The America’s Cup is now Team Rich Pricks Cup


News that the Team NZ quislings are taking their billionaire toy boat game off shore is a reminder of how disloyal capitalism really is.

The hundreds of millions in public money we have pumped into this fucking corporate pissing competition over the decades would build houses for every homeless person in Auckland, the only reason to put up with it was because it was held here, watching them cut a deal offshore is a reminder that this was never about NZ or our special relationship with the sea, this was and always has been a business while emotionally manipulating us with red socks and Dave Dobbyn songs.

The America’s Cup was always a rich pretty selfish girlfriend we could never afford and like a chump we’ve been dumped for something better overseas.

Good riddance to these elite arseholes, to paraphrase a breathless sporting broadcaster, ‘The America’s Cup is now Team Rich Prick Cup’.

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  1. Always was just welfare for Auckland’s rich.
    Labour has showed they’ve got moral fiber now tho – they’re in to cycle bridges.
    You can sleep more homeless people under a bridge than a wharf.

  2. Team Rich Zealand

    As it was in the beginning is now in the end

    “The hundreds of millions in public money we have pumped into this fucking corporate pissing competition over the decades……”
    …..Should be given back.

    Even just the subsidy for this last extravaganza would be a good.

    The government should not let this scum move any of their assets or boat building equipment or machinery off shore without extracting a large departure tax equivalent to the largess these extremely rich parasites have got from the New Zealand taxpayer.

    Where’s the taxpayers union demanding this?

    Oh that’s right, the Tax payers union is only concerned with cutting taxes for rich parasites, not saving the tax payers from rich parasites draining government coffers.

    If the government are not prepared to do anything, if the taxpayers union are not going to ride to our rescue, we should have black bans on their premises at Westhaven, against them moving even one office chair off-site.

  3. The feckless ones have slyly only told half of the story. Point is TNZ want to be free of government and local government funding to guarantee long term survival of the syndicate and brand. Crawling on their hands and knees with a begging bowl out isn’t a viable strategy long term. This necessitates a move off-shore.

    We also have to acknowledge as a poor little country transitioning into the third world over the next decade our ability to hold these events is limited. This event, like formula one requires large capital outlay. (Little) Aotearoa doesn’t have the cash to fund this type of venture long term. Having the iconic NZ brand based in Europe will ironically do more for NZ as a nation financially and economically as opposed to a 4yr boat race which by the sounds of we’ll lose (Alingi style) if the team isn’t funded properly.

    Of course (little) Aotearoans will be angry. What has always got me fucked is the entitled quasi ownership sections of the public have over what is a private team essentially backed by billionaires and corporate (rich pricks) with government money thrown in to cover the shortfall.

  4. After Rugby’s venture capitalist thrust, now this. A whole lot more NZers may now hopefully realise that commercial sport is just a corporate money trench. Keep those Ducatis and sponsor naming rights coming eh Mr Dalton–yeah…Nah!

    $99 mill was not enough–even a whole planet seems not enough for the 1%ers–so sod’em and good riddance.

  5. Good Riddance to these fucking Corporate bludgers & take their bloody Red socks with them & jam em up their overpaid arseholes? After trying to blackmail the Govt for yet more money in a permanent handout, they have thrown their toys outta the cot & will take that bloody worthless Tin Cup Overseas! Hooray, go & never bring that piece of Tin back here to NZ, I’m sick of paying for their constant bludging handouts? Grant Dalton & his Team Emirates UAE, are the biggest Grifters this Country has ever had? I don’t want one more single dollar of Taxpayer money going to these Elite fuckwits? Apparently $100 million dollars from the Govt, on top of the millions already wasted on them, is chump change to Dalton, he wants $200 million? I guess Someone’s gotta pay for Dalton’s huge yacht being made in China! The fucking barefaced nerve of this Man! No one outside of NZ cares about the America’s Cup, it barely registers as a sporting spectacle! Everyone outside knows its a Yacht Race for rich pricks! Why doesn’t Emirates or Bill gates or Jeff Bezo’s or Eion Musk pay for these jerks to play around in their silly, single use, toy boats, no Public money should be used for this nonsense, let the rich pay for it? How much Medicine for Pharmac or Houses or Mental Health, could $200 million buy instead of lining the pockets of rich, entitled Yachties? Let them fuck off & take their Auld mug with them because the Govt & the NZ people are sick of being the real Mugs in this? Let’s see see if some other sucker will fund their grifting operation during these Covid times when the Worlds Economy is going downhill!

  6. PS:
    Sir Dave’s “Loyal” is actually a heartfelt fucking breakup song! taken in context of the original release.

    Heh–and now it may be a breakup song once more in some twisted way, for all those sucked in by Toyota, Steinlager, Emirates and all the rest of those bludgers for too many years. Lots got choked up by nationalism but the sailors and designers are all “sell swords” anyway. In retrospect Ben Nathan (Moemoea Mohoawhenua) knew what he was doing when he took a hammer to the ‘auld mug’ in 1996.

  7. As it always was even way back at the beginning when Michael Fay etc got involved.
    It was never ever about New Zealand and nationalism.

    • Oh yes, I’ll never forget robber baron Michael Fay carrying a donation bucket in S Auckland or some other neo-liberally ravaged community, taking money from the despised poor for his ego trip that was masquerading as an event somehow worthy of national pride. I’ve despised the event ever since.

  8. After all the handouts from Kiwi taxpayers, NZ isn’t good enough for the Team NZ now. Good riddance. Shut the door when you leave guys and we will throw away the key.

  9. It always astounds me that an international boat race staged by some of the richest people in the world apparently needs public money to make it happen.
    As one of the yacht club people on the radio yesterday admitted it is all about money and has always been all about money.
    I guess the actual yacht racing is just incidental. The real competition is in the board rooms of the international financial elite.

  10. As it always is and was at the expense of NZ Taxpayers and Auckland Ratepayers. More than $390m!
    So far the latest figures are that ‘we’ lost 30 cents in every dollar invested.

    The Lesson is, these types of global sports events do not make a profit for Local Government and Government investment as they are run by private corporate interests who milk the events of every dollar.

  11. They were always team rich pricks. The ‘circuses’ bit of the freemarket coup against social democracy in the 80s. I despised them.

    Quite right, going for money straight up loses them people’s support. Y’know the govt’s subsidies, to put the latter into monetary terms.

  12. Stupid spineless tax payers, always end up being rodgered, I guess we deserve it as we are so bloody naive. It has always been about the money , taxpayers money that could have been put to use on far more deserving projects.


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