Waatea News Column: Dome Valley Shock Decision – Opportunity for Maori Party to outshine Greens


The extraordinary decision to sidestep local fury and ignore Māori concerns regarding a Chinese company operating a tip in Dome Valley provides the Māori Party with an opportunity to outshine the Greens.

The site is prone to flooding and could see toxic waste shipped from French Polynesia dumped near waterways that feed into the Kaipara Harbour.

Lead-acid batteries, crushed fluorescent tubes, vapour sodium lamps, oils, oil sludges, alloys of mercury, solvents, waste pesticides, herbicides and even medical waste from all around French Polynesia can all be legally buried at Dome Valley by the Chinese company.

Local Māori have been adamant that the tip poses a direct pollution threat to the Kaipara Harbour with presentations to the Auckland Council warning Leachate, a strong toxic liquid that collects at the bottom of decomposing waste, will wash into rivers that feed the Kaipara when the area floods.

The Greens are nowhere to be seen on the issue because Eugenie Sage signed off on the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) consent for a Chinese company to own and run the tip, this leaves the Māori Party with a unique environmental issue they can champion that also connects with political sovereignty and local Maori representation.

Dome Valley gives the Maori Party nationwide exposure on Chinese influence and local decision making in a way the Greens can’t follow.

First published on Waatea News.

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  1. I sent an email to Greens re their thinking on this decision and as yet have had no reply

  2. I find this unbelievable. WTF are the Chinese doing dumping this shit in our backyard. WTF is wrong with there backyard? China is a huge country, many mountainous remote regions and we know they don’t give a flying fuck about their people, so dump the shit in your own nest, you heathens. Any minister agreeing to this needs to be publicly exposed and tried for treasonous politicking. Cheers Bomber for exposing this and all power the Maori party if they can stop this abomination.

  3. Yes, and Yes. But please can Mana come back (maybe as a new Green Party) . They could get 5% Two Maori led parties, is better than 1!

    I am so disappointed with Labour and Greens on this. And I voted Labour last time.

    We knew this would happen with the free trade deals. They banned imported waste in China and now NZ is going to be a Pacific toilet for Chinas profits.

    Not to mention the waste is all coming from China in the first place. First China profit from low quality products that are landfill before lunch time, then they use the money to buy governments and assets in the Pacific and profit from dumping their waste into their dumps here.

    So disgusting.

  4. Meanwhile, the planet burns.

    And the Greeds promote more of what got us into this diabolical mess.

  5. “Dome Maori!” Wakey Wakey!
    This was all tabled to the 19 iwi in Tamaki Makaurau and the IMSB too. The corporate rubber stamp club signed off on behalf of their iwi in consensus, that bullshit pakeha concept.

  6. ” I find this unbelievable. WTF are the Chinese doing dumping this shit in our backyard ‘

    I am no expert but i have a suspicion that to allow the Chinese to do this it would have been in the fine print of the free trade agreement’s which we enthusiastically signed.

    Would explain the deafening silence from the Social Democrats and the pale Green party.

    This is an absolute outrage akin to the French nuclear tests at muaroa that we campaigned so hard against and which led to our first terrorist attack in this country.

    Put’s into perspective the great marketing lie about being 100% pure clean and green.

    By the time this dump is seriously polluting the precious Kaipara most of the current decesion makers will be gone leaving another toxic mess for the next generation to be poisoned with.

  7. It could be suggested that Chinese money has paid for the new northern motorway so as to speed the rubbish trucks to the Chinese owned tip. Why did Sage sign off on this anti green deal? Very odd. Did she have to, was there no choose? Also, please mention how incredibly dangerous the Dome valley road is to travel in, seems incredible they want to add all those extra trucks. When did this deal get conceived anyway, is that why Rodney is in the Supercity? There is a fishy plot to all this that you could pin a tale on and call it a weasel.

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