MEDIAWATCH: All strength to The Standard


The Standard is down, all strength to the comrades there.

Get well soon, the debate needs them.


    • Hi Anker.
      I have read The Standard is down so maintenance and repairs can be carried out. Also Lyn has not been well, but is working on getting the site up and running again in a few days.

  1. Yes. I hope LPrent is okay – It sounds like a really mean virus.
    Just good it wasn’t covid 🙂
    And yes, we need all the clear thinking ‘Left’ voices we can get, out there. There’s a dearth of them here in AO/ NZ.

    • “And yes, we need all the clear thinking ‘Left’ voices we can get, out there”
      Indeed. From wherever they come from. Swinging that pendulum left by whatever means after 3 or more decades of neo-lib shite is worth it.

  2. Lynn Prentice tinkering with it, he’s the beat SyOps (systems operator) in the country didnt you he keeps alluding to!
    TS is not missed, no dissenting posts allowed, just a poorly visited echo chamber.

    • Yeah to be honest they are getting a bit to ban happy lately. They threatened to ban me for suggesting Glenn Greenwald to moved to the right.

    • Well modesty might not be his strong point, but he is quite a good programmer – and from what I know of his work and reputation, he cares about the way his work performs (all that efficiency and effectiveness), rather than that it just does what it’s supposed to do – like a lot of IT projects. He’d be a bugger to be married to though I imagine unless you’re into OCD

  3. haven’t been at all interested in The Standard since they banned me for challenging the bullshit they were promoting.

    The are probably still are promoting bullshit centred on LINO politicians being worthy of support, when the reverse is the case.

    Stop supporting LINO and we might start to make some progress.

    • Yeah what was it, Assade chemicaled his own people (he didn’t) its misogynist if you vote for Sanders and not Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange is a rapist. Glen Greenwald is transphobic.

      Fuck the weird ass standard.

    • Allowing alternative viewpoints & comments is one of the strong points of The Daily Blog. If you don’t hear a range of opinions, you generally get a nasty surprise when you do step out of your echo chamber and discover not everyone thinks like you. I suspect this strongly contributes to many of the issues around identity politics.

  4. I got told to take a break by someone who I thought was one of the more reasonable moderators. I only read the beginning of his bold type and thought ‘here we go’. The crime: repeating what Parekura Horomia had said to me personally after an Air NZ pilot was diplomatically trying to ready a Metroliner for takeoff which involved having me ask some of the people I was travelling with (my “team”) to switch seats. Mr Horomia and I both thought it funny (as in haha, chuckle chuckle giggle giggle) at the time. Not so the moderator who was at pains to be offended on Parekura’s part – who genuinely could not have given a shit. Our sympathies were with the pilot trying to do it all on the ‘down low’.
    I don’t think I’ve bothered to read anything at the standard ever since – which is probably my loss. I ‘spose I should check it out again sometime ‘cos they do “try hards” – and that’s not a reference to constipated turds, and because there are a few Labour Party “movers and shakers” – at least in their own minds, who read it.
    I’ll just refrain from making comments in case I’m cancelled. That’d be ever so devastating to my gorgeous ego (NOT). I don’t know how I could cope!

  5. I know these neoliberal Left wankers well. You’ve obviously not been reading my comments about them here, Martyn. Using capitalism’s wired words there is an ‘opportunity’ here for you. A talk post for the people who remember NZ , usually outnumbered 4 to 1 by ‘Kiwi’-Blog as I remember it for TS.

  6. Your polite diplomacy about TS. Debate, their daily discussions, their main good. Certainly not their ‘moderations’.

    • Any old shmuck can stake an echo chamber full of your own cheerleaders and be like see, me winz the debate. Appeals to the audience is so cringe.

  7. 84 neoliberals at their head. Certainly not comrades in my book. Though entirely representative of the modern Labour Party. Why I’ve never voted for those fokker-wulfs.

    • So you supported the much worse options.. Very clever… It still amazes me that there are still so many people who fail to realise that they are supporting colonial privilege, and the worst aspects of exploitation economics, while casting themselves as being “above” politics… Morons one and all..

    • There is one leftist voice in a sea of centrists on that site by the name of Adrian Thornton . She is the only reason I still go there occasionally . While some of the commentators can be quite astute on national issues if you can get passed the acute wokeism , there comprehension of international geo politics is abysmal and straight from the MSM playbook . Adrian however never shies away from exposing there Achilles heal .

  8. I have to be honest, any moderator on a supposedly “left wing” blog site that is reduced to calling me a “right wing nut job” is just pretending… I say this as a lifelong labour voter, and a committed socialist… I realise now, of course, that I was probably dealing with someone who doesn’t know the difference between attempts at realism, and fascism.. Considering the fact that, as has been stated on this site, the membership of the current government have nobody , apart from Andrew Little (worked as a lawyer for the unions) who comes from a trade, or union background.. What was the term..? PMC (professional management class).. Then just how credible can they be? I will say, that as a socialist, I was both disgusted, and disappointed with most of the rubbish that passed for “left wing” comment on that site…To think that they are regarded as the “standard bearer” for left wing activism, or debate, just makes me want to escape again to where there are real grownups, who can see the wood for the trees..

    • According to one of the mods I am right wing too (?!). Mod concerned directed a fair amount of venom my way which was disproportionate to anything I typed, or at least I thought so over a period of a couple of weeks. Not sure if they confused me with someone else or if perhaps common sense was offensive to their extreme left politics. Oh well.

  9. So, this is what we think of The Standard. And, implicitly, Labour.

    The good sides of Lprent don’t matter. Like the good sides of Napoleon, or Stalin. Unlike Amerika we don’t need to compromise. Lprent’s main drive was about the lack of freedom prior to ’84.

    Martyn, you are normally vicious like a Tasmanian Devil about things — your role. Like all of us you have blind spots.

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