Waatea News Column: The insulting madness of the Koha to gangs smear


It’s as if Koha to gangs was the most important issue in the world – IT’S NOT!

22, 521 waiting for emergency housing, 190, 000 kids in poverty, generations locked out of homeownership, a pandemic and climate crisis that threatens us all are important, yet the smug attempts by right-wing journalists and Politicians to insinuate that this Koha somehow was used to buy drugs or empower gangs is not only wrong but it’s also deeply insulting.

The tikanga of Koha is a cultural gift to all New Zealanders as a hospitality protocol that enriches us all.

To denigrate that protocol as empowering organized crime is an ugly use of racist dog whistles that are beneath our collective mana.

We want to reach out to all people and do so in a way that builds trust. Attacking that process for cheap race-baiting headlines is sad and desperate.

We have bigger issues than this nonsense.

First published on Waatea News.

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  1. So 2.5m to mow the bosses’ lawn and get huge at the gym but nothing for Mike King and youth suicide. Can anyone honestly tell me that at 30k a pop mob members addicted to meth are going to be treated successfully by the very people that got them hooked in the first place?

    Next KFC and Coke are going to get funding from the MOH to cure childhood obesity. FFS. The only positive here is the Blairite signed this off personally therefore demonstrates the mental midget she is with respect to gangs.

  2. Indeed we do. The ethical minefield of giving the mongrel mob $2.7m to run a meth rehab programme suddenly jumps into the news.

  3. Okay, park the word “koha”, and call it donations. Calling this racist is so Golriz.

    Giving money to a criminal organisation that exists to make money from misery is beyond stupid. Fuck, $200 will buy at least 2 points from them if one must “donate”! People aren’t thick!

    Worse it kind of supports that organisation and give it credibility it should never ever have.

    Frank above is rarely right but giving $2.5 million to the mongrel mob for meth rehab, after they’ve distributed the same product to cause addiction is insanity personified. The police leadership, whom Jacinda is hiding behind here, are so out there at the moment, out of their depth, beyond their expertise and job description, loitering in a pretend social working world, are not exactly trustworthy in their judgement lately!

    She should have trusted her own.

  4. Get your facts right peterhitch the mob aren’t running the meth rehab programme its a marae based and delivered programme.

    • Facts blah, the right don’t do facts, just platitude, now imagine where that $28 + million spent on a vanity flag project could have been spent, housing, child poverty, mental health.
      $2.7 million on a meth programme run out of a marae sounds like money well spent unless the marae is pilfering the money but that sounds more like an accusation that Mike Hosking would make and be sued for.

  5. Because Mike King thinks being loud means you don’t have to follow the process everyone else does?

    • Youth suicide is to big for your heart. Mike King says yells he’ll give back his mana badge and get told he’s gone to far. You may think have all the questions but you’ve got no answers.

  6. ‘Because Mike King thinks being loud means you don’t have to follow the process everyone else does?’
    Ah yes Tony. I am sure the Mongrel Mob is really into following processes and being humbly supplicant.

    Incidentally in my home town of Tauranga I lived next door to a Mongrel Mob member and his seven kids and when the useless bastard strolled over to thank us for feeding his kids because he and his wife had blown all their benefit money on the pokies he would have a chuckle over the way the Mob had received various government grants – which were immediately used for week long pissups.

    I am sure there are hard-working, honest members of gangs. It is just I have never been lucky enough to meet one.

  7. Yes your right tony kidd and Brian Tamaki did the same and where did it get him, no where and nothing.

  8. Wasn’t the $200 koha meeting not at a marae, hence the green MP didn’t give a koha?
    And wasn’t the mongrel mob started by a pakeha? It’s a gang not a culture group.
    And doesnt it go against protocol at even at marae to give koha in order to speak when invited?(genuinely don’t know this one)

    Why is the government deliberately trying to legitimize the power of gangs by letting them “guard” the Christchurch mosque, man covid checkpoints and now give koha and millions of charity money?
    No wonder they are out of control.

  9. The mongrel mob didn’t shoot 50 people while in church in the back costing us how many millions and still costing us more millions to jail an Australian, stop moaning about a scabby 200 buck koha.

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