Isn’t it sad that Richard Branson didn’t die in his space flight?


I know what you wowsers will be screaming, ‘Bomber you nasty prick, how could you wish for another human life to end’, to which I would reply, ‘I said it’s sad he didn’t die, not that I want him to die and regardless of that we live in a progressive liberal democracy where you don’t get to criminalize my speech – yet, so get fucked’.

But I am serious, it’s sad he didn’t die in his bullshit rocket ride right?

For a billionaire who doesn’t pay tax

The court of public opinion does not support Virgin Atlantic receiving a U.K. government loan if Virgin, like its founder Sir Richard Branson, does not pay U.K. taxes.

“This is Branson’s second go at trying to fleece the British taxpayer for state aid,” Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary told Sky News, upholding a view shared by others. He said Branson is “sitting in the Virgin Islands as a tax exile.”

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Branson rejects claims he moved to the British Virgin Islands for tax reasons. Irrespective of why he is there, his flagship airline Virgin Atlantic is based in the U.K. and has obligations there. “Our companies based in the U.K. pay tax in the U.K.,” Branson said.

Yet Virgin Atlantic has not paid a profit tax to the U.K. government in two years, according to its most recent accounts.

Virgin received a tax credit of £22m in 2018 and £14m in 2017 since it was unprofitable in those years. The U.K. allows tax relief for trading losses, a practice also evident in the U.S.

…his Disneyland ride for millionaires created tonnes of carbon and with the market expanding rapidly, hundreds of rocket rides to space will simply contribute more global warming so the 1% can get their latest ego trip selfie.

These rocket rides aren’t the democratization of space, it’s for the uber wealthy to have yet another Instagram humble brag.

Nothing sums up the nihilism of late stage Capitalism better than Billionaires flying to space while hundreds of millions live in poverty.

To celebrate such craven adventures is to worship at the alter of selfishness.

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  1. God, it was gag worthy.
    There’s Branson floating about, gushing on about how you too, as kids can realise the dream, just like him, and become a narcissistic ares hole floating about in space with giggling Bimbo’s.
    I wonder…? Was he also floating about here?
    The Guardian
    “What happens at Sun Valley, the secret gathering of unelected billionaire kings?
    Hamilton Nolan”
    My prediction is that once all those manipulative billionaire scunthorpes are floating about in space, looking down, laughing while wanking… we humans will be gonners.

  2. I totally agree Martyn. Sadly Branson is not alone, he is a member of an exclusive group who have absolutley no regard for the damage they are doing to the planet or the plight of their under-paid workers, and has no qualms about not paying taxes. And what’s obscene is that the Crown sees fit to Knight him and those of his ilk.

  3. Billionaires flying to space while not solving (and in many cases creating and lobbying to continue) planetary destruction on earth with pollution, global warming, 25% of all flora and fauna are expected in be extinct in the next decades (but very little ‘research’ into that instead of space travel), also while hundreds of millions live in poverty.

    Pretty pathetic too, because Richard Branson increased the date of departure into space by a week so they could beat Jeff Bezos’s company into space. Childish!

    If only they put the say amount of money and effort into saving the rainforests and life on earth!

    Instead air travel (heavily subsidised by taxpayers) puts out massive carbon emissions!

    Weirdly Covid itself might have saved more lives around the world by reducing air pollution and other activities.

    Weekly deaths declined in NZ’s lockdown – but we still don’t know exactly why

  4. You know though, if I had the required coin I’d do it. And I dare say if you got a free voucher for it, most readers here would go too.

  5. Am I alone in thinking that Bezos is a real life Dr Evil??? I mean he has a giant penis shaped rocket for goodness sake!!! It would not surprise me one bit to discover he had a lair under an active volcano…

  6. Replace the ‘Sir’ with scumbag and we get a fraction closer to the truth: Scumbag Richard Branson – liar and manipulator- pushes ahead with projects that waste precious resources and cause immeasurable environmental damage on a planet short of resources and undergoing meltdown.

  7. ‘You know though, if I had the required coin I’d do it. And I dare say if you got a free voucher for it, most readers here would go too.’
    Well this one fucking well would not! I could use the money to establish a permanent fund to supply cheese and beer for all Kiwis. In one hundred years time who would remember Richard Branson? All would know of Saint Stevie who filled pukus with good stuff.

  8. He is Dr Evil. Let’s hope when he goes to space he stays there. Branson is a complete dick, the world knows it. He even asked and got government subsidies for Virgin Atlantic during previous British covid lockdown crying poverty thru non liquid assets. What a complete asshole. Space pollution is terrible, and we have our very own Rocket Lab in NZ, ruining the environment and is part of the US kill chain. How was that ever permitted to go ahead is beyond belief.

  9. Branson is in the same category of all those other pseudo leftist pricks who make a lot of noise about the poor but are tax exiles: Bono. Geldof. Waters. Hypocrites all.

  10. Um two days ago I saw an article headlined “girl finally brings abusers to justice” or something to that effect which I stupidly scrolled past and, looking for it the next morning, found it gone, vanished, scrubbed, from the herald site. If anyone can give me a link I would be extremely grateful; I believe the issue runs deeper than women versus men (and vice versa)
    Thanks in advance..


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