PODCAST: Buchanan and Manning on Afghanistan – What Will Happen Once the USA Withdraws


A View from Afar: Selwyn Manning and Paul Buchanan present this week’s podcast, A View from Afar, where they analyse: How United States President Joe Biden has confirmed that US troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Questions to consider are:

With Afghanistan being far from stable, and with large sectors of Afghanistan once again in Taliban control, will this historically war-torn country, of great strategic importance, descend into civil war?

And what are the competing interest vying for a piece of Afghanistan?

There appears two significant blocs:

There’s the China-India-Pakistan axis. And, there’s the Iran-Russia axis. What are the motivations here? What are the risks and opportunities that await them?

What about all those nations that took part in the US-led occupation forces in Afghanistan? Do they all simply walk away from their geopolitical ‘investment’, to forget that chapter in their history, forget the casualties, the deaths, the alleged war crimes, the economic investment?

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And what of the Taliban in 2021. Is this new generation of Taliban aware of the mistakes made by their most recent forefathers?


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  1. When you have been fucking something for as long as the USA has been fucking Afghanistan and then you pull out just before you finish, there will be a hell of a mess to clean up. And as usual i will be the fucked that end up cleaning up the mess while the fucker slips out the door like a thief in the night

  2. US Facing Debacle As Afghan Military Disintegrates, Taliban Advance

    Mario García
    12 hours ago
    Since the neocons took over the US, it’s been disaster after disaster. I think this period will go down in history as a blight on humanity.

    Facebook is an addiction
    10 hours ago
    Remember, Zbigniew Brzezynski created this mess in 1979. He decided that Afghanistan needed as much Jihadi madness in it’s politics as possible

    Kevin Evans
    13 hours ago
    We all knew this would be the outcome! As if the United States ever learn! Trillions spent thousands dead and a defeat.

    • Actually Afghans themselves had built there first hydroelectric dam by then but the wester world couldn’t handle it and decided that Afghanistan needed democracy starring with Egypt, Russia, America and then America again. By now there is nothing left of Afghanistan only this retched husk we leave behind. We weren’t there rebuilding democracy we were destroying democracy. Now corona has taken away our many masks.

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