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  1. There is something seriously wrong when our water is going to the most wealthy’s golf courses and we have a known planetary crisis for water and it’s destruction.

    I’m disgusted with Labour and the Greens, they manage to put through all the woke legislation within a few years that seems to be removing human rights, but can’t be bothered and hide behind the RMA which they should have immediately stopped any new water (and polluting) permits, so that the councils have the right guide lines!

    Instead in some woke idiocy, they spend time with Significant Natural Area ideas which seems to be making it less desirable to have these on your property! Most people don’t want more water permits going out to frivolous projects like Golf courses or overseas, but the Greens and Labour have not caught on!

    Duchess of Bedford fighting against extra water permits for Sir Russell Coutts’ golf course

    Meanwhile in the North Island,

    “The dam, which was illegally constructed on public land by the Tara Iti golf course development company associated with US billionaire Ric Kayne, blocks the passage of inanga to upstream spawning grounds.

    This reduced a food source for the critically-endangered fairy tern but ensured salt-free water remained above the dam where the exclusive golf course’s water intake is located. The company has consent to take up to 146,000 cubic metres of water – the equivalent of 58.4 olympic-sized swimming pools – from the stream each year until 2034.

    Only 37 breeding-age pairs of fairy tern remain. The last breeding season was the worst ever, with only two chicks surviving. A lack of food was one suggested reason for the poor results.

    Auckland Council initially issued two abatement notices to the company after the dam was built, but then later issued a certificate of compliance. This was based on seeing photographs of a fish passage. No monitoring of the effectiveness of the fish passage was undertaken. “

  2. IP Theft rampant in NZ, from inventors! I guess water, IP, everything is being siphoned off!

    So America’s cup use Taylor’s company Animation Research Ltd (ARL) to do the America’s cup graphics, low and behold they cut him out, and start claiming the IP for themselves, then then try to sue the original inventor and essentially force them into a settlement so they can take his IP.

    “Taylor says German tech company Riedel Communications, which provided communications and onboard hardware during the America’s Cup, agreed to indemnify ARL against any intellectual property challenge in exchange for being able to use ARL’s graphics, a document the Herald has sighted.

    Instead, Riedel and the official AC 36 production company Circle-O, did a confidential deal with Oracle and SailGP, agreeing to pay a licence fee. As far as Taylor is concerned, if the graphics are protected by copyright SailGP is now earning fees from graphics that ARL developed.”

  3. NZ wages are the reason for the majority of our problems!

    This article shows that IT graduates can go to OZ and get $215,000 while NZ graduates are on $50 – $80k…. seldom do you see anybody pointing this out in NZ.

    Used to be the unions but they seem missing in action on NZ wages and conditions and actually seem more an advocate for benefits for cash and non/temp residents here!

    IT students are being offered up to $215,000 straight out of university

    If you ever wonder why NZ can’t build a house anymore, or our hospitals are now paralysed by ransomware, or there are so many working poor everywhere and the quality of work is getting lower and lower, scams increasing and workers being silenced on real scams… then realise that cheap workers are not actually cheap if they can’t do the job, leave an unsafe situation in place and leave NZ as soon as they can for better wages!

    Also having more ‘unpaid or low paid’ interns which is being touted as a remedy for NZ workforce, doesn’t really sound like it’s helping the situation….

  4. Strange, Martyn and Chris are always on about side issues, which I have to believe they believe are the major threats to ‘t’cause’. That this negativity matters more than expounding on the positive of the salvation of the people and the species.

  5. the poor track record could indicate they know nothing about this – may as well defund nzsis gcsb associated acronyms and give it to the herald . .

    herald ought to contact nz spy agencies for their ‘ response which might be somehting like – ” no comment ( ie . no idea ) – and they can get away with saying that because – ” freespeech – working in their favour , owning it like a boss .

  6. i have to say your blog is more journalistic rustling up views, as per the intensely tiresome Yank Left blogs, when truth is the only thing that matters for demo-crats. The most important thing for the people is the central reality.

    You and Chris are diverted ‘cos of your profession. Filling column inches for dosh.

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