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  1. The sooner they set up our Maori Health Authority the better yesterday my partner and I were at our local hospitals Endoscopy department and there was only two true blue NZers in the room it was fill of our new migrants making good use of our public health system. In the meantime we still have to fight to get minor procedures like scans, x rays, endoscopy and the best medicines etc. Yet we and our parents and our parents parents have paid our fair share of taxes, this makes us extremely angry. Now you might ask how did we know they aren’t NZ born and haven’t been here firstly they needed an interpreter and many were over 70 yrs old. So why do NZers and Maori NZers get so angry, well what do you expect when someone can come over here for a few years and get services we have to fight to get.

  2. If you did not know why disability payments should be the same as super payments (C$430)- it’s because a person could be on this payment for longer than anyone on super (and without much chance to work and own a house first)

    And its because they might then be able to own a house before getting old that they should continue to receive support even when with a working partner (say at a lower rate – Job Seeker Benefit (C$280).

    Of course if it stays as it is – an amount not enough to live on and nothing at all when with a partner (so there is no way to ever own property), it can get even worse – when one is trapped with an abusive partner because of the delay getting back onto a marginal level benefit.

    A story of how bad it can get.

    • There is no difference in the cost of living for someone on SLP a week before they go on Super, unless you count the senior discounts. Then the cost of living actually gets lower.

      All those on SLP should be placed on Super as recommended by the Welfare Working Group (WEAG)

  3. If the Maori Council do not want Matthew Tukaki maybe he could join the Maori Party he would make an excellent candidate.

  4. Australia gets shittier by the day. Take a look at the latest proposed change in the link below…Industries listed in the bill as “critical industries” include:

    data storage or processing
    financial services and markets
    water and sewerage
    health care and medical
    higher education and research
    food and grocery
    space technology
    defence industry
    So, just about every worker in Australia apart from builders.

  5. Since this is the likely eventuality in the next few decades and fun with words in my view is our glory I’d like to suggest as our epitaph ” ‘ who are you and how’d you get in here?’ ‘I’m a locksmith and … I’m a locksmith’ “.

  6. Newshub gets a koha

    TV3, Saturday 9.30am. I’m with Ben Thomas on this one, stating in response to Paul Hunt on the program today that gangs didn’t sign the Treaty. So how dare white saviour Hunt, in his thick migrant accent and his traditional nobility cloak, patronise Maori with this Treaty grievance claim, inferring gang members represent the entirety of the indigenous population and our history, and that these standover men are actually the victims here. For one thing more than 99% of Maori have nothing to do with organised crime so to have this institutionalised bureaucrat peddle this trope while wearing his ridiculous gimmick of a t shirt is an insult. Hunt gaining strength from his printed shirt is as cartoon as a superhero flying with the aid of a cape, or as dangerous as a gang member thinking when he wears gang insignia that they have the right to commit crime. As for the $200 donation, the media again this week looked to their approved list of safe interviewees for their spin on the donation saga, among others asking Ella Henry what she thought on the telly. Of course she would say koha is a sacred and unimpeachable protocol, as one of the Treaty negotiators she managed to secure for Maori about the same amount ($200 per person in total) for 200 years of colonisation. It’s the same people and same forces seeking the same outcomes again and again; harmful generalisations, woke agendas, entitled preaching, motivational claptrap, government doublespeak, nest feathering, status quo. Maybe Hunt could go in to bat for Maori on this disgrace, selling out the country for a few pieces of silver. Or maybe online racism is more his purview, at the very least he could comment on his fellow countryman and unhinged migrant settler Lee Williams, who continues his ugly online rampage against the people of his adopted country, and who recently verbally assaulted David Seymour at a meeting because Seymour wouldn’t support his disgusting racist ramblings. Hunt could ask the real questions, how this degenerate actually got citizenship here in the first place and what he is still doing in this country thereafter (team up with Meng if you have to, to get your excuses straight). Would Hunt rather form ‘relationships’ with this hot head rather than holding him to account, for his actual incitement to violence rather than the harmless comments the good public are being told are unacceptable (or god forbid the actual truth telling facts which are being censored which the liberal woke and their elite sometimes can’t bear to accept).
    Also talked about on The Nation was China, where Tova declared without evidence that the treatment of Muslims in the country are one of the worst human rights abuses taking place in modern times, while Louisa Wall added ‘China’ (maybe little Chinese school girls?) were big on organ harvesting and genocide. If Hunt has his way, Tova and Louisa will be censored by HRC for not abiding by his t-shirt slogans and thrown in a re-education camp for disseminating hate speech, while ‘China’ will be given a koha by Hunt during a ceremony that seeks to understand organ donation at the human level, hitherto America will then be brought to the table and given a koha for their role in the ‘relationships, responsibilities, and rights’ in destroying the Middle East abroad while incarcerating and surveilling more per capita at home than any other country. Go get the naughty people Paul, make them suffer at your righteous hand you champion of rights and giver of koha.

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