The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Household


It is easy to visualize and plan for deep cleaning your house top to bottom. The challenging part comes when it is actually time to put your words into actions. This is mainly because people barely know where to begin and whether they should have a plan in place or go right into it. Another difficulty arises from the fear that you will be unable to have enough stamina for this labor-intensive task. When you are going into a project of this nature, it is crucial to break it into smaller parts that are more manageable. 


Ask yourself where your family spend a majority of their time. Also ask yourself which space you consider the most overwhelming. The answers to these two questions will provide the roadmap for your project. This is a simple guide on how to go about it. 


1.The kitchen area 

Begin with the big surfaces 

When deep cleaning the kitchen it is best to start with the big surfaces, your cabinets and fridge. You can clean them using an all-purpose cleaning spray and a soft rag. This is also the perfect opportunity to remove the old, expired condiments that you still have. You should also take the rest of the things in your cabinets out. After wiping each individual drawer and shelf you can put them back. If it has been long since you cleaned, professional services from Sydney House Cleaning or cleaning services in Michigan can help you get your kitchen back in order.

Thoroughly clean your counters 

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Clean your counters using regular dish soap and some warm water. You can however create your own cleaning solution for surfaces like the linoleum tops that tend to stain pretty easily. Scrubbing with warm water and some baking soda should do the job. If there are grease marks on the counters, vinegar works. First use your sponge and some warm water to swipe at the grease. Follow that up with white vinegar then finish with some warm water mixed in with dish soap. 


2.Living room area 

Wash then dust 

If your couches have slipcovers start by removing and washing them. This also applies to your curtains, blankets and pillow covers as well as other removable fabrics. Once these are out of the way, you can begin dusting your living area.

Clean your furniture 

The next step is to clean your furniture and accessories because they need as much cleaning as your floors. Wipe them using specialized cleaners and then dust with an old rug. If you have leather seats, you can clean them with a microfiber cloth that has been slightly dampened. Ensure that you pay attention to each item as things like books and vases tend to accumulate a lot of dust. You can clean these using an old dry piece of sock or cloth. 


3.Bathroom area 

Cleaning the toilet 

When it comes to cleaning your toilet just use the items that you already own. Dismantle your toilet seat and apply a baking soda paste on specific areas. While the baking soda is working its magic, use your toilet cleaner inside the basin and leave it to take effect before rinsing everything out. Meanwhile, start working on the rest of your bathroom. 

Cleaning the shower 

When cleaning the shower area start with from outside in. Remove your shower curtains and liner and put them into the washer. If you have glass doors instead, use a squeegee to remove the water and soap stain. Use a mixture of white vinegar and regular dish soap to scrub the walls, floor and tub. Rinse with water for sparkly clean tiles. 

Once your house is immaculate you will be very happy. It will also be airier and you will have a better time relaxing there after a tiring work day.