MEDIAWATCH: Twitter, The Spinoff & Parliament is the place for making false accusations – not snapchat! Get it right kids!

NZ Justice League?

This extraordinary case of a group of NZ kids planning to beat another kid because they had been falsely accused of sexual assault on social media is where we are as a culture – when the woke evidential threshold is whatever a victim says on Twitter, this is us now…

Snapchat school threats: Police investigating after complaint from second Auckland high school

The threatening messages were being sent from an anonymous account. It’s understood the account was being used by multiple people because they were popping up at different areas quite quickly on Snapchat maps, the father said

“So they’ll pop up in Takapuna and then two minutes later, they’ll be out at Whangaparāoa and then back at Albany, so it’s jumping all over the place.

“There have been some examples where they specifically talk about a guy’s girlfriend and say what they are going to do to the girlfriend.”

The cyber abuse escalated when the fake social media account was posted online claiming the culprit was a male ASHS student, principal Claire Amos told the Herald.

However, that student had been wrongly accused, said Amos – who is also on the board of independent online safety organisation Netsafe.

The father said one of the students was threatening to hurt the boy, and was aghast that an innocent child could have ended up badly injured on school grounds.

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…When due process is considered heteronormative white cis male privilege, when we must B-E-L-I-E-V-E women (as opposed to taking an accusation seriously), when evidential threshold is the same as the Salem witch trials, woke vigilante mobs will become the norm.

It won’t be the first Woke murder, remember this amazing case from 2018 in NZ?

The bizarre murder of  Teenager Jack McAllister who was stabbed 14 times after a gang of 6 other teenagers decided McAllister was a rapist who needed to be punished.

The self importance of the 6, their desire to be judge. jury and executioner, luring McAllister to a stadium using the promise of sex only to murder him. What a charming bunch.

How woke of them. Where is their twitter vigil?

Right now the Greens are gerrymandering the law to ensure any man accused of rape gets found guilty.  As the full ramifications of the post MeToo cultural landscape start to become apparent, parents will stop fearing their daughters from being sexually assaulted and start fearing their sons will be accused of sexual assault.


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  1. In the Chinese city of Lanzhou my neighbour was a teenager and Red Guard at the time of the ‘Wenhuadageming’ ( Great Proletarian Cutural Revolution).
    He is now a heavy drinker with mental health issues( surprise!) and one night he told me how he and his fellow teenagers beat people to death because they were accused counter revolutionaries ( having English language books in their house, smart foreign clothes, using cosmetics, having lived in foreign countries).
    They were free to do this because the Chinese Communist Party had sanctioned them to do so and they believed popular culture backed them. Incessant propaganda assisted in this.
    Also as teenagers they lacked maturity and were full of energy that could be used destructively.
    Anyone see any parallels here? Just saying.
    Incidentially something that interested me is that he admitted that the local Red Guards did not carry out their activities in the working class areas of coal miners, steel workers, construction workers and railyard labourers.
    Any incursion of Red Guards into these neighbourhoods was met by opposing gangs of mature workers who beat the shit out of the young activists and sent them squealing home to their parents.
    Long Live Working Class Solidarity!

  2. Scarey times; teenage years have never been easy, but the ‘digital age’ has added a whole new dimension. Thanks Martyn for highlighting this issue for discusion.

  3. when we must B-E-L-I-E-V-E women

    Yeah, that would be a shocker, eh?


    Several times in my life I’ve tried to help women who had been bashed and violently raped… to even be heard. But to be believed? Yeah… nah. Way too much to ask.

  4. I just find it ironic that shortly after #MeToo we are now in the position of cancelling feminists for having the temerity to say “no” and assert their boundaries in the face of trans activist loons.

    Social media is turning the Zoomers into unthinking kneejerk zombies, indoctrinated into holding “identity” as the highest value of life. It’s weaponised selfishness and narcissism, groomed by criminals and sociopaths on Instagram and TikTok.

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