MEDIAWATCH: RNZ & Woke Stuff attempts to paint free speech defenders as racists & it’s disgraceful


The elite woke media, RNZ & Stuff are attempting to paint defenders of Free Speech as disgruntled racists.

In this headline RNZ…

…try to put us on the side of white supremacists while these gelded woke writers at stuff laugh off any concerns as ‘hyperbole‘ or ‘political chatter‘.

It’s as if there can’t be any legitimate criticism of criminalizing speech by expanding sentences from 3months in prison to 3years based on what the Police define as hate.

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This disingenuous defence of such an extreme erosion of civil liberties is almost as sickening as what is being suggested here.

Under what is being proposed, the first you will know there is a problem is a knock at the door by Police asking to interview you about what was in your heart when you wrote something on your Facebook page 2 years ago.

In a cultural landscape of woke micro aggression policing, people will stop fearing minorities are facing hate speech and they will start fearing being accused of hate speech.

We always joked on TDB that the holy trinity of Woke Dogma is all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

I’d always throw in a cute ‘and there’s no wriggle room in those positions’ and we would all laugh about how crazy middle class identity politics really is.

But fresh from trying to pre-censor a movie no one had seen, the Woke are actually trying to implement their Dogma as accepted faith by gaining a micro aggression policing legal weapon they will smash the evil with.

The same woke rolling their eyes at free speech concerns are the same woke who will be calling Police to claim hate speech once it passes.

The spittle of anticipation from their fangs for a purge is woke fascism – this isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

Mark my words, if this madness passes it will unleash a tsunami of Police complaints as schisms turn on schisms and social media will erupt with roaming lynch mobs seeking justice for a thousand sleights.

Jacinda’s soul was tattooed with the rage and pain suffered upon good people merely practicing their faith in a temple that should have been the safest place in the world. Her thirst for justice and change is righteous but what’s been suggested will mutate intentions far less noble than Jacinda’s and weaponize offence.

This is a dangerous piece of legislation and attempts to smoother voices protesting against it are just as insidious.

And you all fucking know it!

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  1. The scary thing is that NZ already does not have good laws on freedom of speech aka our poor defamation laws mean that Andrew Little had to fight two court cases and one from a dead man! Talk about harassment.

    To make it worse they are creating a police state in NZ pretending it is for human rights. Human rights which are now getting worse and worse in NZ, NZ child torture victims have to petition the UN here.

    The new ‘hate speech’ laws are about removing the right for free speech and dissent. Anybody will be able to be caught out. We already have hate speech laws, and it is already illegal to threaten to kill or harm people, but now in woke land it’s 3 months prison and a criminal conviction for ‘abusive remarks’…. hmmm writing “fuck the government” then becomes a crime… sounds like totalitarianism is around the corner.

    The sad thing, is that the most disgusting changes of law often come from the left like Rogernomics, (Animal Farm remains a classic because it is so reflective of power).

    if the Natz had proposed user pays for students etc then the left would be up in arms. Labour and Greens are quietly taking away people’s rights now and criminalising freedom of speech, and there is weak opposition to it, because it’s the so called lefties pushing it. In the next few years the Natz will be back and can take the rules to a new level!

    At the end of the day, all these laws are used to keep governments in power by stopping people opposing them, it’s nothing to do with human rights, it’s the opposite.

    Thailand’s Crackdown on Free Speech Is Escalating
    A woman’s seven-year prison sentence for a critical Facebook post is indicative of a broader trend.

    We see with China, that the doctors that exposed Covid were then called into meetings and told to stop by their police. We now have a pandemic!


    “The right to freedom of speech is not explicitly protected by common law in New Zealand, but is encompassed in a wide range of doctrines aimed at protecting free speech.[88] An independent press, an effective judiciary, and a functioning democratic political system combine to ensure freedom of speech and of the press.[89] In particular, freedom of expression is preserved in section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, which states that:

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”[90]
    This provision reflects the more detailed one in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The significance of this right and its importance to democracy has been emphasised by the New Zealand courts. It has been described as the primary right without which the rule of law cannot effectively operate.[91] The right is not only the cornerstone of democracy; it also guarantees the self-fulfilment of its members by advancing knowledge and revealing truth.[92] As such, the right has been given a wide interpretation. The Court of Appeal has said that section 14 is “as wide as human thought and imagination”.[93] Freedom of expression embraces free speech, a free press, transmission and receipt of ideas and information, freedom of expression in art, and the right to silence. The right to freedom of expression also extends to the right to seek access to official records. This is provided for in the Official Information Act 1982.

    Note however, that there is some censorship in New Zealand, and criminal suspects have often have a right to name suppression,[94][95] and that defamation law is much more plaintiff-friendly that in the United States.”

    Ok then we find out we don’t even have laws in NZ to protect free speech and the government are now reducing democracy by these new laws.

    I think the new law banning abusing a group, seems in conflict with this law. No more abuse to government and corrupt officials thenZ! 3 months prison (for now).

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”[90]
    This provision reflects the more detailed one in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The significance of this right and its importance to democracy has been emphasised by the New Zealand courts. It has been described as the primary right without which the rule of law cannot effectively operate.[91] The right is not only the cornerstone of democracy; it also guarantees the self-fulfilment of its members by advancing knowledge and revealing truth.[92] As such, the right has been given a wide interpretation.

    • “Independent Press?” How independent is our press with the millions given to it by this govt? And we now know what those secret meetings Claire Curren was all about.

      Strange how Stuff keeps asking for donations, why should I have to pay twice? They’ve already got my taxes!

  3. Basically harassment is becoming political in a new era of dirty politics – Nicky Hager style!

    We have all these attempts to for example take wealth for the state if they don’t like you, using laws that were designed for 100% criminal activity for example (proceeds of crimes act), now being used to effectively take money off individuals to the state, AFTER they have been convicted and fined.

    Seems more like harassment (look at this in light that nobody from Pike River and CTV building were ever really convicted and punished with massive loss of life but this man lost 1 worker and they are now taking this ‘novel’ case).

    Court tells cops it has to cover company losses if it loses ‘novel’ proceeds of crime case

  4. One person who would benefit from the proposed changes is our very own Lex Luthor.

    If he were to head a political party and run as a future PM, how would we be able to critique the potential effects of his religious beliefs on our parliament, on future laws, and on all of AO/ NZ?

    Any attempt to do so would be hindered, as the new legislation would easily deem such critiques to be anti-religious “hate speech”.

    Or, have I missed something?

    • Nope don’t seem to have! It’s the usual poorly thought out rubbish from idiots who rush through poor laws because they don’t know what they are doing and want to spin some story for the international media and get another movie out proto.

  5. The proposed law changes bring us this conundrum:

    One ‘branch’ of the White Supremacists is comprised of religious devotees – extremists by some standards. The same laws which are supposedly designed to protect against ‘hate’ would actually protect those religion-based Supremacists. As long as they are living/ acting according to their religious beliefs, they would be protected by these laws.

    How would we even debate them, under the new laws?

    • nope nobody will be allowed to insult white supremacists under the laws, not sure how debating is going to go in the future!

  6. Meanwhile large companies like Talleys that donate to government get a free ride… soon public will not be able to whistleblow because in the new whistleblowing rules in parliament going through government if you leak to the media you will not be able to get protected disclosure. New rules reducing the ability to disclose to the media about whistleblowing along with new rules to ban freedom of speech. Double whammy against freedom of speech and democracy, going under the radar!

    Today’s whistleblowing story,

    Exclusive: Whistleblower shares images of filthy conditions at Talley’s factory

    On the Salter case, compare treatment of a ‘small business’ compared to Talleys a giant business who the police don’t seem too worried about and seem to get off lightly with workplace deaths and injuries….

    Of course even less is done if they are a multinational Chinese business and any consent is granted.

    Precedents being set and the lefties are asleep at the wheel or in another woke feast to help the richest corporate polluters stay polluting without dissent, with their ‘hate’ law changes.

  7. It’s terrifying to me where this government is taking New Zealand we need to stop them now.
    Very soon it will be an offence to criticise them.
    That’s their aim complete control over the people because they know best.

  8. The March 15 assault was used as an excuse to pass the gun law which made many law abiding owners into criminals . It is true the loose gun control needed checks and balances but as can be seen in the gun crimes of late the bad guys still have plenty of guns . Free speech and hate speech are the next nail in the coffin as a claim to protect us all can so easily be turned on its head to control us.
    Other means of state control being pushed through is taking away local control of hospitals and water and having rules made by unelected officials . Both these institutions need some changes of direction but not their total demise
    .It is interesting that with the water even ex Labour politicans in Chch and Auckland do not want to be part of the plan.

    • +1 regarding the gun laws – crazy because the new laws are driving gun sales and licenses underground because ironically you don’t need a warrant to search a property a gun owner has a gun license under the new laws, so I guess the gangs and crims in NZ are just stockpiling them under the table instead with out even bothering to go for a license!

      Remember the problem with Tarrent was that he was not checked properly from police and managed to obtain legal automatic weapons with an Internet reference who had not met him. The gun club complained about his behaviour and the police did not act. So instead of giving more resources to police so that they do their jobs properly they did this botch up to encourage guns under the table. Apparently it takes months now to get a gun license because of lack of resourcing – so pest control etc, is out of control which effects wildlife and natives.

    • Barring the high capacity magazine loophole which had been pointed out repeatedly, without any official action being taken, since it was introduced in the 1990s, New Zealand had very good firearms laws. The problem was & still is, Police failures to follow their own procedures & enforce existing laws (instead of just reallocating resources away from firearm licensing, doing what they feel like & making up their own rules on the fly).

      Gun control is a system that forces more rules & restrictions on those who aren’t a problem & will actually follow rules, to try to control those who don’t obey rules & are the problem. Unless of course, this assumption is completely wrong and it is just about people control & assuring no one has the means to challenge the state.

      • Point taken. I am from Chch and had a shop owner friend involved so did not mean to under play the event.
        I am annoyed at those trying to score brownie points from the event and it is one think I admire Jacinda for is her handling of the event both at the time and after.

  9. Part of me can see this law change will be Labour’s trademark tinkering, perception over reality and virtually no substance.

    But in this country at the moment there are a chunk of society who want to be offended by anything, want to bore the living daylights out of anyone who looks like they’re listening, about their freaking “journey”, want to be victims of everything and yet hold no responsibility for their own conduct.

    And it’s this that makes even tinkering high risk!

  10. It’s not about race, because they could just make it a crime to insult a race, they don’t because it is about being able to focus on individuals to prosecute such as Greenpeace supporters, Maori radicals, people against government policy etc…. labour too dumb to realise it, but when the government changes and we get Xi style government here, or even just the natz and David Parker, it will have chilling effects…

    • Yep it is all about the Government empowering itself and giving itself the ability to go after anyone whom they deem to be a threat.

      The new hate speech legislation will be deliberately vague and open to interpretation thus allowing the government to implement it in an arbitrary manner.

      Now while labour supporters will be thinking “great let’s go after the right wing” under a future National government this same legislation could be used to go after environmental activists, for example.

      Dangerous stuff

  11. Well Bomber,

    In the spirit of your mockery towards the woke.. I’ll cast my mind forward to the under-discovered country – the future. I’ll apply a dystopian lens and conjure the future from history past.

    Lets gaze at the woke future, specifically the future of the woke. The woke have molded NZ’s laws and elected those spouting equality, social justice and railing against colonialism and traditional values. The new regime has arrived..

    But the woke soon realize; this ‘utopia’ is NOT what they thought-it-would-be OR what they were promised. So, rebellious as they are and coming off the success of installing their woke regime, they channel the spirit of Jane Fonda – demanding the new regime live up their utopian vision!

    But instead of being lauded like Fonda and rewarded for their ‘wokeness’, all too late they realize something is different.. ..then the woke regime; conceals, arrests, beats and imprisons the woke.

  12. If Stuff and and Radio NZ are saying that free speech supporters are racists, then Stuff and RNZ are simpletons. Anyone with half a brain knows that a wicked person such as the Christchurch Muslim Murderer, or extremists of any ilk, are unlikely to openly broadcast any evil intentions. They are underground people; they are the reason that we have spy services.

    • And they and the police failed spectacularly in this case.
      Not sure what our cops and spies do, but paying attention to Wanna Be Ersatz Nazis and white middle class weapon wielding males from OZ it is not.

      The really sad thing and funny thing though is, white people were constantly frightened with an attack by brown muslim people on us. And here they are …. shot to death by some white well to do boy from OZ.
      We don’t need hate laws, we need a Police and Spy services that look for threats real and not imagined.

  13. This H8 Legislation BS!
    So that means, all Maori could become a designated hate group just because one of them looked at you funny and you felt threatened ay? This proposal is fuck’d up!

    This legislation also plays into the hands of the police where it concerns Maori and getting the courts to lock them up!

    How about a landmark case? The suppression and oppression of Maori for the past 181 years. There’s plenty of case law in the law society’s library to reference, as well as the Waitangi Tribunal too.

    Take a case about this as soon as and watch them pull the plug on this bs.


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