GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Bye bye Team NZ!


Team New Zealand is a limited liability company.

It has four directors Grant Dalton being one of them.

According to the Companies Office Register he is also one of two listed shareholders.

It may be called Team New Zealand but the Americas Cup is one event in a professional sport where the players seek the highest returns for their skills eg. 2003 when Russell

Coutts and Brad Butterworth joined the Swiss -based challenger Alinghi.

And why not ?

Good on them for being terrific at their sport for which they have a passion!

But I have always been uncomfortable spending tax payer money on a professional sport when kids in our country are going hungry, living in substandard houses and when there is so much basic stuff we need to do for our tamariki.

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267,000 of our children (think roughly the entire population of Hamilton and Dunedin) live in households earning less that 50% of the median household income after housing costs and a 167,000 of those kids are in homes where the family has less than household earnings of 40% of after housing costs.

Put another way, these families can’t pay basic bills like electricity and don’t have enough food to eat.

We have the second worst youth suicide rate in the developed world, with 14.9 deaths per 100,000 young people, only behind Lithuania with 18.2.

Research by Auckland City Mission, published in October, estimated that 10 percent of the population, almost 500,000 people, cannot afford to eat properly

We have an estimated 41,000 homeless people in our country

Grant Dalton may think $100 million is not enough to pay for his boat and his sailors but it’s about 400,000 hardship grants to families on the poverty line.

In my view professional sports people can look after themselves with sponsorships and TV deals and the like.

We need to look after our kids

And yes I know all the arguments about this event bringing money into our economy and generating jobs, but the modelling for that is dodgey at best and we all know that trickle down theory- where the money we give to Team NZ somehow manages to trickle down to poor kids lin South Auckland – is a crock.

So I for one don’t want to see another cent of public money go into this event.

If Grant Dalton wants to take his company Team New Zealand somewhere else then I say –


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. While I agree with you (and nearly everyone) that the money should be spent elsewhere what are the chances thay will happen? I mean past and present Govt’s have had there wicked neo liberal way with us with only the merest tinkering to fix anything. So no change to poverty, housing, health etc etc etc. They are not going to put this money towards any of these necessities are they? No. If that is the case it might be OK to help keep this event in NZ and at least get some warm fuzzies and a little rub off onto local business. I can’t see all of NZ problems being caused by Grant Dalton and Co.

  2. Yes I agree. Bye bye.
    The appalling statistics you quote suggests bye, bye to those responsible for the worsening over the last 4 years despite campaigning on improvements.
    Mike King worked it out and good on him.
    But don’t worry we are getting another bridge for the disadvantaged cyclists.

  3. Practically everything official is a lie. Very few jobs have been created by the money thrown into the Americas Cup feeding trough. And the jobs that have been created are meaningless. Also, it is the so-called elites (scumbags) who are responsible for most of the Meltdown of the Planet via all their air travel and ostentatious consumption.

    I say Fuck the Americas Cup. Fuck the government for supporting it, And Fuck TVNZ for promoting it.

  4. You say ‘bye’. I say fuck off and good riddance!
    We can go back to using the Waitemata as a public playground for all citizens rich and poor.
    100 million shared for nurses, mental health workers, state houses.

  5. Top level sport is purely big business and awash with money: from the All Blacks to the America’s Cup and I see no reason why any of them should receive a cent of Tax Payers money.

    The whole trickle down mantra is bollocks: just a convenient way for the elite to brush off pressing questions from the Plebs about how their tax payer dollars are being spent on corporate sporting extravaganza’s that seem to only line the pockets of the already wealthy

  6. Some years ago, as musicians we were asked to play for free at a charity event, to raise money for Team New Zealand (what a laugh that title is)- and notice that when convenient they leave off the Emirates tag) who had just got about $30million from the then government. Our response the was the same as our response now. Bye!
    I hope now we won’t have to suffer the bleating media stirring up New Zealanders into false patriotism that the sheep of New Zealand so easily fall for and even left wing politicians having to pretend that they support this ridiculous rich boys’ circus.

    • …’this ridiculous rich boys’ circus’… The truth will set you free.

      The Truth Will Set You Free
      31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
      John 8:31-32

      And that’s important because it is an issue practicality and of the heart. As is the display of opulence and excess we are expected to endorse while so many in our country are struggling in a so called first world nation , – nay dying- in that nation.

      • Yes, Wild Katipo, if Bryan’s speaking as a voice for our deprived children and the damaged downtrodden, were echoed by even 1O% of NZ Parliamentarians, then it could transform New Zealand society.

        It shouldn’t be an ‘either’ ‘or’ situation pitted against rich boys’ toys; social justice should just be, and I think that the politicians do know that, and they are too insolent and ruthless to care.

  7. Well said Mr Bruce.
    Some years ago, as musicians we were asked to play for free at a charity event, to raise money for Team New Zealand (what a laugh that title is)- and notice that when convenient they leave off the Emirates tag) who had just got about $30million from the then government. Our response the was the same as our response now. Bye!
    I hope now we won’t have to suffer the bleating media stirring up New Zealanders into false patriotism that the sheep of New Zealand so easily fall for and even left wing politicians having to pretend that they support this ridiculous rich boys’ circus.

  8. I have long been in agreement with opinions expressed in the blog. The America’s Cup has always been the “sport of the elites”. I’ve respect for Dalton. He’s a member of the Niven family. Old Mr Niven created Niven Engineering in Auckland. I knew /was acquainted with many of the family – all of them very fine people. I say “Good Luck” to Team NZ, but it’s not the duty of the people of N.Z. to give their $$ to them. Besides, there are plenty of wealthy NZers who have the means to prop up Team N.Z. As taxpayers, we need to keep govt. focused on those truly in need.

    • Good balanced comment, as for folks like the Elder Mr Niven. Just because they are wealthy doesn’t mean to say they are the literal incarnation of Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.

      …’I say “Good Luck” to Team NZ, but it’s not the duty of the people of N.Z. to give their $$ to them’…

      And therein lies the issue.

  9. You’re forgetting those most deserving of off-fucking. ( To prison.)
    Weep all you sick and hungry AO/NZ children. Weep all you poverty stricken living on a very rich few islands. Weep all you farmers who’ve suicided and weep too your families. Weep all of you now crushed by un payable debts and those in mortgages which you know can never be paid off. Weep all of us who are about to have our AO/NZ sold out from underneath us to sickly, creepy american zionists.
    Is this your weeping song?
    Nick Cave
    SIR tricky mickey fay and dirty davy rich, white and scumbag.
    America’s Cup and other sporting interests
    Sir Michael Fay and David Richwhite backed and led the first three New Zealand challenges for the coveted America’s Cup sailing trophy in 1987, 1988, 1992. They personally invested over $100 million toward the cause.
    Following the 1988 “Big Boat” challenge they briefly won the cup, later losing it in the courts to the San Diego Yacht Club. New Zealand went on to win the trophy in 1995, a campaign in which Fay and Richwite were not involved.
    In 1988 the pair led a team to San Francisco for the World One Ton Cup which they won in Bruce Farr designed “Propaganda” (KZ 6161).
    Further… ( Hint. Read and dissect. Every sentence is a crippled logical fallacy steep in media warped truths.)
    mickey fay and davy richwhite set us up then ripped us off. They bagged our greedy, enthusiastically corruptible politicians then they fucked us.
    David Richwhite and Sir Michael Fay formed Fay Richwhite in 1973 which grew to become one of the leading merchant banks in Australasia during the 1980s and 1990s, with offices in New Zealand, Australia and London.
    Whilst their business encompassed the full range of investment banking and trading services across many sectors, Fay Richwhite became most well known for its role in the privatisation of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in New Zealand. During the late 1980s Fay Richwhite advised the New Zealand government on a number of asset sales and ultimately organised and co-invested in consortia which purchased some of these assets including:
    The Bank of New Zealand in 1989, in which Fay Richwhite purchased a 32% share via their company Capital Markets
    Telecom New Zealand in 1991 for NZD$4.5 billion with Ameritech
    Bell Atlantic and Freightways
    New Zealand Rail in 1993 for NZD$410 million with Wisconsin Central and Berkshire Partners.
    Welcome one and all to the fucking without the kissing ?
    Reading the above sing posts a series of scams and swindles facilitated by corrupt politicians and sketchy banking practices now illegal in most other countries.
    Fantastic Post @ Bryan Bruce.

    • Nearly all of those SOEs hadmore taxpayer’s money spent on them under Fay’s guidance to prepare them for sale in the year leading up to their disposal than was paid for them. They were paid by the taxpayer to take them off our hands.
      D J S

  10. Now…? Can I just point out? ( Sorry, bear with. ) I know, and I’m sure many others know too, that our politic is corrupt. It is. It’s dirty as fuck. Do you know what else it is? It makes our politicians vulnerable to exploitation.
    Since we’re dirty and by dirty I mean many of our big business entities, titan’s of industry if you like, are dirty in an enduring sort of way and have infiltrated our politics to ensure an enduring level of anonymity while they pocket your money which means of course that our politicians must be equally dirty.
    Dirty politicians then become vulnerable to exploitation by wealthy interests. Foreign interests.
    peter thiel. Of Paypal etc. A mate of elon musk’s.
    12 fucking days to become an AO/NZ citizen while we’re currently pondering the immorality of The Dawn Raids.
    peter thiel.
    Heavily paraphrasing wikipedia:
    Back in the late 1930’s Auckland bankers and money lenders joined forces to become the national party. The national party then became the farmers bestie and proceeded to parasitise our farmers down to where they are today. Largely penniless, exploited, demonised by the msm, loathed by almost everyone and doomed to run on a bankster treadmill until they mercifully die. And now? Today? The money farmers earn and earned is being used to attract foreign flies to our honey pot where we will be sold out to them by Kiwi crooks and scammers.

    • I often ponder just HOW all the land came under the control of what is essentially, … foreign bankers or bankers in general, and just how did that happen?… then I think back to the land grabs, such as the the forced wars on the Waikato’s and Bay of Plenty tribes by the colonial govt under the auspices of the London bankers and their speculators during the 19th century and I am reminded how….of how a foreign power by force of arms and murder using deceitful politicking can conspire to literally OWN all of this land.

      And how money transfers can switch that money and power to yet another foreign land like Australia and beyond the control of our political vote using the same tactics of deceit but without the all too obvious violence of a century ago. And they are doing that to this very day right under our noses.

      It is for that reason I support much of what Mr Bradbury writes about regarding an upper house and giving back to the Maori tribes not only guardianship to ensure a spanner is thrown in the works of these globalist neo liberal pirates but to also give back what was stolen from them.

  11. The article and the comments that follow really show the difference between the two sides of politics. The Left see money spent on the event as a bad idea as it should be spent on the poor. The Right would say spend the money on the event as it would make money for NZ so that there is money for the poor and have extra for other groups like nurses and teachers.
    Your believe in the system dictates how you look at situations like this .

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