GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – When are we going to learn?


Evidence of complete vaccination or a Covid pre travel -test plus quarantine for 14 days should be a conditon of travelling to our country.

All new arrivals should be required to download the Covid tracing app.

Until our nation has reached herd immunity contract tracing apps and /or signing in to all public places should be compulsory.

This most recent mutation of the Covid 19 virus is very infectious and is spread through the air. Wearing a mask in places where you can’t keep a couple of metres away from other people in public is a really good idea.

I know we are all fed up with this Covid 19 thing but if we want to keep our nation healthy and our economy going we really have to stop being complacent about it.

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And please – antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists do not post on my page .

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. Why should New Zealanders have to pay the price for the spread of Australian plaguebearers?

    If Australians are- for some reason- to be allowed in, they shouldn’t have to download the app (and not use it). They should be tracked everywhere they go, and arrested if they fail to comply.

  2. Okay we have made a mistake we should have closed our borders earlier lets hope for the bests and lets deal with this and move on.

  3. Well said Bryan. I also believe that we need to be more forceful in requiring use of the app by everyone at all times. Businesses should take an active roll in this, they have a lot lose if the virus gets established here; we have all become far to complacent.

    • Agree, Peter. Yesterday my local Wgtn Countdown had a security person posted at the entrance again, ensuring that people were using the app or signing in. The moronic young guys who have been sauntering in ignoring all basic precautions, will have to behave.

  4. “…Until our nation has reached herd immunity… ”
    We’ve already reached herd stupidity so herd immunity might not be that far out of reach. As for using the word ‘nation’ to describe a country of 5 million who’s main exports are agricultural sounds bit iffy. Just sayin’.
    “And please – antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists do not post on my page .”
    Aw? You’ve taken all the fun out of a lab modified alien virus designed by Roswell survivors to wipe out all humanity. Besides, the hope placed in ‘herd immunity’ is the most ludicrous and warped alien strategy I’ve ever done heard of and/or what not.
    Herd immunity; So we hang about waiting to see who dies next in the hope they don’t which then doesn’t spread to others who didn’t is like watching people jump off a tall building and those who don’t die on impact get to jump again and take others with them because herd immunity?
    AO/NZ should close the borders immediately and tighter than a duck’s egg pipe.
    We don’t need tourists, we don’t need fancy hi tech Big Business arse holes doing Big Business deals with other Big Business money fetishists. We don’t need much of anything that we can’t provide for by ourselves actually. There’s only 5 million of us and our farmers, despite being crushed by unnecessary debt while being mercilessly exploited can still feed 40 million people. ( @ MB. TDB.)
    We have literally everything we need here to function more than comfortably in a complete and enduring lock down and the rest of the world can just fuck right off in my opinion.
    Of course, the tangled swindles our crooked politicians have us hog tied to Big Business with see’s us whimpering in shop doorways while living in the streets as we watch our kids go to school ( AKA penitentiaries of pro capitalist indoctrination ) hungry with a clear view of no hope what so ever while foreign banksters swindle billions out of our economy.
    The Guardian.
    peter thiel.
    $5 billion nest egg.
    AO/NZ citizen.
    New Zealand gave Peter Thiel citizenship after he spent just 12 days there

    The greedy, humourless, bloodless, cadre of creatures who title themselves with the word ‘politician’ are entirely uncaring of our life and lives. So long as they get to rub their ego’s erect while banking our money as they do sharp deals they will give not one fuck for us as a constantly mutating virus becomes ever more deadly.
    Close. OUR. Borders. And.Keep.Them.Closed. We know that works 100%.

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