MEDIAWATCH: The State censors Newsroom


This is repugnant…

Media outlet Newsroom facing criminal charge after story on ‘reverse uplifts’

News website Newsroom has pleaded not guilty to a “miscellaneous family offence” after publishing a documentary showing Oranga Tamariki social workers removing children from their foster home.

Lawyer Tim Castle appeared on behalf of Newsroom in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday before Judge Jane Farish. According to court documents the news agency is charged with a “miscellaneous family offence”.

The charge sheet alleged Newsroom published a report of proceedings in the Family Court that included identifying information about persons under the age of 18 years without the leave of the court.

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…by censoring the latest damning documentary and expose on the horror that their department has now become, Oranga Tamariki have cleverly bought themselves some breathing space.

The fucking audacity is that Oranga Tamariki have managed to censor the story under the pretence of looking after the 4 children’s welfare which they clearly are not looking after.

This is a reminder that the State looks after itself while pretending to care about you.

Oranga Tamariki took this story down before the rest of NZ had a chance to see it, and they have done that because once the rest of white NZ realises what Oranga Tamariki have done here, there will be an explosive backlash against Labour.

Oranga Tamariki placed 4 Māori children with a white foster family.

Oranga Tamariki told those 4 Māori Children and the white foster family that it was a ‘forever family’ in that the Children would no longer be endlessly moved around and could finally call this place home.

The white foster family sold their home and bought a bigger home for their new family.

It lasted 2 years.

Then Oranga Tamariki came under heavy criticism for their Māori baby uplift programme that uses big data algorithms to save the State down stream costs in what is nothing more than a neoliberal welfare experiment and that criticism of due process and compassionate outcome sparked a panicked response to review all Māori children placed with white families and then insanely remove those vulnerable children from those white parents.

By pretending to care about the 4 children they are traumatising, Oranga Tamariki have managed to temporarily censor Newsroom so they can buy time to desperately get their story straight before Pakeha NZ realises what they’ve done.

Panicking and just removing Māori children from white homes they’ve been told are permanent, Oranga Tamariki have shown they are a broken and counter productive agency who are actually endangering and causing pain in Children’s lives.

Prosecuting legitimate journalism exposing horrific abuse of power shouldn’t be celebrated!

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  1. Is this OT engaging its own version of censoring by prosecuting what it considers to be hate speech against it?

  2. Seriously, are we to be surprised that a National government would ever do anything that actually fixes issues around social policy? That would be the sickest joke I’ve heard in years… One could waste hours trying to get a tory to understand what “social conscience” means, and it would be no more productive than trying to teach a pig to dance…
    In saying that, this government, shorn of it’s tory rump (NZ First), has had enough time to see just what an utterly inappropriate structure they inherited.. I would assume by now that there will be moves afoot to do some “pruning” of the worst aspects of so called tory “charity”.. Let’s bloody well hope so, as mental health facilities in NZ have been all but destroyed as a useful tool..

  3. So sad! Feel for the children who don’t have the stability of a home with their siblings (no matter what colour) and being at the mercy of the next bureaucratic blunder.

    Yep we get the stolen children generation when the majority of children should never have been uplifted, but now we have the opposite and too many children are being abused again and again after OT have been notified and failed to act appropriately.

    Children should be kept with whanau, but if that is also unsafe, then let them have a chance of happiness and stability. It is crazy that they are not allowed permanent placements (and it should be the CHILDS choice if they are happy with their placement or not). Too much money being siphoned off for legal proceedings for years and not enough money going to care for the actual victims who need to be uplifted in the first place.

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