SIS using CCTV isn’t a shock – what the Police are planning should


No one is surprised by this…

SIS spy agency’s CCTV use: ‘Unresolved questions’ over legality

The spy agency watchdog says closed circuit TV or CCTV is being used in a “lawful” and “responsible” way, but questions its legal basis.

…the SIS require these tools, accessing CCTV shouldn’t shock anyone, their incomptetance also shouldn’t surprise…

SIS spy agency’s deal to use CCTV set up under outdated laws

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The Security Intelligence Service has been using a deal set up under outdated laws to surveil people on closed circuit TV or CCTV cameras in Auckland for years.

…however what the NZ Police are planning should shock!

Right now, the NZ Police are using mass surveillance facial recognition software from an Orwellian company that illegally sources photos without any sign off from the Privacy Commissioner or their own Police Boss!

The Police then held a ‘stocktake’ of these types of unapproved face recognition software trials and lo and fucking behold the Police quietly admit to a $9million face recognition network they are setting up with zero oversight from the Privacy Commissioner???

Police setting up $9m facial recognition system which can identify people from CCTV feed

Police have been quietly setting up a $9 million facial recognition system that can take a live feed from CCTV cameras and identify people from it.

This would push New Zealand into new territory for tracking citizens.

It will be run by a non-police contractor – US firm Dataworks Plus – and collect 15,000 facial images a year, with that expected to expand up to 10-fold.

Their latest move is to create some fake watchdog panel over mass surveillance powers that no on gave them!

The duplicitous and underhand manner in which the NZ Police have quietly amassed a mass surveillance network alongside their constant abuse of power to get what they want is an incredibly dangerous combination for any State Agency to gain.

Are we sure we know what level of power we are blithely handing over here?

A Police State starts with the promise of security.


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  1. The left are enjoying the sheeple’s compliance and the 4th estate’s fecklessness is removing more and more of our liberties.

    This unfortunately is the latest on a long list of liberties that have been lost since March 2020.

  2. Just wait until the full machine learning capabilities of this type technology come online, the potential for increased “security” is almost limitless.

    • It would be interesting to know if New Zealand is being used as a live testing ground for some of this technology. Small population, lax laws & plenty of sleepy hobbits to monitor who won’t make a fuss over the intrusion.

  3. Truely disgusting. Certain people and companies are setting up NZ to be a police state like China with our gullible politicians nodding their heads and signing it all off. And with NZ’s appalling record with IT you can see that there will be mistakes in the data and ability to destroy people in fake evidence, in addition to the loss of human rights, democracy and privacy.

    • Perhaps the government should spend the money on proper IT for it’s DHBS so ransomware attacks don’t disable our hospitals due to stupid budget cuts and failure to have competent people doing their jobs.

      In addition there seems plenty of money spent stopping on serveillance but not enough of it on people like Tarrant and the numerous other criminals who seem to be setting up shop in NZ from overseas. In addition its better for society to start spending money helping Kiwis NOT to become criminals themselves… rather than their police surveillance state obsession.

      P>S – to the police, soon your job will be gone and your work contracted out to the lowest bidder from around the world and machines -start asking questions now!

  4. IT’s all good surely, with a Labour government and all, surely they Police would never ever abuse such a tool. Right?
    It is only an issue under National or Act. See, all better already .
    Anyone who did not think that these cameras are used by the Police as they are used by the Police is deluding themselves.

  5. Yes, When these are integrated with Artificial Intelligence then NZ will be
    the NWO trial case study for implementing a Minority Report-style , with the detection of ‘Pre-Crime’.
    Whats next for this communist utopia in the future?
    – I’d predict a Robo-cop police force with inspiration from Judge Dread.
    (Obviously not the future of NZ I want for my children)


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