If Muller falls in the forest of National and no one notices, did National ever exist at all?


National MP Todd Muller resigned after leaking against Harete Hipango to journalist

Newshub can reveal National MP Todd Muller stood down after admitting to badmouthing his colleague Harete Hipango to a journalist – and being quoted.

The former National leader announced on Wednesday he would be retiring at the 2023 election after apologising for his actions to his caucus.

Muller has decided he’ll move on from Parliament – but not just yet. National leader Judith Collins said he’s “committed to be the MP and he wants to finish his term”.

There are two interesting issues with Muller announcing his retirement 2 years from the next election for leaking.

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The first is that no one cares.

After the cavalcade of National Party circus freaks who have imploded in the last 12months, National have sunk to such political irrelevance that the news of a past Leader knifing another MP by leaking barely causes a ripple.

The second thing being missed is how ruthlessly efficient Judith has been to cement her Leadership into place. I think she will stick it out to the 2023 election now.

If she can rebrand from the Crusher to the Defender to maximise culture war backlash, Judith can fend ACT off and rebuild for 2026.

If she can’t, ACT and NZ First will feast upon the bloated corpse of the National Party.

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  1. If National could force itself to adopt a socialist agenda(it has done before) it could win the 2023 election because Labour has done nothing than expect people to vote for it as the lesser of evils.
    That is why it is important that cruel crusher remain leader rather than National having someone with popular appeal.
    I always loved the idea of Don Brash being National’s leader for the future.’ New Zealand has too many public holidays. Vote National and we will reduce your holidays.’
    ‘ New Zealanders care too much about home ownership. They should rent and use their savings to invest in companies run by overseas corporations.’

  2. I think Judith just likes dismembering others.

    It’s what gets her out of her coffin every night. It’s her raison d’être!

    Nothing more sophisticated than that.

  3. The NZ National Party will eventually cease to exist. It will probably have a name change to the Judith Collins NAZI Nasty Party.

    It has shown its disease and dis-ease of turning even upon its own MPs in order to gain favourtism of Judith Collins.

    The very MP Todd Muller thought he could trust whilst in a conversation to the media with her nearby has shown her lowly level of being worth a vote at the next election. She abused his trust like her son abused animals in his care. She comes across as being like Judith Collins i.e Self-serving.

    Quite honestly and taking into consideration Collins’s ‘I don’t care’ attitude when it came to the Swamp Kauri issue I am sure she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself.

    She suffers from OCD and that means she wants to be the centre of attention ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Her track record isn’t one anyone would want to replicate and she has shown time and again how unworthy she is of being a leader of anything.

    Out of all this I would like to know some things and if they still happen in regards to the Judith Collins NAZI Nasty Party. The main one being is there still mining of Swamp Kauri that Collins’s husband has an interest in but the mainstream NZ media will not bother to report on because of the ‘don’t care’ attitude?

  4. ” Muller has decided he’ll move on from Parliament – but not just yet. National leader Judith Collins said he’s “committed to be the MP and he wants to finish his term”

    Well this is his golden handshake. He gets to stay on when he should resign now and not stay on to receive his parliamentary perks and despite another nasty Nat being elected in a subsequent by election its just to much of a distraction for Judith to handle.

    Muller knows to much so they will need to kep him on side.

  5. When you see the above image of the two narcissistic psychopaths who you may recognise as being politicians you must for, Gods sake remember that it is you who make policy. Yes, you, because you’re the voter. They, the politicians, are merely administrators of our collective wishes. That’s why roger douglas and its privateer cronies deregulated unions and privatised OUR taxes paid for infrastructure and resources. Certainly, it was to allow natzo hangers on to make billions from generations of our hard labouring grafters but it was also to ensure that we, the voting people, could never allow any awareness we might gain from collective associations from growing into dissent.
    ( You’ll laugh or snort at this. That’s surely why there was a sudden surge in rural traffic policing which has seen the demise of many, if not most rural pubs. The freakish ‘They’ don’t give a fuck who dies and how on country roads. ‘They’ just don’t want farmers getting together around the bar to share knowledge and opinions because farmers are our primary industry. )
    I was lying in bed this morning when I had an idea and it’s such a good idea that thank God I was lying down.
    We need a Human Union movement. We need to form The, preferably Global, Human Union movement. ( You heard it here first from me on The Daily Blog.) And that idea is based upon the perfectly reasonable assertion that humans are clearly only two things. We’re Human, humans and then there are arse hole humans, like the awful pair above.
    Therefore it seems reasonable to me that since we human, humans need protection that protection can only be achieved if we stick together in numbers. And since it’s certainly my observation from a long life of rubbing shoulders with all sorts of humans from virtually every bump on the planet, human humans far outnumber arse holes although the Neo West right wing would aggressively have us believe otherwise. And of course they would. They need us to exploit. How else does one gather about them many $millions and $billions?
    The Human Union movement. Anyone can join provided they can prove they’re human, humans and not arse holes. It needs to become a thing. Wait a minute!? What am I saying? It IS now a thing! I just invented it ! Go me! All it needs now is promoting.
    And please, please remember…? We AO/NZ human, humans can do extraordinary things and we do them with good hearts and the best intentions and they only thing that gets in our way are arseholes Hell bent on exploiting us. Homelessness and child poverty is a glaring example of how well the human arseholes have us under their controlling psychiatric miasma’s
    Please regard as an annalogy:
    “The miasma theory is an obsolete medical theory that held that diseases—such as cholera, chlamydia, or the Black Death—were caused by a miasma, a noxious form of “bad air”, also known as night air. The theory held that epidemics were caused by miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter.
    Be honest? Does the above sound like National and neoliberalism?


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