Political Caption Competition


Simon Bridges claims he is sitting next to gang members.


  1. Strike Force Raptor fill in for Supreme Court panel of judges. “Most Nuw Zillandas wouldn’t have a problem with that” commented Darth Bridges. Darth Collins eyebrows told a different story.

  2. To lack morals is something any Wannabe National MP must have to run for being an MP. It’s the Be All and End All of the current NZ National Part, their MPs and the wannabe MPs eg the volatile Mike Hosking. etc.etc.etc.
    If you possess a conscience, a caring let alone a consideration of others you should really deem oneself as a lesser being because it renders you as being human. Something National lacks in huge doses
    To deem yourself as utter perfection upon the planet means you cannot take responsibility for your actions or accept the common human frailty of accepting blame is placed upon the individual that you are instead of blaming others for your mistakes and short-comings.
    But National in their perfect superiority complex and sickness will never admit to making mistakes. Such random acts of being human to them is unacceptable.
    And so that renders them un-electable at any future election. They have in fact rendered themselves arrogant.
    I wish one day one of them would admit they are only human and the obvious fact National have made some bloody big botch-ups but their failure to date to admit those botch-ups, and like I have said, render them un-electable

      • John is correct. They are low IQ. That’s the point. On the way up one of the strong narratives was it’s about empathy and feelings. Then when it popped it isnt and no-one mentions it again until its going up. The narrative follows the price. Always. My point is don’t be a fake ass friend asking for shit, Jacinda, trying to be bigger than Mandela.

  3. I agree Sam.
    Am I wrong to suspect Jacinda Arden is mostly about self legacy than she is about New Zealand?

    • You are wrong. I have known Jacinda for decades, worked with her partner as a DJ on channel Z and she has babysat my daughter. The last thing she cares about is something as petty as legacy

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