If the Woke had a hammer: Why the Woke want to dismantle the HRC hate speech filter for a righteous weapon  


If the Woke had a hammer
They’d hammer in the morning
They’d hammer in the evening
All over this land
They’d hammer out danger
They’d hammer out a warning
They’d hammer out love between
My brothers and my sisters, ah-ah
All over this land

This becomes less charming when you realize the Woke want a literal hammer and not a figurative one.

Watching so many of my comrades on the Left pat themselves on the back for trying to pre-censor a movie none of them had seen & militantly demand the Police be given the power to define hate speech makes me feel like I’m at a Klan rally wearing a rainbow.

I agree the 50year law needs changing and there should be an expansion of anti discrimination protections but criminalizing speech to satisfy the Woke’s low threshold for hate in a triggered outrage culture is a recipe for fucking disaster!

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Incitement to violence is a clear threshold and we allow the Human Rights Commission to act as a filter for hate. Bringing people together to educate and attempt to resolve discrimination issues, but the Woke don’t want that filter, they want a weapon.

They see this as a means to smite the dirty filthy racists, the evil transphobes and raping misogynists.

This isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

Throwing someone in jail for 3years using a law defined by the police is not a liberal progressive democracy no matter how noble the goals!

I can’t tell the difference between a woke lynch mob and a sensible sentencing lynch mob any more!

Labour must urgently ignore the Woke and focus on a law change that protects minorities without green lighting a tsunami of complaints that quickly becomes an attempted purge of opinions we don’t like!

Comrades – we are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! We can’t allow brittle millennial trigger culture to hand the State powers that history tells us will be used against us!



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  1. I remember as a kid that being in the NZ Police were one of the most respected positions out there. You know right up there with Firemen and Nurses.
    That changed when John Banks used the merger of the roadside enforcement section of the Ministry of Transport to provide the numbers of new police he had promised the NZ electorate.
    From then on respect for the police went down when the public started to have to deal with the police being dragooned into roadside coppering in lieu of the old MOT officers.
    I predict much the same will happen once the police are given the job of thought police when/if this legislation passes and the powers that be fob it of onto them to enforce their will.

  2. Has no-one from the woke crew learned anything from history?

    Giving a government so much power and control over the people NEVER ends well

    Turkeys voting for Christmas and all that

  3. Will the police willingly enforce laws that do not make sense to them?
    Not a lot of New zealanders today remember that the National government of the 1950s made laws that watersiders and seamen could not publish pamphlets about their industrial action in 1951. That newspapers were not to call the 1951 situation a lockout by wharf employers( which it was). It is still called the 1951 strike. One law even stated that it was an offence to feed the family of a locked out wharf worker.
    Dad told me how he and some mates purchased sheep from sympathetic farmers, butchered them, took them to Auckland in trucks driven by sympathising drivers, and unloaded them at the homes of watersiders.
    On only one occasion were they stopped by police.
    The cop looks in and sees sheep carcases.
    “Are you taking that to a watersider’s family? He asks.
    ‘Yes,’ says my old man.
    ‘Carry on’ says the cop walking back to his car.
    There will need to be the creatinon of some new police unit with a different philosophy to administer hate speech laws.
    In order for the Chinese Cultural Revolution to gain momenteum civil police action had to be neutralised. I spoke with a very old ex-policeman in Lanzhou who told me how when the first red guards there went on the rampage the police hauled them in, kicked their arses(literally) and called their parents.
    Similar things happened all over China – then Mao made his announcement that the Red Guards were free from police control or supervision.
    In Facist Italy Mussolinin needed the ‘Squadristi’ units to carry out beatings, assassinations and intimidation outside the legal framework of the Italian state. The Italian police had no desire to be part of it.
    In Nazi Germany the SA and the Gestapo were needed to carry out the work of the Nazi Party.
    In Japan, The Kempei-Tai, in the Soviet Union, the Cheka. In the USA the FBI and in Britain Special Branch.
    I wonder what the ex-mormon with the big teeth and her cohorts will come up with for Aotearoa’s enforcement of the Hate Speech laws? The Anti-Satire Squad? The Minority Protection unit?

    • Some hope there I guess Stevie though it needs to be noted that the police had no issue with exceeding their legal authority in enforcing the lock down or sending a squad out to some isolated beach to accost people going for a swim. If they’re anything like their British counterparts they’d have no problem turning up at your door to “check your thinking” for saying that women don’t have penises.
      The jury system is probably a better safeguard against state sanctioned oppression – the twelve peers have more common sense in applying the law than the framers of the law?

    • “Will the police willingly enforce laws that do not make sense to them?”
      Ah yup they will. They have been happily enforcing the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act for 45 years.
      Most do not agree with it and see it as a waste of their time.
      NZ is not even remotely the country it was in the 1950’s.
      It is sadly full of very stupid unthinking small minded judgemental idiots who do not give a fuck about the plight of the unjustly treated.And happily will not lift a finger to help a fellow citizen.


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