So there are so many illegal photos of Maori youth, the Police can’t count them all?


Counting number of Māori youth photos in database too hard, police say

Police have no idea how many photographs of Māori youth are stored in their intelligence database, but continue to insist officers are not racially profiling them.

In March, RNZ revealed police were approaching innocent rangatahi, photographing them, collecting their personal details and sending it all to the police database ‘NIA’.

Comrades, we go down a rabbit hole here if we start framing this as ‘it’s racial profiling’ because then the bloody debate becomes ‘is it racial profiling, or is it not racial profiling’ and that completely allows the cops off the hook here!

It is fucking unacceptable no matter if the kid is white, brown, black, yellow, red or purple! It’s not the race profiling here, it’s that it is happening at all!

Cops use 14-16 year olds as part of an informal intelligence net that breaches all legal responsibilities to protect teenagers from police power!!!!!!

Yes a cop can take a photo in public, any member of the public can do that, but that isn’t what is happening here – cops are engaging with teenagers without informing them of their rights, without policing in their interests and without any legal protections for the kid like a Child services office or an adult guardian!!!!

This is a grotesque abuse of power on par with the Stasi tactics the cops used to take DNA samples from teenagers over a decade ago…

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Police face new claims of intimidation over DNA

More allegations have emerged of the use of police intimidation to obtain voluntary DNA samples, involving a Pacific Island woman and a Pakeha high school student.

Both people are considering a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority. They follow statements this week from Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, who attacked police for allegedly targeting Maori youths for DNA profiling.

Mr Harawira has been talking to six or seven families and youths about laying complaints with the Independent Police Conduct Authority, involving 15- to 17-year-olds being pressured into giving a DNA sample.

Yesterday a 24-year-old Pacific Island woman, who did not want to be named, told the Herald she had been pressured into giving a sample at Auckland Central police station earlier this month.

…I’m betting that Police are still manipulating those DNA rules!

What the cops are doing here by photographing and interrogating kids for intelligence is NOT policing by consent, it is policing by acquiescence.

The Police are purposely manipulating the grey zone of interrogating and photographing teens by abusing the trust the Community gives them to police us.

How are we ok with Police abusing power as nakedly as this? Because it descends into an argument over ‘is it or is it not racist’ which always lets the cops off the hook!

Screw that!

Folks, comrades, brothers and sisters, the bloody cops shouldn’t interrogate kids of any race!

Full stop!

Let’s not even play the race game here, teenagers require legal protections as a matter of civic rights, REGARDLESS of their race!

This informal policy by Police must be immediately amended! Teenagers must be informed of their legal rights the exact same way Adults are! MORE SO because they are teenagers!

Kids need extra rights, not less!

How in Gods name have we allowed this situation to eventuate?


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  1. Hmm. Good questions. They’re literally copy and past from Western experiences in Afghanistan fighting terrorists.

  2. Soon abusing the police will be a hate crime, while current surveilling and photographing the population in particular Maori youth, for new face recognition technology is ok….. I guess we are a regime change from the Uyghurs and Tibetan and Hong Kong’s plight.

  3. I have an idea.
    I am a demon worshipper and believe in the power of the Great Red Thunder Dragon.
    I cannot be photographed because anyone who takes an image of me steals part of my spirituality. I cannot be photographed by the police or any other human because they can use my photograph to work magic against me.
    Likewise I cannot give samples of my spittle, blood or any parts of body lest it be used in scorcery against me.
    You laugh? Shall I remind you that under proposed legislation it shall be a hate crime to denigrate or mock my religious beliefs?
    If you cannot scoff at people who have to cut foreskins off the penises of male babies and believe that a virgin can bear a child then you will not be able to mock we demon worshippers. Why, the very father of this nation’s leader is a moron( sorry, Mormon) who belives some dude received a set of tablets from an angel named Moroni( is the name not a giveaway for a joke?) copied them before the angel took them away again and founded a church from these jottings.
    Bothers and sisters all join me in worship of Great Red Thunder dragon and never have to give a DNA sample or be photographed by the cops ever.
    However your daughters will be impregnated by our high priests but that happens at Gloriavale too.

    • @stevie
      What a wonderful idea. We could congregate outdoors with bull roarers and kick up a fearful noise, maybe even attempt to rainmake or encourage the sun to stop shining so fiercely. The Aboriginal people had a saying: ‘Thunder is the voice of Him.’ and quite right they were. I’m much to old to be impregnated but we’d need to beef up the numbers initially so I could help by learning midwifery.

  4. Yes youth should be afforded more understanding
    not less. I mean gosh they’re kids.Thats not to mollycoddle them.
    Is this another issue for the be kind Ardern government to attend to or do they have more pressing issues on their agenda like hate speech?

  5. I know that this will be an unpopular view, but perhaps these kids could try not engaging in criminal activity or behaviour that leads to situations in which the police are required to become involved?

    It does seem as though Bombers starting point is that ALL police are authoritarian fascists hell bent on subjugating all these supposedly utterly innocent angels.

    Maybe, just maybe, the police might be trying their best to maintain some level of societal order in the face of the terrible damage being wrought throughout all parts and all levels of NZ by the 501’s and their Cartel meth as so often highlighted on this esteemed blog?

    How is it that the vast bulk of the population (of all colours and creeds) manages to move through life without really engaging with the constabulary let alone having their photos collected?

  6. A contradiction there Yeti
    ‘in the face of the terrible damage being wrought throughout all parts and all levels of NZ by the 501’s and their Cartel meth so often highlighted on this esteemed blog?’
    So widespread law breaking?
    ‘How is it that the vast bulk of the population (of all colours and creeds) manages to move through life without really engaging with the constabulary let alone having their photos collected?’
    But the majority of the population is law abiding?
    This seems like having your cake and eating it too.
    How does photographing Maori kids have anything to do with the 501s? Are the 501s not experienced, mature criminals?

  7. Do you think that it is possible that the cops run an illicit paedo ring?

    It’d be the perfect cover?

  8. While I’m no multi billionaire ‘merican or God Bless ‘merica! motherfuckers now pass the napalm! “Look at ’em gooks run while on fire! Run boy Run! Boo yeah! Hoo Rah! ” working stiff.
    So, no. Not one of them either.
    If I was a billionaire USA-anite I’d be eying up AO/NZ instead of, say, going to Moon Base Alpha Male. Or Mars. Who still believes we’re off to Mars? You know what’s at Mars? Less than fuck all, that’s what’s at Mars. Jesus ! I’d rather go to Balclutha and that’s saying something.
    Maori are far more likely to stand united together against a fresh round of colonising than we non Maori who couldn’t organise a bowel motion from a Cambodian roadside chicken satay stand. Cambodia chicken is very stringy, dark and bloody tough…? Cambodian chicken is furry too? Who knew aye?
    The data base of Maori youth that’s being collected today is the Them’s getting to know the enemy of tomorrow.
    Remember people ? peter thiel came here, threw money around, got citizenship 12 days later then flew off again. All policy now branches out from that.
    The jewel in the crown of the world will be AO/NZ. There’s no rational debate about that.
    Everything that’s desirous of Planet Sauna is here. In our AO/NZ and if you don’t understand that then you’re dangerously not paying attention.
    What to do? Go and ask? Go on !? You can do it? Go and ask the politicians who handed our peter thiel over to him why they did it? The real reasons. Not the wank they’ve already spouted out.
    Could it be that they were already coming here so why not make some money out of it?
    thiel has a retirement nest egg of 5 billion US. I can’t imagine a single AO/NZ’er he couldn’t buy. Apart from myself, of course. I have the most unbuyable thing that older men, in my case, can have. I have a clear conscience and a happy heart.
    Those fuckers cataloging Maori? What do they have? A deep, dark and frightening forest into which they must eventually walk. And in there, in deepest, darkest most inner and all but unreachable depths of it they’ll meet themselves. Oh, what a happy reunion that’ll be. Not. I wonder how donald rumsfeld’s getting on?

  9. I imagine now this has been bought to the attention of the government legislation will quickly follow to make it legal retrospectively. Seems to be what happened all the other times they were found out.

  10. Well it actually is both.
    It is racial profiling as they don’t seem to take pictures of youth in front of a nice expensive grammar school in a leafy suburb of the well to do middle and upper class. (money often trumps race)
    It is also child abuse, as the law quite clearly states that minors can not be ‘interrogated’ by police without a guardian of sorts being there.

    Some Children in NZ have rights – those that are well connected, mostly white (class often trumps race), and who live in the correct zip codes.

  11. Exactly that- police dna sampled my daughter 23 years ago- a year later she was ‘suicided’. Yes her heart was missing, that hollow sound when I picked her up to dress her at the funeral parlour, that hollow sound, the last I heard from my beautiful, brave and loving bird. The last I heard, so gather round, just bits and pieces on the ground. The last I heard, there were no tears, just “now your bill is in arrears.” So yes, five eyes don’t see that much if on integrity we touch.
    These ladies deserve a medal: Seriously, two medals or maybe something more useful, like a new car each, preferably an armoured SUV or twin cab utility

  12. Fuck on all of you who keep thinking it’s about race…that’s the red herring designed to keep us all in traction while they steal and plunder with their time machines (just little watches actually) It’s about good DNA matches for celebrities who fancy an upgrade. (‘fuck on you’ is a cute phrase I picked up in Bali when I was being awful so yeah)
    @DennyPoa I have no idea what they would sting you for a chronovision plus I have a theory that time travel will wilt your dna (hence the need for new parts) so it’s a bit of a vicious circle. Some people claim certain ancestry so find it convenient here why has Waikato DHB crashed and is it the only one hard to believe.
    @countryboy yes we sit, Aotearoa, perched on one tenth of the magnificent lump of minerals, semi-precious and precious gemstone, metals and assorted nuts and bolts, spare tyres, crescents, wrenches and an enormous drill bit or two from the boring company and oh yes we love space x, providing jobs to .1 of a kiwi technician.. ‘Mars’ is actually in the Gobi Desert. The spice must flow.
    If what you do in the future determines your past ( a strange concept to those trained by disney and co) I’d say I have a lot of 432Hz Ommms to fit into my days, as Stevie Wonder said, the world is out of tune.

    “Peace making doesn’t mean passivity,
    it is the act of interrupting injustice,
    disarming the evildoer,
    finding a third way that is neither fight nor flight
    but the careful, arduous pursuit of reconciliation and justice.”
    te Puna Wano-Bryant

    kia tumanako tatou
    hei a takou matou…
    talking about racism and cultural appropriation I suggest reading:
    written by Audre Geraldine Lorde,
    Professor of english and Poet Laureate of New York, 1991-1992,
    I humbly acknowledge her strength, achievements and musicianship.
    @countryboy again-yes yes I know about neuralink- thank you, saves on autocue & all that

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