuff like getting vaccinated even though they’re swimming in vaccine. I wouldn’t get too excited about any change in their thought processes. The best thing we can do is ignore it. The media could help with that but will they. Not on your life.

  7. Well I guess he has done some research?

    The part in history in China & Germany when book burning and mass hysteria along with a program or two and the execution of groups of people that no longer fit the newly designed society the leaders have decreed.

    NZ is becoming an embarrassment on the world stage.

    Pretentious Princesses live here.

  8. Why would a film be made that can’t be watched?
    Any film made about true events that feature, at the center of the narrative, people being slaughtered by a sneaky little psychopath is merely a snuff movie, surely?
    Planning to make a movie about the Ch Ch Mosque attacks was a mistake. The producers have admitted it was so why not let idea disappear into oblivion like the funny little nutter with the very big, huge, biggest ever guns?


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