Migrants March 11 – Dawn Raids Apology


Close to one thousand people marched through centre of Auckland on 5 June 2021, in the first March of Migrants organised by The Federation of Migrants – FAM.

The migrants and their supporters are ready to march again, and it happens to coincide with a historic and momentous occasion – the dawn raids apology will be delivered by the Prime Minister to the Pasifika community on the same day at Auckland Town Hall. This apology is a welcome first step and needs to be backed with amnesty for all overstayers. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with our Pasifika brothers and sisters.

The second March of Migrants will also remember Davender Singh, a migrant who had been in New Zealand since 2013. Davender followed all the rules, but he was grossly exploited, and was left without any options or hope to continue his journey. No one should have to make a choice like Davender had to.

We must learn from history and make sure the dawn raids are not repeated.

Our demands are simple:

1) It has been over a year and migrants are still stranded offshore – Bring them back

2) The ever-moving goal post of getting residence – Give residence now to those already here

3) Migrant worker exploitation is never ending – Detach visas from employers

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4) Visa processing delays cause havoc for migrant lives – allocate more resources at INZ

5) Unite separated families – Reset immigration policy and overhaul INZ

6) Provide amnesty for all overstayers

Join us to march alongside migrants and be in solidarity with the Pasifika community on Saturday 26 June 2021.

Gather at Britomart for 3pm, to march to Aotea Square, Queen Street, Auckland CBD.

Organised by: FAM – The Federation of Aotearoa Migrants

Member organisations: Association of New Kiwis Aotearoa (ANKA), Migrant Workers Association (MWA), Migrant Rights Network (MRN), Unite Union, Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP)