Why do National & ACT MPs want to start violence at gang funerals?  


National’s Simeon Brown says ‘warn gangs, not the public’ over Auckland funeral procession

Burnouts as Head Hunters gang funeral procession heads south

National MP Simeon Brown takes aim at leeway given to grieving gang members

Here’s what I don’t get about the never ending calls of ‘something must be done’ from National and ACT MPs on another ‘tuff-on-Crime’ bender.

What exactly are they demanding must be done at a gang funeral?

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Outlaws burying a fallen Comrade are to be tolerated the way militant cyclists crossing the bridge are tolerated the way Maori rights occupations are tolerated the way environmental protest actions are tolerated etc etc etc BECAUSE the use of State force required to suppress those events far outweighs whatever preservation of pearl clutching public order demands.

So what exactly are these National and ACT MPs demanding, putting aside of course the fact we never want a situation where the Police do the bidding of politicians because that’s quite fascist, so put aside that Simeon Brown wants the powers of a Police State, to do what then?

Arrest these gang members at a funeral for a fallen comrade who died in police custody?

That’s what National and ACT want is it?

Hands up who thinks attempting arrests at a gang funeral for a member who died in police custody would erupt in open warfare on the streets of Grey Lynn?

See, everyone.

These fucking clown MPs are stupid enough to demand a level of paramilitary policing that would create a civil war of violence in response!

Who benefits from consistently trying to create a confrontation here?

Remember, all the gang members did was do a couple of burn outs. When you consider the enormous tension the domestic gangs are under from the 501 syndicates and the death of a member in police custody, I’d suggest we all got off pretty fucking lightly in terms of disruption!

Yet what would National and ACT have done? They would have sparked violence by demanding a level of policing that would have created enormous outrage from the gangs present and easily spun out of control.

While the election is still 2 years away, let’s be clear that a National-ACT Government would border on the fascist.

Don’t anyone forget that. While we on the left are busy cancelling each other, we most focus on the actual political enemy and they are giving us plenty of reasons not to trust them with power.


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  1. Yes agree gangs,cyclists and land occupiers are above the law while the rest of us are subject to it and we should gladly accept that.

    • Nicely put John!
      Costa is a tool in both sensed of the word. A weak-arsed, happy-clapper Christian who won’t confront any difficult issues and who has been told to “Be Kind” by his boss.

      First it was Maori performance art in Northland during the lockdown. Then it was a gang taking over a school and closing a road for a funeral in Flaxmere. Then it was cycling activists defying the law on the harbour bridge. Most recently it was gang tearing around Auckland.

      You think other groups aren’t sitting up and taking notice?
      Who’s next in this procession of ‘Our cause is just so we can break the law?”

      • Next it will be the privileged rich taking over and keeping their privilege with their four wheel drive utes dominating the roads! Because it’s their roads, no one elses! And they’ll do what they like! They’ll use their privilege to extract huge profits, keep house prices high, keep a monopoly on the media! Yes!! And smoking! It’s their right to smoke! And not pay anyone a decent wage in case it impacts their profits!! Yes!!
        (This is sarcastic just in case anyone’s too literal)

    • When you talk to the police on the beat they do not agree with the way HO is asking them to tow the line of least resistance.with this different groups .
      You sum it up well John and Andrew What has happened to respect for those in authority be it police or teachers. We are going down a slippery sloop .
      Winston is back on his horse and will lead the charge to save us from ourselves

  2. What was more dangerous?…

    Dipstick academic middle class Grey Lynner’s taking their 2.5 children on to a motorway on their bicycles, right next to two 80 km/hr operating lanes with a coat of paint and thin air separating them and the traffic going past?


    Gang members doing burn outs on their Harleys on Great North Rd that was shut to all other traffic?

    The police were at least consistent and did fuck all at both except they are pretending that are going to take action against few gang members.

    This is pure theatre, be it police, gangs or the bicycle lobby.

  3. I always laugh when I hear National posturing about “getting tough on crime”.
    National doesn’t get tough on crime, it only gets tough on punishment – and they are not the same things.
    If you want to get tough on crime you have an efficient, well equipped and sufficiently-numbered police force with police stations that are actually open and with humans in them.
    Labour needs to make that happen because National certainly didn’t when they were in government, although they make a lot of noise about it when they aren’t.

  4. I agree Martyn. That they must abide the law is a given and that’s why Taranaki Fuimaono was in custody. We need to address why people end up in gangs; calling for heavy handed police response at a funeral is totally counter-productive. Do these people think that causing a riot at a funeral would in someway solve our gang problems?

  5. Does this mean Simeon Brown won’t be on the Te Rakau Drive / SW motorway intersection distracting traffic next election week?


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