What you woke morons are missing in the Hate Speech fiasco!


Look, Comrades.

Put aside my contempt for a blasphemy law, put aside my contempt for criminalizing the misuse of pronouns, put aside my contempt for how either of those things will protect us from the next white supremacy terror attack and put aside my argument that the Christchurch atrocity was a cascade intelligence apparatus failure, put all that aside and let’s just focus on what you think you are getting here.

I appreciate you all think you are gaining the power to smite the dirty racists, the dirty misogynists and the dirty transphobes with this hate speech power.

I appreciate that, but you all seem to be living under this delusion that Labour and the Greens are going to stay in power forever and because we are so noble and good on the Left, we would never abuse these powers.

But we aren’t going to be in power forever!

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Currently Judith Collins is gleefully executing members of her own Caucus for disloyalty, imagine for one second what happens if someone as ruthless as Collins takes the Prime Ministership with the power to imprison you for political opinion?

Because you all realize that Political Opinion is one of the protected groups as well right?

With the boot on the other foot, you don’t think all those National Party and ACT Party activists you all love to spit on won’t immediately report us all to the Police for our comments against National?

To be fair to Judith, she has come out and said she will reverse these new hate speech laws if elected in 2023, but if implemented by Labour, Judith could milk all the kudos for opposing the powers and then if she wins the election could just keep them anyway.

Whenever the people give the State powers to strangle free speech to protect us from those we loath, it’s never used against those we hate, it’s always been used against the Left!

If the immorality of robbing others of free speech because you are easily triggered won’t make you sit back and reflect, then maybe the knowledge that the legal hammer you so desperately want to use against others could be easily turned on you might.

Comrades – we are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! We can’t allow brittle millennial trigger culture to hand the State powers that history tells us will be used against us!


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  1. How many times have we seen policy brought in by a labour government and then taken up with gusto and embedded by a national government? Neo liberalism and the dawn raids are just two that come to mind.

    • Convincing people to buy something by being nice to them is what sales people do. This is a fiat mentality that will either result in little to no convictions or will not stop the next terror attack.

    • Harvey Weinstein produced the show they replaced Chaplin with. Not that I give a shit. However the inconsistency is ironic. I’d like to seem them questioned on that. The Addam Family musical is a Harvey Weinstein production. And Charles Addams was also womaniser. So how do the nutso lefties reconcile that?

  2. The thing about the old blasphemy law was not in that it was ever used to prosecute, but how it could be used to justify covert investigation and surveillance of all sorts of dissidents – such as anyone opposed to the interface of right wing police and church networks (National Party conservative freemasonry networks) targeting the unemployed (fairly endemic back in the 1990’s).

  3. “We are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! ”

    Totally correct, if we don’t champion free speech the Left will have abandoned one of its core liberal principles.

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