Woke cancel culture deplatforms Charlie Chaplin musical for Harvey Weinstein’s Addams Family???


The woke cancel culture madness continues, this time Charlie Chaplin…

University of Canterbury theatre club cancels Chaplin: The Musical over concerns about his womanising, scandalous life

A week after excitedly announcing Chaplin: The Musical as its spring show, the University of Canterbury Musical Theatre Society (MUSOC) cancelled the planned performance after concerns were raised about his scandalous past.

Announcing The Addams Family Musical will replace Chaplin, the society said on Facebook some members had raised concerns about the selected show.

…they are replacing it with the Adams Family which hilariously was a Harvey Weinstein production!!!

My guess is these woke clowns arent even aware of that.

This constant need to purge art for the grim joyless woke utopia continues with all the nuance of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Those currently defending the new hate speech laws are enabling this. The hyper triggered micro aggression policing world of the woke will flood the Police with ill defined complaints of hate for everything they are offended by.

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If they don’t get a police prosecution, expect a tsunami of give-a-little campaigns to raise funds for private prosecutions.

The total inability for the Prime Minister to convincingly answer any questions on The AM Show highlights how fraught enabling the easily triggered to claim subjective hate crimes is going to be.

If the Prime Minister is confused by her own law, how will it be policed?

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    • Only watched the first few seconds, but clearly this man is a monster and deserves to be deleted from history while the Harvey Weinstein versions are uncensored! Sarc.

  1. Pablo Picasso was the ultimate womanizer, so I guess any NZ galleries lucky enough to have one of his works will need to take them down pronto.

    Oscar Wilde frequented rent-boys. That’s pretty exploitative, so I really hope none of his works are being taught in our schools.

    Byron was a pederast, so I’m shocked to find no fewer than 8 (eight!) of his poems in my Norton anthology of poetry. What were the editors thinking?

  2. NZ! Home of the most highly educated dumbest generation ever!
    Quick mum & dad. If you’ve paid for little Johnny & Marys education. Ask for your money back asap!

    NZ’s ‘Pay to Play’ education system is another scam Labour instigated in the Clark era.

  3. Ban Peter Pan, Ban Alice in Wonderland.
    Best of all, ban the Bible and the Quran which are both chock-full of hate, depravity and violence.

  4. Charles Dickins was a bigamist. Time to ban Little Nel!

    Shakespeare abandoned his wife Anne Hathaway and goodness know what he got up to.

    The insanity of it! We need these young people to be effective.
    Thinking back if my generation had of carried on this way, HART would have cancelled itself for racism and sexism and the Spingbox would have been welcomed with open arms

  5. Banning only makes hate and societal dysfunction more attractive to those who like to hate and who are gleefully societally dysfunctional.
    Woke-ism does one thing well for the Deep State. It divides us. It pits us against each other. It’s a control tactic actuated by creating discord.
    And who is ‘The Deep State’ you might ask? Well, we live in a capitalist democracy so The Deep State must be about money. And who has all the money?
    Lets ask the banks? The most fiendishly cunning fascists who exist in broad day light yet no one notices them.
    Who hasn’t watched the meteoric rise of real estate prices? Why is that? Never mind what the banksters and their minions tell you; what does your common sense tell you?
    Our AO/NZ is larger than the UK but with only 5 million people and yet we have a median house price of $820,000. Why? It can’t be because we have no room or resources to build more houses so it must be something else surely?
    You know what I think it is? It’s because the banksters are effectively invading AO/NZ for their client base. We’re being invaded as I write. This is a bloodless invasion and while we discuss our hurt feelings because of the offensive language and discourteous rudeness directed at each other the banksters and their hyper rich clients are buying up AO/NZ from under our feet.

  6. This cancelling would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

    God help us all, that this lot gets to dictate what the rest of us are allowed to see.

    Canterbury uni is clearly a lost cause.

  7. “University of Canterbury theatre club cancels Chaplin: The Musical over concerns about his womanising, scandalous life”

    “Concerns” … LOL … Absolutely horrendous control-freaks … Petty narcissistic teenagers inhabiting adult bodies.

    Hard to believe but the #FakeLeft ID Politics cadre really do seem to revere The Young One’s Rik as a role model to be emulated rather than a satirical figure to be mocked. But kids, do you know nothing ? How can The People’s Poet be dead when we still have his sanctimony ?

  8. I feel grief at what we have lost.

    Cancel culture have become a metastasizing cancerous tumour on our national soul.

  9. Let’s not forget that Chaplin was originally cancelled by the McCarthyites for his communist sympathies, while his films were deplatformed by the Nazis in Germany.
    The wheel of oppression has come full circle.
    Plus, a story of an individual’s success against the odds while fighting power is being replaced with yet another example of cartoonish USA franchise hegemonic cultural imperialism.
    Two, actually.

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