Let’s be honest about the Vaccine roll out in NZ


Let’s cut through the bullshit here.

Jacinda and Labour have pulled off one of the greatest public health coups on the planet. Their fearless leadership, their communication tactics and over all strategy has seen us saved from the full ravages of this pandemic.

Yes we are under vaccinated but this is due to us being only 5million people and a supply issue with big pharma. It makes no sense for us to be vaccinated when the virus isn’t rampant here.

Yes there have been holes at the border in terms of workers being fully vaccinated but these are complex fast moving situations and to date good luck and a solid track and trace system have combined to keep outbreaks at a minimum.

So I would argue that to date the vaccination roll out, limited by supply constraints, has been perfectly functional and the Opposition’s criticism is more political than genuine.

My point is ‘to date’ because the real challenge is now in front of us and this is where the wheels could come off.

The fundamental challenge in front of the Government is how the poorly funded clown camp of Public Health manages the full vaccine roll out. This is the very same public health system that failed miserably with the Measles epidemic in 2019 and their lack of community appropriate messaging means vulnerable communities needing vaccination may miss out.

The naked truth is that the public health system does not have enough people to actually put the needles in arms.

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To date the Government have set low ball thresholds for vaccination so that they look like they are progressing, that pretense ends when the doors open for everyone to get the jab.

Expect vast levels of incompetence, confusion and anger as the main roll out starts falling over. That’s why Labour keep pushing the dates out because they know public health isn’t ready yet.

If we get another break out while this vaccination roll out falls over, that’s when the solidarity that has rewarded Labour turns bitter.

Opening a travel bubble with Australia always risked the virus getting into NZ before we were fully vaccinated, if that occurs while the main vaccine roll out falters, there will be political hell to pay.

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  1. “the Opposition’s criticism is more political than genuine.”

    Yes, it starts and ends right there.

  2. Vaccination with the gene therapy injections is not showing itself to be a magic bullet. In the UK last time I looked 45% of new infections were fully vaccinated and 60% had at least one jab. The claim is fewer hospitalisations and deaths but far from none . And the natural development of a virus is toward greater transmissibility and lower mortality as this defines a successful pathogen . Also in the UK a large proportion of the most vulnerable people in care homes have already been exposed and succumbed last year when cases were sent from hospitals to residential care infecting everyone in the institution.
    The net picture is that the vaccinations have been almost irrelevant to the course of the epidemic.As is similarly evident in Israel. At the same time the vaccines are causing considerable problems themselves there having been more deaths associated with side effects from these in 6 months than have occurred due to WW vaccinations total in the previous 20 years. The risk to young healthy people especially children seems to be much greater from the vaccine than from the virus.
    The slowness of the rollout here , in tandem with a very cautious approach to opening up the boarders ,might turn out to be most fortuitous , (perhaps even quietly intentional), as it is capitalising on our outstanding success in keeping the virus out while we watch and wait while in the rest of the world the true danger of the virus itself; the development of early treatments such as ivermectin , and the longer term dangers of the experimental vaccines are revealed.
    You might guess that I will not be participating in this experiment.
    D J S

  3. So we are going into bunker mode now? Cause the only reason we don’t have the virus here is because the Gates are locked. Until you can spot a room in MIQ you ain’t getting in.
    If the virus makes it here (and we had have several scares now) we are sitting ducks cause we are under vaccinated. .
    At some stage people will no longer obey lockdown orders – See Sydney. What then?

    • How many Sydneysiders have you known for long enough to know them properly? Do you know how many outbreaks in Australia, and NZ are directly attributable to fuckwit Sydneysiders with ridiculously overblown ideas of their entitlements, and self importance? Are you trying to say that NZers are that stupid? Have you watched their premiere now reduced to begging her constituents to behave like grownups, after diddling around herself for over a week after they knew it was the delta variant? Do not, I repeat, do not ever compare us to those morons. And before you hop up on your horse, I was living in Australia before coming back for a family emergency before getting trapped here, so I have “applied knowledge” of just how childish it can get there..

      • I get the sense Sabine is hoping like hell covid gets into N.Z.
        It fits her political narrative for it to do so.

  4. It’s not even a vaccine in the true sense of the word, but is a biochemistry modifier which has not been thoroughly tested and may well have unforeseen side effects that emerge some time in the future.

    Like everything else LINO do, the LINO Covid policies are counterproductive and are geared to the profits of corporations and opportunists.

    Anyway, none of it is going to matter in the medium term because the planet is in accelerating meltdown, both literal meltdown of the natural world and also meltdown of the Ponzi economic system.

    How much longer the criminals and clowns that constitute LINO can keep up the pretence they know what they are doing and have a plan for the ACTUAL FUTURE is the most interesting of the day, the month and the year.

    Not that any of the other criminals and clowns that make up parliament would do any better, of course.

    Atmospheric CO2 up.
    Atmospheric CH4 up.
    Atmospheric NO up.
    Overall temperature up.
    Climate instability up (with wilder and wilder swings in temperature)..
    Overpopulation up.
    Prices up.
    Indebtedness up.
    Energy supply down.
    Biodiversity down.
    Overall health down.
    Sustainability down.

    And, as expected, the US fire season has commenced early, with out-of-control fires raging and about to take out portions of the grid.

    ‘Interesting times’ get ever more ‘interesting’.

    All we can say about NZ governance is that although it is abysmally bad, it surpasses that of many other nations, which are diabolically bad.

    But would we expect anything other than abysmally bad policies rolled out by clowns when the world is run by banks and corporations, for the short-term benefit of banks and corporations?

  5. I’m happy for the roll out to take plenty of time. There is no Covid19 in this country. The Vaccine has directly killed 1000’s in the UK, the NHS has it on there web site. If border workers are avoiding Vaccination as seems likely then fuck them, let ’em die. No need to get anal about this and as usual it’s the oldies crying the loudest because they aren’t being served the normal privilege they expect.

    • interesting set of prejudices you’ve got there Greenbus.
      I live in a remote rural area and I am fully vaccinated. I got my pension a few months ago.
      We have been well served by a local Maori Health Trust. So all of those who say there shouldn’t be a separate Maori Health Authority need to recognize the functionality of the existing initiatives and use them working models. to start with.
      Our population here is 50/50 Maori Pakeha.

  6. Martyn say’s the governments roll out has been OK to date. Not in my opinion. My wife and I live in CHB and I’m 70 this year. There has been no invitation to get vaccinated for anybody of our age that I know. Very few to date. we rocked on up to our local rugby club rooms and had our first jab a month ago but that was word of mouth that informed us we could get it. The second jab was by appointment only but you couldn’t get one. The 0800 number bookings got you a robot that said they would ring us back but they didn’t and that was a month ago. fortunately someone put us on to an email booking system and finally after a week we got a booking for tomorrow. It’s happening but very disjointed. My ninety three year old mother in law has had no information what so ever. Why bookings for the second jab aren’t taken while having the first is beyond me. I believe the whole covid agenda is getting beyond the govt which is what I believe Martyn is fearing. The bullshit with people getting back from oz with free isolation ahead of others that can’t get on a list is just another cock up, and this Govt get’s away with it because luck has been on their side.

    • You make your own luck pal. Sick to death of the “we got lucky” and “were a small island” bullshit. Well done Govt, I’ve had both jabs and it was like clockwork, just as they said it would be.

  7. We also do not deserve to be vaccinated before developing countries where Covid is rife, thousands are dying and no vaccines are in sight.
    Those bagging the government for delivering us a Covid free existence and demanding we are at the head of the queue are simply selfish entitled twats.

    • Well Jack. I’m not demanding anything. Just trying to do what this government said I should be doing. Trying to get vaccinated because our age group was being called up. I don’t consider myself a selfish twat just like I wouldn’t accuse you of being ignorant of what real people are experiencing in NZ. We are only Covid free until we’re not Covid free.

        • Well Bert (pal) my experience is just as valid as yours. Our experiences show the roll out is not consistent at best and it seems some in Auckland had booked and were turned away as the vaccine ran out, as shown on the tv news tonight. I understand you hate National Pal (Bert) but don’t let your loyal support for this Government get in the way of what’s really happening will you.

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